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Safety, security, peace of mind…That’s something we all want, right? And I agree — but that’s hard to come by, especially today when literally anyone can break into our homes with little effort.

Of course, like most people I know, I wrote this security cameras review to let people know that I have a good security camera system set up around my home.

And like you, dear reader, I searched online for the best-rated security cameras and accessories. I’ve read dozens of articles about them, and then I came across some arlo security cameras reviews.

They didn’t convince me at first, but I decided to test the Arlo system myself. What did I have to lose, right?

The truth is, I actually liked the system so much that I now recommend it to everyone. Of course, Arlo security cameras surveillance are by no means perfect. However, they offer a lot that someone like me can like.

They’re state-of-the-art, easy to use and easy to install, not to mention that they give me that peace of mind I’ve needed for ages![wpsm_titlebox title=”” style=”3″]

Arlo Camera Comparison

 Single Product Reviews For Each surveillance Cameras

Before I move onto the products, I do have to address one particular issue. Earlier, I noted that AT&T users are the only ones who can use Arlo’s cellular network. However, I should also mention the Arlo subscriptions. Each of them offers a different set of features, and The Ambient covers them in more detail.

First, there’s the Arlo Basic, which is free. It offers seven days of uninterrupted recording for up to five cameras. Then there are the Arlo Smart Premier and the Arlo Smart Elite. They have the same price per month but offer many different features. These include people detection, lock screen notifications, motion zones that the users can define, auto-responder alerts and many more playback days and GBs on its cloud. They also cover more than five cameras.

Of course, if their prices are too steep, I can always pay less for the Arlo Add-On option for every individual camera in my house. In other words, I can get any of the features listed above for any single Arlo camera that I use. It’s cheaper and does the job well.

Finally, there’s the price for using 24/7 live recording with the Arlo Q camera (more on that model later), which depends on how many days I want to use it.

1. Arlo Ultra (Great Surveillance Cameras)

Arlo Ultra
High-Quality Video

What better way to start off a list of arlo hd security camera review than with the 4k HDR Arlo Ultra? Yes, this camera is one of the first on the market to actually offer video recording of this quality.

I was excited to hear about this because of a problem that nearly all security camera videos have. Sure, they capture the burglar trying to break in, but they’re too fuzzy to make out their face. An HQ camera gets that job done easily.

Extra Video Options

But Arlo Ultra offers more than just high-quality videos. It also provides night vision and a decent 180° view. In theory, nothing escapes this little gadget. And when I combine these two features with the 4k quality, I get clear images of my front yard 24/7.

Our Point of View

However, Arlo Ultra has its fair share of problems. I didn’t necessarily run into them myself, but enough people have, so much so that Arlo had to pull the cameras from regular retail to address the issues. For example, early adopters complained about live streaming in 4k.

I’ve heard people talk about how laggy it got after a while. Powerful security cameras don’t really help if they can’t live stream properly. In addition, I’ve also heard rants about the short battery life, or rather, shorter when compared to older arlo pro camera review products.

But by far the most common issues Arlo Ultra had were connectivity and hardware problems. The device would often register as “offline” when connected to a 5GHz base station. Moreover, people reported cameras showing purple-hued videos and constantly detecting motion, even when nothing was going on.

From what I can tell, these were all IR lens problems, and all of them required replacing the camera altogether.

2. Arlo Audio Doorbell (Good Security Camera)

Arlo Audio Doorbell

When I first heard of the term “smart doorbell,” I laughed. It seemed like such a ridiculous idea to me. But I am very glad I was wrong. After personally using this doorbell, I can say that it’s a splendid little gadget.


First off, it’s very durable. I’ve mentioned earlier that I often get wind and rain where I live. But that doesn’t seem to affect the Arlo audio doorbell one bit. It’s still working without any issues or outside damage.

Audio Messages

Then there are the other features. For example, this doorbell stores audio messages on the cloud. That’s right – people can ring my doorbell, leave a message for me while I’m gone, and I can listen to it when I come back. And how can my visitors record these messages? Well, all they have to do is press the bell one more time, and it will record what they want to say.

Now, the best thing about this bell, at least for me, is that it allows me to play pre-recorded messages to people. Once they ring, they can get a message saying “I’m not home” or “contact me again at 6 PM,” and so on. In fact, I can choose to ignore the bell completely, and it will let the visitor know I won’t be replying.

