7 Realistic Ways On How to Destroy A Security Camera

Security camera and urban video

The first question that may pop in your head after reading the title is, “Why would anyone want to do something anarchic?” Well, surveillance is necessary, especially in the present times, when the crime rates are incrementally going up, and people need to monitor their home, especially when they can’t be physically present to protect it.

But, we remember that a battery powered wireless outdoor security camera systems is not only used in private spaces but also in public areas. It mounts them on every corner of the street and turns their gaze at you as you go.

The problem with such high surveillance is that it often risks your privacy and makes you feel watched and monitored all the time. Sometimes, it can even be that a street security camera is placed in such a manner that it directly points to your entryway or the back door, proving to be an invasion of our privacy.

Plus, it also gives the person behind the monitor authority to dictate and influence your actions based on pure assumptions. It becomes necessary to know how to divert this gaze away from your privacy by destroying the instrument itself if nothing else works.

I know I have had security cameras at places I wouldn’t like and wondered how I could stop it from recording me.


The 7 Tips on How You Can Destroy a Security Camera

Security camera and urban video

Read on to find out seven practical and foolproof ways in which you can destroy a security camera:


1. Bagging the Camera

All you’ll need for this step is an industrial-grade plastic bag and some glue. Industrial grade plastic bags are thicker and almost opaque, which means it will not allow visibility. The efficiency of this technique lies because it doesn’t look an attack on the camera.

A security camera out of repair could be bagged, so it seems ambiguous. However, make sure you don’t inflict any damage to the glass or the lens. That may give you away.


2. IR Flashlight

This might not be an accessible option to everyone because it requires efficiency on your part as someone who wants to blind the best outdoor WiFi security cameras. The trick is to hold the LED flashlight or infrared flashlight at just the right angle for long enough for it to lose its visibility. The light needs to shine directly at the lens. If gone wrong, you stand the chance of getting covered by the footage before the trick works.


3. Stick a Tape

Another clear indication of inoperability is to take a tape and stick it on the lens. However, make sure you don’t make yourself visible to the lens while doing this operation. It should look the camera merely is out of function and has not been tampered with at all.


4. Cutting the Cable

Nowadays, most cameras are wireless. However, if you know the point of contact of the security camera and where it is mounted, you will be able to put it out of function by merely cutting the Cutting the Cableconnecting the cable. Since these cables are not visible, it will just seem like the camera is working on the onlookers.

However, no footage is being covered. You will see sparks being emitted when the cable is cut, which indicates that the operation is successful. If the wires are visible, dangling, loose cables will make it seem like the camera is undergoing repair.

This is a long-term method of getting rid of the camera since it takes a lot of expense and time to get the cables and the camera working again.


5. Painting Gun

After a long-term solution, let us provide you with a short-term one. This is for when you only need to block the visibility of a camera or even multiple cameras for a relatively short period. Painting guns are super fun. We have all played with them in our childhoods.

However, did you know they can also block the visibility of a security camera? Merely get the paint gun ready, filled with a thick, concentrated paint mixture, the point at the lens first, and shoot! You ought to be prepared for some paint splattering on yourself, but this technique will work.

However, it should be mentioned that this method will work only until it clean again the lens. Please note that if the camera has a motion sensor installed in it, it will regard this method as useless and not valid.


6. Drop a block

This is a hardcore method, so I warn you to brace yourselves. Climb the roof of the wall on which it mounts the camera with a few small stones and one or two big concrete blocks. The smaller stones are for testing your aim to hit the base of the camera.

Once you’re confident enough, drop the concrete block on the camera. This will bring the camera tumbling down on the floor with a few sparks. Make sure of the safety of anyone passing by below. However, if you can carry this method out effectively, you can be free of the gaze of the security camera for long before and if it is installed again.


7. Disrupt the View

This last method doesn’t affect the camera physically, but it does effectively block the view. There are zero risks involved, and we can also consider it the right action on the outset. Just plant a few trees on the surveillance area of the security camera or in any direction that invades your privacy. If that is too time-taking a method for you, build a fence to block its view.

These few methods are not only realistic but also considered a necessity sometimes when a tool of surveillance meant to be doing good ends up invading your privacy. However, make sure you have the words of caution in mind before you go ahead with any of them.

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