5 (Undiscovered) Ways on How to Hide a Camera in Your Room

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“What are the simple ways to hide a camera?” People would likely ask this question in search of DIY methods of protecting their homes.

We cannot deny the fact that the advancement of technology has brought more effective means of securing our property. And installing a spy cam is one of the must-haves today.

If you have personal knowledge of how to install a camera at home, you will enjoy a lot of advantages.

First and foremost, you are assured of a high-quality and durable installation once you perform the DIY method.

Another perk is that you can customize anytime the angle of the camera inside based on your preferences.

And of course, since you are the one who installed the hidden camera, you do not need to pay for a technician anymore.[wpsm_titlebox title=”Start Here:” style=”3″]

What Are Must-Haves in Installing a Camera at Home

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Before you install a closed-circuit camera, IP camera, or webcam at home, you need to procure the following hardware and equipment:

  • Bayonet Neill-Concelman (BNC). It is a tiny connector that functions similarly to the Serial Advanced Technology Attachments. The BNC disconnects and connects different radio frequencies. To carry the signal towards the BNC, you need to use small coaxial cables.
  • Cat5 and Cat6 Cables. Computers connected in a network primarily used these patch cables to transmit and receive packets of data. But today, the Category 5 (Cat5) and Category 6 (Cat6) cables are also used to connect a series of closed-circuit cameras at home.

In connecting your hidden camera, you need to create a crossover cable connection:

  • BALUN. This device derives its name from its function–balance to unbalance. BALUN is a small adapter that maintains two active signals to work together.

The video BALUN is also referred to as UTP Balun that is responsible for connecting and balancing CAT5 and CAT6 patch cables. Before you purchase a BALUN, determine first the appropriate frequency and size for your wireless security camera systems for business.

  • POE. The Power Over Ethernet (POE) ensures the continuous flow of electricity in your cameras. Remember that security cameras need two distinct routes: to talk to video recording, and to supply power for the hidden camera to operate.

Using the POE, your security cameras will obtain its electricity via a single network location. The POE will also prevent a possible case of overloading since it is capable of underpowering specific routes or channels.

The installation of the POE is very simple, and you can also find this device in any hardware or electronics store.

  • Powerline Adapter. This device is used to extend the reach of your ethernet network. The Powerline Adapter is connected to the wall outlet, and the other end is connected to the router.

Now, if you want to know how to install and hide a camera at home, continue reading this article.

5 Easy Ways on How To Hide A Video Camera In Your Room

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#1. Remove the External Shell. To make the hidden camera smaller and easier to hide, you need to remove its outer covering. After removing the outer shell, you can see the printed circuit board where the hidden camera lens is mounted.

#2. Identifying the Hideout. You need to be creative in finding the best hiding place of your camera. Of course, you don’t want the intruder to unplug your security camera system.

Always bear in mind that the best place to install the battery wireless security cameras in your room is beneath the usual objects. These objects will not lead to any suspicion from the culprit.

Common hiding spots of spy cam are tissue/shoe boxes, tissue box, pencil sharpeners (electric), shopping/gift bags, potted plants, and bookshelves.

#3. Place the Camera in the Hiding Place. Once you identify the best place to hide the security camera, like at the back of a glass window if you need to install it firmly. Make sure that the security camera is facing opposite to the object’s hole or vent. Double-check the security camera for some loose screws.

Now, if you deem that there’s a likelihood that the hiding spot will move, make sure to reinforce the installation with super glue. Just place some glue to the outer rim of the security camera lens and make sure that the hole is not compromised or covered. Remember that any traces of external substances on the lens will significantly affect the quality of the video.

#4. Glue or Tape an Anchor Object. One way of ensuring that the object (where the security camera is installed) will not lose its balance is to paste or glue a heavy object. Most people use fishing weights to maintain the balance of the camera. If you don’t have fish weights, you can use any flat and heavy metal.

#5. Thread the Universal Serial Bus Cord. The next thing that you must do is to thread the USB of the security camera at the back of the hiding place. The USB will connect the security camera to the computer. To prevent suspicion, you need to cover the USB with any material that will naturally mask it.

With the advent of technology, putting a security cameras eye to your room is just a couple of taps away. By just merely using smartphones, you can now feel more secure.

How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Security Camera

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  • Purchase a Smartphone. The first thing that you must procure is a cellphone with an internet connection.
  • Install a Webcam App. Install any open source webcam software to your cellphone. You can navigate to Google Play or App Store to find these applications.
  • Copy the Software’s URL. You need to note the URL of the webcam since you need it to link your phone to the computer.
  • Connect Your Cellphone to the PC. You need to connect your phone to a computer to watch a real-time feed. To connect the two devices, you need to join them in the same wireless network.
  • Set up the Lens. Make sure that your phone is connected to its charger and place it in a fixed position. Some people would position their phones leaning against the back of piles of books or wall. You must set the cellphone’s lens towards the target angle.
  • Established a Secure Network. To ensure that nobody could intercept your captured videos or images, you must establish a password-protected network. You can do this by logging into your router’s configuration web page. Select for the Wireless security camera option and set a complex password.
  • Monitor Through Your Computer. After doing the preceding steps, you can now watch real-time feeds from your home. You just need to connect to a public or secure Wi-Fi to do the live streaming.

While you can make your home more secure with the installation of security cameras, there are also things that you must consider.

What Are the Don’ts in Installing Security Cameras

CCTV Camera Operating inside dormitory or apartment

  • Do not use low resolution or standard-definition security cameras for a large area.
  • Do not allow the security camera to be exposed to too much sunlight.
  • Do not allow entry and exit points uncovered.
  • Do not install security cameras below 5 feet in walls.

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Did you enjoy the tutorial? Can you now install a security camera?

These tutorials helped me a lot in making my home a real haven. I also saved a lot of time and money since I know the DIY means of installing cameras.

You can also benefit from these tips. If you follow these procedures religiously, expect a peaceful mindset day in and day out.

If you have any suggestions or comments, just drop them in the comment section. And if you found this article helpful, please SHARE this to help other people.


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