5 Of The Best Dehumidifier For Bathroom (2022 Review)

Best Dehumidifier For Bathroom

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Air HumidifierDamp and mold showing up in the corners of your bathroom are some of the most unpleasant problems out there. You see little spots around the bathtub or shower cabin – usually where parts come together. You know it is not healthy and you promise yourself you will get rid of it one day.

Most people react when the problem becomes a bit dangerous. But once you get it sorted, you know it will show up again. Maintenance is also part of the game and this is when you start looking for the best dehumidifier for bathroom door.

When overlooked, the problem can lead to various problems in the long run. Apart from the musty smell, mold also tends to spread and may cause all kinds of respiratory affections. Sorting the problem forever involves good insulation and expensive investments.

Meanwhile, the best bathroom dehumidifier are by far the best option(dehumidification performance or dehumidification rate). So, what should you know about these wonder appliances and how can you get the best one for your bathroom or storage room? More importantly, what are the top-rated products on the market these days?

Top 5 Dehumidifier For Bathroom

#1. Frigidaire 30 Pint Dehumidifier

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Frigidaire’s best dehumidifier for bathroom comes in more sizes. Apart from the 30-pint size, you can also opt for 50 or 70 pints. It is excellent for the bathroom mold, but also for basements and other rooms with a high level of humidity problem(humidity levels).

Sizing and operation

The size is given by the capability of the appliance. For instance, the 30-pint unit will remove up to 30 pints of water a day(water reservoir), which is more than enough for a large family bathroom.

You can get the portable dehumidifier as a standalone unit or with a various hose connection for continuous use. This kind of portable dehumidifier design requires a plumbing installation though.

The classic bathroom models features a large tank – 7.6 pints. It is located in the front of the unit and can be easily pulled out for emptying due to its handle. The tank is less likely to cause any discomfort or problems, as it has a splash guard(water splashes).

Bells and whistles

The portable dehumidifier works until the tank is full. Once it is full, you get an alert that tells you about emptying. There is nothing to worry about if you are not around, as the tank will not overflow. Instead, the appliance will auto shut-off.

The unit operates at a very low temperature – not more than 41 degrees, so it is quite efficient. However, if you live in a warm climate, this could be a problem, as your air conditioning system(air conditions) will have to work harder to maintain the room temperature.

Features we like

  • Excellent value for money
  • Good water tank capacity(water reservoir)
  • Easy operation and straightforward humidity controls (humidity levels)
  • Automatic shutdown function

Features we do not like

  • Puts out very warm air circulation



Generally speaking, Frigidaire has designed a complete air dehumidifier for bathroom mold. It can certainly keep on top of your bathroom or an RV bathroom and will ensure a dry atmosphere and also have a good LCD interface.

#2. Eva dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

Whisper-quiet Eva-Dry EDV-1100 16 OZ Dehumidifier with Auto Shut Off and...


Unless you live with your parents, partner and seven kids who shower three times a day, chances are you do not necessarily need an industrial dehumidifier for your small bathroom. Instead, a small dehumidifier to keep on top of the humidity problem(humidity levels) will do the trick.

Eva Dry Dehumidifier design and Sizes

This is a small and compact mini dehumidifier, but it will certainly deliver. It comes with a simplistic set up – just plug it in and press the start button. This is all. There are no settings to deal with, sophisticated humidity controls and timer function. Instead, it starts dehumidifying as soon as it is in.

It comes with no bells and whistles that mostly add to the price, but features that really matter and make your life easier. Basically, you have a tank in front. It is easy to remove due to its shape – simply pull it out, no need to press any buttons.

Operation standards

You can see when the tank is about to fill up, but you do not really have to keep an eye on it. When full, the green running led indicator will switch off or auto shut-off and the orange led indicator will turn on. At the same time, the small dehumidifier will stop by itself, so the tank does not overflow.

It is worth noting that this bathroom mold dehumidifier is also quiet and will not really disturb you. You cannot notice it in the background and it feels like part of the white noise(sound level).

In the end, Eva dry dehumidifier is excellent for small and middle-sized bathrooms. It is a simple choice that brings in great value for money and no sophisticated humidity controls. The operation is straightforward and does not require any experience.