Our Point of View

But the Arlo Audio doorbell isn’t perfect. After all, the buyer has to already be an Arlo user, which is a bit exclusive in my opinion. Furthermore, the bell itself isn’t cheap, and it’s just one of several Arlo products that I need to use. Finally, the doorbell won’t store messages on the cloud if I use more than five Arlo cameras.

3. Arlo Security Light (Arlo’s Security For Outdoor)

Arlo Security Light

Not all cameras come with night vision mode. Because of this, I tend to keep my yard well lit. Usually, a decent outdoor light helps, but Arlo thought one step ahead and created their own “smart” light — one that works well with other Arlo products.

And yes, I know that buying a “smart light” sounds unnecessary. But before I move onto the arlo smart home security review (which is coming right up), I think it’s important to discuss the peripheral devices, not just the cameras. After all, having good lighting that works with the security system is always a plus.

Wireless Light

So, what does Arlo Security Light have to offer? Well, to start off, it’s completely wireless. Just like all other Arlo products, it requires a simple installation. In addition, I get a durable light with motion sensors. But that’s not all! I can even set the sensitivity of the light, how long it will be on and what color it will be.


In terms of working with other netgear arlo security camera review, it performs really well. Each of the different light colors allows the Arlo cameras to record the yard better. I find this to be very useful because it means buyers don’t really have to get an expensive 4k video quality Arlo Ultra camera. They can just get an older Arlo model and this light for clear and decent night images.

Our Point of View

One flaw I kept hearing from Arlo Security Light users is that it’s not bright enough. Personally, I don’t see that as a serious issue, but if a brighter Arlo product can stop more burglars, I’m all for it. The security light also uses its own wireless bridge for the Wi-Fi router. That’s slightly annoying since so many other Arlo products come with separate bridges.

4. Arlo (The Legend)


Of course, we have to start somewhere. And any list of arlo smart home security camera system wouldn’t be complete without the original. With a simple name, Arlo took the market by storm, introducing many different features when it came to home security.

Basic Features

However, this is me comparing an older Arlo product with newer ones. On its own, it’s still a decent camera. First of all, it’s wireless, which means I can literally put it anywhere I want.

And since it has that typical Arlo durability, it works well outside. The video quality, even though it’s low, is more than enough to give me a clear picture. And if I can’t catch everything with one Arlo camera, I’ll do it with two, or five, or ten.

Connectivity with Other Arlo Products

The single best feature the basic Arlo camera has is that it can sync up perfectly with other cameras. In other words, my app works fine with it. I can set it up, look at the footage, save it on cloud or MicroSD and still enjoy my peace of mind.

Not to mention that I can save money by buying several basic Arlo cameras instead of investing in a more expensive product. And saving money can be just as important as keeping my home safe.

Our Point of View

Arlo is by no means a perfect product. It doesn’t stream in high definition, for instance, nor can it cover a very wide area with its lens. Also, when I make a basic comparison with other cameras that will follow on this list, it just doesn’t perform as well. The battery life is short, the picture quality subpar, and it isn’t as durable as those that came after it, not to mention that it reports false “low battery” alerts during snowy or cold weather.

5. Arlo Pro (Security Camera For All)

Arlo Pro

We all knew the Pros were coming! At some point, everyone runs into an arlo netgear review, and they all tend to contain words of praise. But I’m not here to talk about other reviews.

I’m here to let my reader know if Arlo Pro is worth the buzz it’s getting. Naturally, Arlo Pro 2 will follow in the subsection below.

Installing and Performance

Arlo Pro has everything I expect a good Arlo camera to have. It’s very easy to install, and it’s wireless. Setting it up the first time literally took me minutes. Once I installed it, I checked the app and gave it a go. It worked like a charm.

Video Quality

Let’s talk about the video quality of Arlo Pro. Some folks I know don’t like that it only records in 720p quality. Personally, I don’t mind this resolution, but if I had to point out a flaw that Arlo Pro might have, it would be that. Of course, a combination of Arlo Pro and Arlo Security Light would fix that problem, but that would cost extra.

Our Point of View

This is where we get to the actual flaws of this camera. Arlo Pro is pricey; If I want an option to “recognize” people, cars, and animals, I need a subscription fee. I’ve listed these fees earlier, and they are quite high.

Another potential flaw is that the app acts out when there’s little to no signal. That makes the camera all but useless.

Finally, I’ve heard people complain about it being “loose,” and I can agree. The Arlo Pro can be very easily removed from its mount, which means it can easily be knocked down by wind or animals.

