7 Benefits Of Purified Water – (A Detailed – Must Know Factors)

Purified Water

Options in terms of potable water are quite diversified today, whether it comes to distilled, alkaline or purified water. However, not all of these options are necessarily safe. Tap water is rated to be healthy, but it does come with a series of elements, such as pesticides or chlorine. You probably imagine bottled water is better, but plenty of it is nothing but tap water with a few chemicals removed. Plus, think about the plastic, which is rich in BPA.

The benefits of purified water make this option an excellent choice for most people. You get rid of disinfecting byproducts like chlorine, arsenic (a powerful element linked to many types of cancer), aluminum, lead, and pharmaceuticals. Each of these elements can cause various diseases, like liver affections, learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, and so on. Being able to remove all these chemicals is a good enough reason to switch to purified water, but what other benefits of drinking purified water should you expect?

Explained In Small Details – Less Known Factors Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Clean Purified Water

1. Glowing skin

Purified water is one of the best ways to give your skin a healthy glow. Sure, there are lots of treatments and makeup solutions out there. You may look like Quasimodo and a bit of care can still turn you into Jessica Alba. With all these, not everyone can afford spending a fortune on makeup products, skincare solutions, and professional treatments.

On another note, most people can afford having purified water, which is quite enough to adopt a healthy appearance. It will help your skin from all points of view, whether it comes to its elastic profile or its complexion.

2. No more harmful chemicals

Any of the above-mentioned chemicals can cause longterm effects that no medical treatment can heal. This is by far the most important reason wherefore you should invest in a water filtration system. Your appearance is important, but your health makes a difference. Unfortunately, municipal tap water is rich in all kinds of elements that no one wants in their bodies – from chlorine to lead or arsenic.

Purifying water helps you get rid of these toxins. You might be aware of various water crises across the world – including in the western world – caused by such toxins. These reasons are more than enough to motivate you to invest in your family’s wellbeing.

3. Help in cancer prevention

Cancer prevention is one of the main benefits of drinking purified water. A quality system will clean all byproducts, which are commonly used to clean tap water. Most of these byproducts can eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms, but they also come with a plethora of side effects, such as various types of cancer.

For example, chlorine – the most popular byproduct out there – has been associated with bladder and rectal cancer. When it comes to kids, such problems are more obvious because they have growing immune systems, so they are more exposed. All in all, no one is perfectly safe, so purified water can clear these issues.

4. Extra energy for the day

Coffee is one of the most common stimulants around the world. Most people cannot start their days properly without good coffee. The beverage will, indeed, boost your energy, but too much of it will also cause general weakness and you may start shivering.

On the other hand, while water does not have the same impact over your brain and expectations, a glass of filtered water will put you back on track just as well. Plus, it will keep your brain focuses and in great condition.

It does not mean that you should give up on coffee. Coffee is more than just an energy beverage – it is also a habit and part of your life. Consider using purified water for your coffee and you will notice a significant upgrade.

5. Weight loss aid

Failing to hydrate will inevitably cause weight gain. Sure, there are more factors that will contribute to this unpleasant process. But the way the body works is fairly simple. If you do not drink enough water to flush toxins out, your body will inevitably absorb most of the carbs and sugar you feed it.

Weight loss aid is one of the benefits of drinking purified water. It is quite simple – purified water tends to metabolize fat. Other than that, no matter how much water you drink, there are no calories involved. From this point of view, you can also have a glass of water before heavy meals. This way, you feel full faster, so you will eat less food.

6. A better digestion

Purified water is cleaner and healthier, so it will benefit all your systems, including the digestive one. It will help the body absorb nutrients from food in a more efficient manner, but it will also boost the digestion. If you suffer from bloating sensations or constipation, most of these problems will gradually go away within weeks or even days.

Not only does purified water prevent the unwanted absorption of sugar and chemicals, but it also breaks down food very efficiently. As a result of all these, your metabolism will skyrocket, while bowel movements will be regular.

7. Natural detoxification

The way you hydrate or the kind of drinking water will affect your kidneys. Kidneys are critical for the good functionality of your body. Their main role is to detoxify the body, so they will deal with lots of toxins, waste, and acids.

Failing to drink water will cause kidney failure. On the same note, switching to purified water will improve their efficiency and health. The necessity and lth benefits are even more obvious for those who suffer from kidney-related affections.

Frequently asked questions

Still not convinced about the health benefits of clean water? People will obviously have more questions about making a change, so here are some of the most common questions.

Is it good to drink purified water?

There are no side effects associated with purified water. There are no disadvantages involved in the process. Drinking water in plenty is a top notch recommendation from medical specialists. If you can also remove the harmful chemicals, results will be even easier.

Is it better to drink distilled or purified water?

Purified water is practically the purest option out there and refers to its quality. Water can be purified in a few different ways – it depends on the system you use. To be considered pure, the water should have 10PPM or less.

Distilled water is practically a type of purified water. It is purified through a process known as distillation, which involves turning water into steam and then back into the water. Distilled water has around 1PPM, which means it can be classified as pure.

Purified water can go in this state through more methods.


The bottom line, lots of people fail to hydrate themselves – they fail to have the required two liters of water on a daily basis. Those who do it often overlook the quality of water, so what they have is far from enough. The benefits of purified water can go a very long way and will open your eyes. Water is more efficient throughout your body, it makes you feel and look better. It can prevent a series of affections, so there are literally no reasons to overlook it.

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