Features we like

  • Simple to operate, no fancy bells and whistles
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quiet operation
  • Automatic shutoff function when the tank is full


Features we do not like

  • Not suitable for large bathrooms with lots of activity


#3. Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant Dehumidifier

Ivation 13-Pint Small-Area Desiccant Dehumidifier Compact and Quiet - With...


Ivation’s best dehumidifier for bathroom is designed for small and middle-sized coverage area. It comes in a few different bathroom size. While the 13-pint dehumidifier is the most common one, you can also find it in the 19-pint alternative.

Efficiency and operation

All in all, this bathroom mold dehumidifier goes farther. It will, indeed, remove excess ounces of moisture level from your air, but it will also remove mold and unpleasant odors. It is worth noting that it puts out relatively warm air, so it is not the best option if you live in a tropical climate. Instead, it seems more suitable for colder climates.

Operating principles

The dehumidifier can be used in two different ways.

First, you got the plug and play option. You plug it in and turn it on. It will start dehumidifying straight away. Once the tank is full, you will have to empty it. The tank takes half a gallon of water.

Second, you can ensure a continuous operation if you attach it to the plumbing system. This is the second drain option. The package comes with a connection hose though, so a continuous drainage system would not be a problem. But then, the installation is a bit more difficult.

This bathroom dehumidifier reviews is excellent in terms of features, customization, and adjustability. It will work on most bathrooms out there – up to 270 square feet in size. It comes with excellent value for money and you can connect it to your system for the continuous drainage system.

Features we like

  • Swinging feature to help to dry clothes
  • Plenty of controls for an individualized operation
  • Desiccant rotor for immediate results
  • Different types of drainage(drain hose)

Features we do not like

  • It can turn a small crawl space(bathroom spaces) into a very warm environment


#4. Honeywell, White TP30WKN Energy Star Dehumidifier

Honeywell Dehumidifier with Washable Filter, Energy Star, 20-Pint, for...


Honeywell is a leading name in this industry and its products can certainly stand out in the crowd. The TP30WKN is probably the best dehumidifier for bathroom from this brand and comes in a few different sizes – the basic bathroom models is suitable for bathrooms up to 1,000 square feet in size.

Efficiency and operation

The dehumidifier will remove up to 20 pints of water a day. It is great for other rooms too in case you choose to dry the laundry room in another room. It is energy efficient(energy consumption) and can successfully outweigh other alternatives in this segment.

Moisture is not always the one and only problem associated with the humidity problems. If mold kicks in, you will also face mildew and nasty odors. The dehumidifier is built to clear these odors as well. However, it is not a treatment against mold, but mostly a prevention method.

Uses and maintenance

Everything about this dehumidifier is easy to use. While it does look a bit sophisticated, it is actually quite simplistic. It has an air filter that can be cleaned with tap water – no replacements required. Some parts are removable for maintenance.

All you have to do is empty the tank when it is full. Besides, you can also opt for continuous drainage(drain option), yet you need a more complicated installation – it would make a good DIY project though.

Honeywell has designed a complete dehumidifier that can tackle on bathroom use of all sizes, regardless of how busy or humid they are. While more expensive than other units, it also brings in plenty of extra features, so it has good value for money.

Features we like

  • Restarts automatically after a power outage
  • Can be connected for continuous drainage
  • Full package with all the parts required
  • Humidistat control

Features we do not like

  • Manual of instructions could have been more detailed


#5. TOSOT Dehumidifier

TOSOT 20 Pint 1,500 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star - for Home, Basement,...


TOSOT is known for its great value for money and the best bathroom dehumidifiers that can take safety to another level. Take this model, for instance. It can clear bathrooms of 1,500 square feet. Obviously, classic residential home is less likely to have such a big bathroom, but imagine how efficient it is.

Operating requirements

It is just as good for a small bathroom, especially if you have a large family and there is always someone in there. All in all, this unit can remove about (pint dehumidifier) 30 pints of moisture on a daily basis. It is suitable for bathrooms and other rooms of your house too.