6.  Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2

As a fan of Arlo Pro, I simply had to get Arlo Pro 2. I have to stress — it does offer a lot more than its predecessor, and if any reader likes the sound of Arlo Pro – they might just love this one too.

Video Quality

Much like with Arlo Ultra, the people over at Arlo listen to their users when it comes to asking for improvements. That’s why the camera of Arlo Pro 2 now records in 1080p. And while I personally had no problem with 720p quality, I can appreciate the change.

Subscription Perks

What I found to be the best feature of Arlo Pro 2 is that the subscription fee actually helps improve the camera’s performance. I got to mark several activity zones around my yard, and now my camera only notifies me if a man or animal approaches. No more useless alerts over nothing!  Not to mention that a single fee covers many cameras at once.


By far the best feature is how long the batteries last. A single charge took three and a half months to drain. However, I’ve even heard of cases when the camera kept going for twice as long.

Our Point of View

Now, in terms of flaws, two that irritated me the most were the poor night vision and fogging lenses. Arlo Pro 2 records very dark videos during the night, which is why something like the Arlo Security light would be useful.

But fogging lenses annoyed me a bit more. During the rainy season, I had to clean the lenses of my two Arlo Pro 2 cameras nearly every day. The rain didn’t damage them, of course. I just wasn’t able to see anything with the liquid in the way.

7. Arlo Go

Arlo Go

How do we up the ante after Arlo Pro and Pro 2? Which arlo pro security camera will tell us that there’s a better option? Well, Arlo Go seems to be the answer to both of those questions.

Features Similar to Other Arlo Products

Arlo Go is both different from other arlo cameras, yet similar to them in different aspects. For example, it is also wireless, sports the same pure-white design, and it’s durable in harsh weather. Not to mention that it can also store data onto a MicroSD card.

Individual Connectivity Options

So what makes it different? The first thing is that it’s a lot more “mobile” than its older cousins. It features its own LTE modem, which means I no longer need to keep the camera within the range of my own modem or an Arlo Wi-Fi bridge.

This is a spectacular change. As all Wi-Fi owners, I had connection trouble, so this special little camera modem is almost a godsend.

Our Point of View

However, Arlo Go’s new features come at a cost. At a literal cost, I mean. Each plan involving Arlo Go is very expensive; a lot more than the plans involving older Arlo cameras.

But to make matters worse, Arlo Go isn’t compatible with older cameras. It only works on LTE, so it won’t connect to the Arlo Hub all other cameras use.

Another common Arlo Go issue is how clunky the app is. It often freezes and has more than a few bugs in its programming. From what I understand, even some Arlo Pro users had these issues. But with Arlo Go being this expensive, a broken app feels like an insult.

8. Arlo Q Plus

Arlo Q Plus

From wireless to wired, from anywhere to indoor only, the Arlo Q Plus seems like a setback. However, it has its own share of good features. But the question is — why am I talking about Arlo Q Plus and not about its predecessor, the Arlo Q?

Comparing Arlo Q Plus and Arlo Q

The answer is simple. Unlike Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2, these two cameras are almost identical. In other words, Arlo Q Plus is really Arlo Q with some added features. For example, both are indoor cameras, and both are single-user.

These would be two of their major flaws in my opinion. However, Arlo Q Plus has two features that Arlo Q doesn’t. The first of those two is Power over Ethernet or PoE. The second is using MicroSD cards for local video storage.

So why would anyone buy an indoor Arlo camera? Aren’t they famous for their wireless products?

Video Quality

To start off, this camera has 1080p resolution. Recording indoors in high quality is always a plus. Next, it has internal storage and links directly to a power source. That means I don’t have to worry about its battery life.

Finally, it doesn’t need a base station or an entire security system to work. I think that’s perfect for people who aren’t Arlo system users.

Other Video Features

Naturally, there are other decent features, such as the pan and zoom option and night vision. It also has great motion detection, though it can’t differentiate between a human and an animal.

9. Arlo Baby

Arlo Baby

I’m not a parent myself, but I understand the need for a good baby monitor. Nobody needs safety more than our young ones, after all. But I know a lot of moms and dads, a few of who use Arlo products regularly. Based on what they have told me, I would definitely buy Arlo Baby if I had a child.


One look at Arlo Baby is enough to warm the heart. It looks like a little futuristic bunny. With its soft, round shape and contours, it won’t frighten the baby when we put it in its room.

But more importantly, it’s wireless, so it can literally go anywhere. Parents often have to rearrange the baby room as it is, so a mobile wireless monitor is great.