Energy efficiency and noise level (whisper technology)

While it is built with heavy-duty purposes, it does not mean that it will cripple your energy bill. The appliance has an Energy Star rating, so it has a decent impact on the environment.

At the same time, you are probably thinking about the noise too. The appliance will put out about 48dB. To help you get an idea, normal street traffic heard from your room goes up to 50dB. The noise is continuous, so it feels like a white noise level – you will get used to it in no time.

TOSOT’s best dehumidifier for bathroom is clearly a top choice out there. It is extremely efficient at clearing the ounces of moisture in no time and can tackle bathrooms of all sizes and all activity levels. You might as well dry your laundry room in the bathroom use– you are less likely to feel the humidity level problem when you step inside.

Features we like

  • Quick job at clearing excess moisture from the air
  • No worries about overflowing once full
  • Successful at clearing unpleasant odors
  • Quiet and continuous operation – most people will not even notice it

Features we do not like

  • Heavier than other units in this segment


Buying Guide: What to Look For In the Best Dehumidifier for Bathroom

White Bathroom

Buying a dehumidifier may seem overwhelming at first, but it is not as complicated as it might seem. Choosing the best dehumidifier for your bathroom use is a different thing. You need to think about several factors before making the final purchase. Here are some factors that must consider:


The size is probably the most important consideration. How big is your bathroom? Most bathroom dehumidifiers come with a recommended size. You do not need to get the exact same standard, but make sure the dehumidifier will be slightly bigger than what you need.

There is a decent chance you will move it around, whether you dry laundry in another room or you simply need it in your bedroom overnight. Apart from the area, the humidity level of your bathroom use are also important


The capacity is often overlooked, as most people focus on the size instead. However, this consideration is just as important and tells you how many pints (pint dehumidifier) the unit can remove from your air within a specific period of time – 24 hours usually.

A higher capacity level is a better option. If the unit is too small for crawl space(space heater), chances are it will run round the clock and it will barely be able to reduce the humidity level. Think about other factors too – drying laundry, excessive ounces of moisture or a humid climate.


Portability is important because there will be times when you will need the dehumidifier in another room. Portable units are easy to use – plug-in and run. These are the most popular options for homes with specific areas with moisture.

Humidity control

Humidity control is practically a feature. Not all bathroom dehumidifier reviews come with it though. It is all about automation and the ability to maintain the desired levels – the unit will turn on and auto shut-off by itself whenever the moisture levels go above your preferences.

If you do not find it worth it, perhaps you can purchase a hygrometer. This kind of device can go next to the dehumidifier. It is not too pricey and will show the humidity level, so you know when to turn the unit off or auto shut-off.

Water capacity

The water capacity refers to the bucket size. Most bathroom dehumidifiers will come with an internal bucket. That is where all the water goes. The larger this bucket, the less often you have to empty it. This convenience will obviously add to the price.

Prices vary widely. Some units come with a self-draining hose(drain hose), which can be attached to your draining system(drainage option). In other words, they do not require emptying their buckets, yet they must be placed close to an area where water can be eliminated, such as a sink or a bathtub.

Defrost features

While no one really pays attention to this feature, it is critical for the good functionality of your dehumidifier. Unless you live in an area with a warm climate (even in the wintertime), you will need an auto defrost feature.

Bathroom dehumidifiers have some coils on the inside. They can frost if the temperature goes too low, such as under 60 degrees. From this point of view, you might need a unit certified to work at 40 degrees too. Although it adds to the price, it is totally worth it.


A dehumidifier is home appliances and most appliances can be noisy at times. Luckily, these units are less likely to bother you too much, yet you still need to pay attention. The noise can be an issue if your bedroom is close to the bathroom model, for example.

A dehumidifier with two or three-speed fans(fan speeds) will provide quieter operation, as they give you the chance to adjust the speed settings and noise level. Many brands will also give you the noise levels in their specifications, so you know precisely what kind of noise to expect.

The good news is that advanced models are less likely to be too noisy. Besides, the noise will feel like a white noise level, so you will get used to it pretty fast.