Video Quality and Motion Detection

But this monitor is powerful. It has a 1080p HQ camera complete with night vision. Any baby will be safe as this little guy is monitoring them at night. Moreover, it comes with motion detection, so if anything strange is happening, the parents will know about it within seconds.

Sound Options

The Arlo Baby comes with two-way sound communication, as well as a white noise option. This feature can help the baby fall asleep faster.

Our Point of View

But it’s not all good. Arlo Baby’s app tends to lag, as parents report a five-second delay between launching the app and notifications. In addition, this baby monitor is quite expensive.

I know for a fact there are ordinary baby monitors out there that cost two-thirds less than Arlo Baby. And since they’re doing a fine job, why would parents spend that much money on a rabbit camera?[/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”Navigation” style=”3″][wpsm_toplist][/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”Start Here:” style=”3″]

The Future of Surveillance With Arlo Home Security

Arlo Camera Brand
This is some set of products of arlo surveillance camera review

Editor Sidenotes: Looking for something related to arlo pro? here is a wireless battery powered security camera that we have reviewed and we have discussed for about 5 highly rated CCTV.

Not really. It’s a review of nine – that’s right, nine – Arlo security products. And I won’t limit myself to only cameras, either. What we have here is a wide range of safety gadgets that might make our homes feel secure. I’ll provide a rundown on cameras, doorbells and safety lights, among other things.

Now, I should stress that I don’t personally own all of these products, but I know for a fact that they have hundreds of satisfied customers out there, some of whom are my personal friends. It’s not hard to guess who recommended arlo surveillance camera review to them, of course.

Arlo’s Gear and What It Is

Most people that I talk to are looking for specific features their security system must have. Of course, I have to stress that this goes beyond Arlo as a brand. That’s why I always urge my readers to take everything into consideration.

“But wait,” I can hear someone say, “I’ve read an arlo security review, and it told me the following.” Then they list a few things about it that tell them the product is absolutely the best. Or, alternatively, they use that as “proof” that people should avoid it.

Neither of these approaches considers the bigger picture. To put it more simply, they either rush to buy it without looking at all the specs or refuse to buy it because it might be missing that one key feature that they need.

So I think it’s only fair of me to list the features everyone ought to be looking for in safety products such as Arlo’s.

Surveillance Cameras

Cameras Endurance

My front porch is rather wide. I remember a few ding-dong ditchers when I was younger, and while it wasn’t dangerous, it was rather annoying. Naturally, I need an outdoor camera when something like that happens.

However, the area I live in has its fair share of windy and rainy weather. This alone can damage the camera or the doorbell. Of course, I don’t have to mention that the same goes for snow, hail, extreme heat and other weather phenomena.

Getting a durable safety system is very important. I know from experience that it’s smart to pay a little extra for a camera that won’t crack in the cold or that can resist rainwater. Otherwise, we spend a lot more on either repairs or replacement systems.

Arlo Endurance and Performance

Editor’s Note: Are You A Businessman? Or Do you have some security problems in your office? Check This Guide on an office surveillance camera that actually make your business safer.

Important Aspects Of An Arlo Cameras

Image Quality

This feature is specific to cameras. When somebody’s trying to break into my house, I  want to know who they are. Video footage can give me an idea if the burglar is a man or a woman or if he or she is tall, short, fat, or thin or any combination of these, etc. But I can’t know that with grainy or low-res videos.

Luckily, new security systems like Arlo offer users HQ video quality options. Of course, higher quality needs more storage space. In other words, I can have a clear picture, but it won’t record for a long time before there’s no space left to store the video.

Not to mention that some cameras have to run 24/7. HQ videos drain more power, while low-res videos help the cameras run longer than usual. This leads me to my next point…

Alro Camera Quality
A Camera Quality of Arlo



Power and Connectivity

Some cameras and safety equipment only work when we connect them to an outlet. However, Arlo and other companies offer cameras that work on batteries or are themselves rechargeable.

Both options have their disadvantages, of course. Plug-in cameras require an outlet, which means I have to install one outside. On the other hand, rechargeable cameras last as long as each charge. I have to either buy new batteries or recharge them on a daily basis.

In terms of connectivity, most cameras can sync up with our Wi-Fi. However, the router has to be within the range of security equipment. Not to mention that bad weather, power outages and Wi-Fi problems can cause the camera to stop working.