Automatic shutdown features

This type of feature has become a standard in this industry, but you are still likely to find bathroom dehumidifiers without it – just make sure you double-check everything upfront. So, how does this feature work?

If your dehumidifier has a bucket for all the water extracted from your air, the unit will shut automatically when the bucket is full. You will also get some sort of indication(indicator light), whether it is a beep or a led indicator light.

This kind of feature ensures the water will not overflow, so you can safely let the dehumidifier work without keeping an eye on its bucket.

Washable filters

Many bathroom dehumidifiers come with filters. Their role is to protect coils against dust or other particles. You do not want to buy new filters every once in a while, so opt for a model with washable filters instead.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding how often they must be washed. Usually, you should do it a couple of times a month.


The mobility is highly related to the portability of a dehumidifier. So you want a dehumidifier that can be moved from your bathroom to other rooms when needed, right? Whether you dry the laundry in your bedroom or you have an asthmatic guest, you want to move it every now and then.

Some units are small and can be easily lifted and moved wherever you need them. If you get a larger unit, make sure it has caster wheels. This way, you can roll it from one room to another. You may also want to consider a long power cord.

Energy efficiency

Last, but not least, you want bathroom dehumidifier that will not skyrocket your bills, not to mention the environmental impact. At this point, hunt the Energy Star label or certification. When certified by a government-sponsored unit, you know that you can leave yourself in good hands.

Understanding How This Bathroom Dehumidifier Reviews Work

Daughter And Mother In White Bathrobes Hugging In Bathroom

Even if the air inside your home feels dry, the truth is there are lots of water vapor around. Do you dry laundry inside the house? Do you cook a lot? Even if the air in the area is generally humid, it will inevitably go inside your house. When it comes to bathroom use, it is obvious why.

Bathroom dehumidifier work like a vacuum cleaner. It grabs air from your bathroom and removes the moisture before releasing it back. The moisture is then trapped into little water tanks that must be emptied every once in a while.

Bathroom dehumidifiers work in two different ways.

The refrigeration method involves using a fan(fan speed) that absorbs air. The air cools down, so the moisture turns into liquid and drips into water tanks. The air is then sent back over a hot compressor(compressor type dehumidifiers) and goes back to the original temperature before being sent back.

The absorption way is relatively similar. Air is drawn through a specific duct before being sent through a mechanism that absorbs water and removes humidity. Dry air is then blown back into your bathroom, while the humidity is trapped in water tanks.

The second method involves using a material that absorbs water. It is not the most popular way to clear humidity, so most modern bathroom dehumidifiers are based on the refrigeration method. The way they work is similar to an air conditioning system.

It is worth noting that dehumidifiers using the absorption method go a bit further, meaning they can also control the temperature in your room. They often have thermostats and can tell you the temperature around. Basically, you can make your bathroom as dry and hot as you want.

Most of these appliances will come with sensors and indicator light, whether it comes to dealing with the humidity or letting you know when the tank needs emptying. They range in sizes and features, so you need to determine your needs before buying one.

Benefits Of Using An Air Dehumidifier Models

There are more reasons wherefore finding the best dehumidifiers for bathroom use can change your life.

Mold Issues

Mold is basically fungi. It causes fibers and materials to breakdown through natural biodegradation. In large amounts, it is very likely to become dangerous for you as well. Some of the symptoms it can cause involve coughing, sneezing, skin irritation, throat, and eye issues.

Moist air is its favorite environment, so a bathroom dehumidifier can prevent its growth. The situation can be even more severe for asthma sufferers, as mold will contribute to their attacks.

Dust mite elimination

Dust mites represent one of the most common causes of allergies. If you wheeze a lot, chances are your problem is caused by dust. Just like mold, dust also thrives in humidity and warmth. A dehumidifier will ruin the environment for them.

While getting rid of dust is not hard, keeping them out of your bathroom is the challenge. Make sure you come up with an uncomfortable environment and chances are they will disappear.

Air quality

Air quality is measured by various standards. Toxins represent the main one, but there are other things that will contribute, such as the levels of humidity. There are no doubts about it – air purifiers will improve the air quality, but a dehumidifier is just as important.

Air purification is a bit out of a discussion in your bathroom. You can keep plants all-around your house, but not really in your bathroom use. At this point, air dehumidifier models represent your best choice.

Bathroom protection

Too much moisture will ruin the structural integrity of your bathroom use. With time, you will notice that tiles start getting loose. The ones on your walls may even fall down. Wooden objects will crack, split or warp. Mold will also grow inside walls, making removal a nightmare.

Metallic components in your bathroom use will also start rusting. A dehumidifier is an investment, indeed. It will prevent your bathroom use from deteriorating. Keep in mind that this is the most humid room in your house, so it requires proper protection.

Health issues

Whether you have a chronic cough due to smoking, asthma or various respiratory problems, air quality is one of your top priorities. The best dehumidifier for the bathroom will reduce humidity, which is a powerful enemy of your lungs.

At the same time, the dehumidifier unit reduces the hospitality of microorganisms that cause allergies and various affections. If the environment is not suitable, they will simply not thrive.

Quiet operation

Finally, while most appliances and electronics are noisy and annoying when run for long periods of time, air dehumidifiers are not disruptive. They will not affect your comfort or your everyday activities.

As they run, you might hear a low volume noise, but you will get used to it within seconds. Most people will not even notice it. These things are quiet and efficient without bothering you.

Now that you know why you need a dehumidifier, what are the top-rated products in commerce and why?


As a short final conclusion, choosing the best dehumidifier for bathroom use is often a matter of personal needs. What works for some people will not necessarily work for you. However, it is highly recommended to go with a top-rated product from a reputable manufacturer.

There are lots of options on the market these days. Bst dehumidifiers come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention a plethora of features for convenience – from more levels of intensity and caster wheels for transportation to the continuous drainage system and control panels.

Each of these features adds to the price. The point? Fairly simple. Identify your personal necessities. What size is your bathroom? Do you need to move the dehumidifier unit to other rooms? Do you need more settings? How humid is your environment? 

Answer these questions regarding your needs and you will know precisely what kind of bathroom dehumidifier models to purchase for your bathroom use.​


What is a dehumidifier? A dehumidifier is an appliance that will extract the humidity level from your air. Its main role is to keep the humidity at a safe level. While you do need a bit of moisture in the air, the excessive amounts will lead to condensation, allergies, mold, and mildew. Sooner or later, you will face respiratory problems.

What kind of humidity level can a domestic appliance reach? Keep in mind that you do need a bit of humidity level in the air for a healthy lifestyle. Generally speaking, extremely low levels are only required in particular industrial applications.

When it comes to your bathroom use or any other living room in your house, the level should be around 50%. Some units can go as low as 35%, yet such levels are mostly required when you dry laundry in your living room. On average, a domestic appliance can easily get to 45%, which is more than enough.

How noisy can a dehumidifier get?

The good news is that many dehumidifiers are relatively quiet these days, as manufacturers have already tackled this problem.

Moreover, they may come with multiple settings, such as low or high. Low settings are less likely to disturb you.

They will feel like white noise – imagine running your computer. You will get that type of noise. Medium levels are not too disturbing either – imagine being in a library. High settings can get up to 45dB when it comes to the noise. It is the type of noise you would get from a desk fan.

Where can I place a dehumidifier unit?

Ideally, the dehumidifier should be six or more inches away from a wall. Make sure the air flow around it is not restricted if you want maximum efficiency. Then, if you want to invest in a large unit to move around and tackle the entire house and not just your bathroom, the hall is your best choice. This way, it will “touch” as many living rooms as possible.

How costly is a dehumidifier to run? Generally speaking, a basic domestic dehumidifier is quite inexpensive to run.

Obviously, it depends on how much power it requires to run, not to mention the current levels of moisture in your bathroom use. Some units may need to run round the clock. It is worth noting that the more power (power rating) it uses, the more water it can extract.

In other words, the efficiency of your dehumidifier is related to power consumption. Opt for an Energy Star unit(energy consumption) to ensure your energy bills do not go too high. Most domestic best dehumidifiers will require anywhere between five and ten cents per hour to run.

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