Arlo offers its users a cellular network connection, but it’s currently only available for AT&T enterprise clients. This allows them to view what’s going on with their house even if they’re far away. All they have to do is use their phone.

Alro Camera Power Cables
A USB Cable of Arlo


Arlo Security Camera

Smartphone Apps

While I’m on the subject of phones and Arlo security systems, I have to talk about security apps. Nearly every security system today offers the users smartphone apps. They help us out with settings and remote monitoring.

Both Android and iOS users can download the app, log in and save their Wi-Fi details. They can also do this on their desktop or laptop computers, which usually offer more settings.

I find the apps to be one of the most important features of modern security systems like Arlo. For example, I can see what’s happening at home while at work.

Moreover, if someone is trying to break in, the two-way talk system (which usually comes with doorbells) allows me to talk to them directly and startle them. Also, the app will record activity logs and notify me if there is a disturbance. On top of that, it offers night vision.

Alro Smart App
All Arlo Products Has its Dedicated Smartphone Application

Camera Security

Field of Vision

Arlo cameras, like all others, can’t record everything. Usually, they will just focus on one corner of the room or one patch of land outside.

When I was looking for security cameras, I came across certain models that offer 180° lens rotation. That would give me a clear enough picture of the yard in case something fishy is going on there.

Other camera models offer manual tilting and panning settings. In other words, I can literally fix my camera so that I can get a better view.


Camera Storage

Security cameras record video, and that video has to be stored somewhere. Usually, it’s done locally on a MicroSD card or on cloud storage. Some security systems even offer both options.

Of course, companies that offer cloud storage for security videos tend to charge a monthly fee for it. Some offer it for free, but not all of them. Each subscription depends on how many days I want my camera to run uninterrupted.

And since we’re talking about money, I should address the final feature people ought to pay attention to when shopping for security systems like Arlo.


Arlo Security Cameras Cost

Obviously, I don’t want to be ripped off when I’m shopping for security systems. However, I also don’t want to buy one that’s cheap but performs poorly. After all, the safety of my house is at stake.

Based on many, many days of browsing retail websites, I learned that the average cost of a decent security system is somewhere between $$$ and $$$$.

Naturally, this doesn’t include the cost of cloud storage, batteries, and other expenses. I was able to find a few decent systems that go as low as $$ and even a few that go up to $$$. However, most of the ones on the market that have good user scores fall somewhere between the first two sums I mentioned.

Are you excited to make your home/ office secured? Here is our top 1 pick:


Other Minor Features To Look For

Alro Smart Camera Features
Great Features by Arlo

I’m lumping all of these together because they aren’t as important as the ones I listed above. However, they can greatly improve the security systems we already have.

First off, there’s the design. While it’s cool to have a camera that looks nice, it’s far more important that it blends in with the environment. That’s why most security cameras are either all-black or all-white on the outside. It makes them easier to “disappear” against the backdrop of our house.

Next, there are systems that come with built-in sirens. I would recommend this option to anyone who wants a full-on security system — not just the camera and the smart doorbell. This feature allows the owner’s system to set off alarms when a burglary or something similar is happening.

Then there are different video options. For example, some cameras come with facial recognition software. Others allow owners to record a specific area of the house or even ignore it altogether.

Finally, there’s voice command compatibility. New security systems can work with software such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. More and more people rely on these today, and integrating them with our security systems just seems like the next logical step.[/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”Fact Check” style=”3″]

22 Arlo’s Surveillance Camera Products Common Common Troubleshooting Issues on Arlo Camera Solved

Before I move on to the final verdict, I should address a couple of common Arlo-related questions. When I was first researching security systems, I noticed that most arlo outdoor camera review didn’t have this FAQ section.

Therefore, I think it’s important to add it here so that my readers can get to “know” the product a bit more before deciding to buy it.

Do you want to know why many people, including me, trust an Arlo camera?

Arlo is one of the trusted brands in America that helps in protecting our loved ones or pets from burglars. It is one of the few in the market that offers premium features which include HD quality, live streaming capability, seven-day cloud recording, wireless characteristic, and more.

I like this camera because it gives more than just a view of my home’s situation, it offers quality and security.

However, we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the technological details and features of Arlo. We sometimes encounter issues in connectivity, installation, and other problems.

Therefore, I collected the questions, frequently asked by users that can help us just in case we encounter them.

1. How Do Arlo Security Cameras Work?

Each user gets an Arlo base station that acts as a hub for all other cameras. Most of the products connect via Wi-Fi as well as a special app.

2. What Is Arlo Surveillance Camera Geofencing?

Arlo Geofencing is an option that allows the user to set up the cameras to work a certain way while they’re not at home.

3. What Is Arlo Camera’s Motion Detection Range?

This range indicates how far and wide the Arlo camera can spot movement. Usually, it’s around 60° or 130°.

4. What Is Arlo’s Night Vision Distance?

It’s the distance an Arlo camera can capture during the night. In most conditions, the distance is about 18 ft. However, in optimal conditions, it can go up to 35 ft. It all depends on the angle and the position of the camera.

5. What Is the Resolution of Arlo Cameras?

The standard is 720p, but most new models go up to 1080p. Arlo Ultra even went beyond that.

6. Do Arlo Security Camera Record Sound?

The Arlo Security light is the only Arlo product that doesn’t record sound. The rest all do.

7. Why Is My Arlo Camera Blinking Orange?

Orange or amber blinks can signal different issues. If it blinks slowly, the battery is low. Rapid blinking means that the camera isn’t in sync with the base station.

Both blue and amber blinking means the camera is undergoing a firmware update. When this happens, the user must NOT turn the camera off.

8. What Is the Best Arlo’s Security Motion Sensitivity Setting?

It’s best to keep the sensitivity at 100% and then reduce it by one or two percent after unwanted movement. That way, we get the optimal setting that works for us.

9. How to Stop IR Reflection?

To know what to do, we should know the common causes of this problem first. The typical causes of infrared (IR) reflection include improper positioning of the camera in which its placement is directly below a surface. The angle allows the camera to view its IR reflection to its lens.

Another reason is dust and dirt in the camera’s dome or the condensation build-up in this area.

Mounting our camera behind glass is also one of the reasons.

The simplest way to get rid of the IR reflection is to mount it outside the glass and secure it with locks to prevent burglars from removing it.

To get rid of the dust and dirt, use a microfiber cloth, or compressed air can clean the dome.

If we do not want to mount the camera outside, get rid of the possible illuminators outside and use it in manual mode.

10. How to Use Night Vision Camera Through Glass?

Take note that there is a downside for using a night vision camera through the glass. It happens because using this setting makes use of the infrared LED lights. The IR LED lights to produce red lights around the lens, causing glares because the window glass reflects them to the lens.

For this reason, we should turn off the IR illuminators by using the Arlo app. In this app, we should go to the Settings, My Devices, Your Camera, Video Settings, and Night Vision.

We may use our Arlo camera at night without the night vision feature. All that we must do is place an external light outside the glass so that we can still see everything in the camera even with if we turn-off this feature.

If we do not like to disable the night vision feature, we can also mount the camera outside the glass instead.

11. How to Mount Arlo Camera Outside?

It takes not more than 10 minutes to install our device. Although it may seem daunting because of the jargons and technical details that you can read in the manual, the installation is not as complicated as what we might think.

Before going through the mounting process, we have to ensure we have connected it to the base station.

To mount our camera outside, we have to make sure that our camera has batteries that are correctly set. Next, we should affix the mounting screw on the surface where we want to attach it.

If we want to attach our camera on drywall, we should use the plastic anchors that also come along with our device.

Lastly, we will use the screw to suspend the magnetic mount where we can hang the camera.

12. How to Set up Arlo Base Station?

Now that we know how to mount our camera outside our house, setting up our base station should be more comfortable.

First, we should link our router to our base station using the ethernet cable that comes along with the package. We have to ensure that we establish the link before powering the base station on to ensure proper connection.

Second, we should link the power adapter and the base station before plugging it into the electrical outlet. After doing this, we can now power on our base station by pressing the button with the power sign.

At the front of the base station, there should be Internet LED and power LED lights. If the base station is single-LED, it is enough to see just one LED light.

The dual-LED lights should turn green, and the single-LED light should turn blue to indicate that you have set your base station correctly.

13. How to Reset Arlo Base Station?

Before resetting our base station, we should know that this process returns the device to its default settings and removes the Arlo account serial number. You also must expect that our account will not be able to identify our base station at all.

Now that you know the consequences of resetting our base station, we can now proceed.

At the back of the base station, we should see the reset button. We need a pen or anything that has a pointed tip to poke on the reset button for almost 10 seconds. The LED will flash an amber color. After the flashing, it is the sign that the device is rebooting.

When both the LED lights turn green, it is the sign that we can set up the base station in our Arlo app.

14. How to Delete Security Camera Footage?

Deleting our security camera footage from our library is easy.

First, we have to log-in to our account through the Arlo app or the website. Select library.

After that, we should select the day and the month of the footage that we want to remove. Do it by sliding through the row of days and month. Tap the one with the green circle highlight to let us view the set of footages caught on that day.

We can select individual videos or select all of them. All that we have to do is tap either the Select or the Select All button. If I want to choose the footages to delete, I should do it manually after tapping the Select button.

After choosing the footages that we want to remove, we can now press delete. A pop-up window will appear. Select Continue if we are going to delete them permanently.

15. How Long to Charge Arlo Pro Battery?

The instruction manual does not say how long we should wait to charge our Arlo Pro camera. For this reason, it leaves us guessing how long we should expect to make sure that we charge our camera within the appropriate timeframe.

However, there is a way to know how we can estimate the charging time of our device.

Using the Arlo app or browser under your account, you will find the charge percentage of your camera’s batteries. With it, we can track the charging progress of our device.

If you want to know what the average charging time is, it is approximately 2 hours, but other factors can affect the charging time. It includes the type of battery used which affects the charging time a great deal, and how drained the cells are before charging.

16. How to Charge Arlo Pro 2 Battery?

Upon seeing that our camera has only 15 or less charge percentage left, we should charge our Arlo Pro 2 battery.

You can do it by plugging it in if we are using rechargeable batteries or replace the old batteries for the non-rechargeable ones. We may also avail Arlo Pro rechargeable Battery and the Arlo Charging Station to ensure that we always have access to a fresh battery.

However, if the battery is not charging despite following the mentioned procedures, we can troubleshoot it. First, we should remove the cells and unplug the AC cable. Make sure that we use only the AC cable that comes along with our Arlo camera.

Place the batteries back to the camera and check the battery status in the app or on the browser after ten minutes. We should see a lightning bolt symbol to indicate charging.

17. How to Charge Arlo Batteries?

Charging the batteries of our Arlo camera should be easy. However, remember always to use the AC adapter and USB cable that came along with our camera. Using ordinary USB cables and adapter might not work in our device but will only cost us more.

If you have the AC adapter and USB cables provided by Arlo, we can now charge the Arlo Batteries. What we have to do first is use the USB cable to link the Arlo device and the AC adapter. Next, plug the AC adapter into an electrical outlet. This time, our equipment should start charging. Repeat the process if it initially did not work.

Now, we can use the Arlo app or browser to keep track of the charging progress of our device.  We will see it through the battery icon.

18. Best CR123A Battery for Arlo?

The first thing that we should consider when owning an Arlo camera is to ensure that we use the right and economical battery. It should not be the type that drains fast or charges slowly. For this reason, we should know what to buy, if in case we have to replace the CR123A battery of our device.

Before anything else, we should remember that CRA123A batteries are non-rechargeable. We should not recharge them but replace them instead.

Here are the ideal types of batteries that we can choose.

  • Non-rechargeable batteries that come along with our camera
  • Non-rechargeable batteries from other reputable manufacturers like Duracell, Panasonic, or Energizer
  • T-energy Li-Ion RCR123A 3.7 V 650 mAh rechargeable batteries with an indication that it works with Arlo

Using these batteries will ensure that we can enjoy using our camera for a long time.

19. How to Reset Arlo Pro Camera?

Resetting the Arlo Pro Camera is not as complicated than what it appears. What we have to do first is check at the base in front of the camera. We should see that the two of the LED lights on the left are green before we can sync them.

After that, we can remove all our devices from our account through the Arlo app or browser. We have to get rid of them in our equipment to ensure the success of the process. To do it, we should go to Settings, My Devices, and remove the devices, including the base station.

It is the time to press the reset button for approximately 10 seconds until we see that the LED lights turn amber. It is the sign that that the device is rebooting. We should wait until the lights turn green.

Now, we should follow the instructions indicated for the new system.

20. How to Connect Arlo to TV?

Connecting our Arlo camera to the television might not be as easy as connecting a flash drive to our computer. Therefore, our plans to use the USB for connecting our Arlo to our TV will not work, but it is still possible to link them.

We can make use of the digital assistants to connect our Arlo to TV.

With the Arlo Alexa Skill, we can connect our device with Alexa. Just by using our voice, we can ask Alexa to show the live footage of our camera on TV. Arlo Ultra, Pro, Pro 2, Q Plus, Wire-Free, Q, Baby, and Go can make use of this feature.

We can also make use of the Google Assistant if we own Arlo Pro2, Ultra, Pro, Go, Wire-Free, Q Plus, Baby, or Q. What we need is a TV with Chromecast function and Google Assistant.

21. How to Sync Arlo Cameras?

Syncing the Arlo cameras together is easy. First, we should open the battery compartment. Every Arlo model has a different way of opening the latch. We have to make sure to do it properly.

After opening, we can place the batteries inside the compartment, but we must also ensure that our device is near the base station. It should have up to the 3-feet distance.

Next, we should press the sync button located at the side or on the top of the Arlo base station for about two seconds, but not long enough to boot the base station.

Wait until the LED light turns green. Now, we can press the sync button on the camera for approximately two seconds. Wait until the LED light blinks color blue. If it blinks amber, it means that the sync is unsuccessful, you need to repeat the syncing process.

22. How to Connect Arlo to Alexa?

Connecting our Arlo camera to Alexa is easy. Either we use our voice or fingertips. The Arlo Alexa Skill enables us to communicate with Alexa, using only the voice command. With this feature, we can connect to Amazon devices like Fire TV, Echo Spot, and more

To connection process is simple. First, we have to make sure that the camera is on, and there is an established connection between it and the cloud.

Now we can connect Arlo to Alexa by merely asking the digital assistant to enable the Arlo Skill. Tell it, “Alexa, enable the Arlo Skill.” After that, Alexa will give us the instructions on how we can link our camera to Alexa.

We may also enable the Arlo Skill manually by going to the Alexa app and enable the Arlo Skill there. It will link our Arlo account with our account in Alexa.

Our Take: 

Did you learn a lot from this article? I hope that it answered some of your questions and issues with your Arlo camera. I faced some of these issues personally, but I realized that I did not have to break a sweat if I implemented the right solutions.

What do you think about this article? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and share it if it will help your friends.


Arlo Camera Products – What Do They Have in Common?

I’ll be the first to say that not all products have the same features. With Arlo, it’s best to say that “most products have most of the same features.” For example, other than Arlo Q and Arlo Q Plus, nearly every other Arlo product is wireless. In addition, the two Arlo Qs are also indoor-only, unlike other cameras on this list.

Next, aside from Arlo Security Light, all other products record sound. And if I were to focus only on cameras, I’d say that they all offer standard video quality, other than Ultra, which tried to give us more.

And finally, nearly all of these products work while linked to a base hub. The wired Arlo products obviously don’t, nor does the Arlo Go.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera system Review | Comparing the Products

Obviously, I can’t compare a camera to a doorbell or a baby monitor. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. So, I’ll go over which product is the best for individual situations, and then focus on which product I’d recommend to everyone.

First, let’s get the non-cameras out of the way. The Arlo Security Doorbell is an amazing tool for anyone who’s away. It is effectively the next “evolutionary step” in doorbell technology. Plus, it can really help users out in certain situations. If a mailman were to drop a package, I could tell him where to put it even if I’m not at the door.

Next, there’s the Arlo Security Light. By itself, it’s not much more than a simple light source. But it works very well with more basic Arlo cameras, such as the original Arlo and the Arlo Pro.

Last but not least is the Arlo Baby. It’s a great solution for parents, and it will provide the babies with stellar protection.

But what about the cameras? Well, I’ll just announce the winner and explain my reasoning below.

Editor’s Note: Looking for an Outdoor Security Camera that is Related to Arlo? Here is Our 8 Best Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras That You Can Check

[/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”” style=”3″]

Conclusion (Which One Is a Good Security Camera)

The Arlo Pro 2 fulfills nearly all requirements a great security product needs. First of all, it has a high-quality camera that captures clear videos. That puts it well beyond Arlo and Arlo Pro, which are both solid choices for more “casual” users.

Of course, Arlo Go and Arlo Ultra have better cameras, but each of these has other issues to deal with. Arlo Ultra had to be recalled because of its bugs. Arlo Go, on the other hand, is more expensive and doesn’t sync up with the base hub like others.

Of course, I don’t have to stress that neither of the two Arlo Q cameras can be set up outside. By that merit alone, Arlo Pro 2 beats them. But it also has other features that make it stand out.

A long battery life, decent storage and a wide motion range all give Arlo Pro 2 the edge over the competition. And yes, there are problems with fogging and lighting, but these are not that important. All we have to do is get a good light source and wipe the lens every now and again during the rain.

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