5 Of The Best Door Security Bar For Your Home (Reviewed 2023)

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Open doorHome security should be your top priority. You can intensify your home security by buying the best door security bar for your doors. These products are easy to install.

The question is, what door security bars are excellent for your home security? To answer this question, we round up a detailed review of the five best security bars for doors. Included in the discussion are pros and cons, some questions frequently asked by customers, and buying factors.

5 Best Security Bars for Your Doors

#1. Ideal Security SK110W SK110

Ideal Security Sliding Door Security Bar with Childproof Lock, Adjustable,...


Protect your home, yourself, and your family through the patio door with Ideal Security Sk110Sw. This door home security bar adjusts to the width of your door. Thus, it’s perfect for sliding doors, which is common in the patio area.

Since the main objective of patio doors is to let in fresh air from your front or backyard, sometimes you forget that the sliding glass door is ajar. But, with this Ideal security bar, you can stay and feel safe even with the sliding doors slightly opened. You are intensifying your patio door security.

Patio doors often have transparent to translucent sliding glass. With the home security bar in place, you’re putting a visual deterrent to intruders. Usually, this deterrent is more than enough for amateur intruders to give up breaking in.

The Ideal security bar has an anti-lift lock, preventing burglars from unlocking the bar from the outside. Most importantly, it prevents your kids from opening the bar from the inside.

The Ideal security bar is lightweight but durable with a simple lock mechanism. Patio door security is much easy and convenient with these door security bars.

Features we like

  • Mounts with screws providing reliable installation
  • Adjustable length, which fits most patio doors
  • Middle of the door installation, eliminating constant bending to open the security bar
  • Extruded Aluminum steel bar for high-grade protection
  • Keep the door security bar out of the way when not in use

Features we do not like

  • Permanent holes on your door frames due to fixed installation
  • Not suitable for other types of home patio doors



#2. Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar

Buddybar Door Jammer Home Security Door Bar


Buddybar Door Jammer is a sturdy security door made of 16-gauge pure steel. While other security bars hold up to 350-pound force, this door can withstand more than this. It can hold more than a thousand pounds of force. Combined that strength, two Buddybar door jammers can carry a pick-up truck.

The door jammer has a rubber foot on its end, making it suitable for most floors. It has a solid grip. So, whether the level is concrete, vinyl, tile, wood, or has carpet on it, this security bar can prevent an intruder from breaking in.

The Buddybar door jammer is adjustable with a release of a lever lock. With a click, you can lift the lever to lengthen or lower the bar. This mechanism ensures a snug fit for your door.

Since the door jammer uses a tension or pressured mechanism, it will adjust to the rattling force an intruder makes. The components of the door jammer are pure steel. Thus it is heavy and might not be suitable for persons who have trouble lifting objects.

Features we like

  • Sturdy construction due to pure steel composition
  • Lever clasp for easy and convenient locking
  • No plastic parts
  • Adjustable length, suitable to standard doorknobs

Features we do not like

  • Heavy (8 pounds), which makes it not ideal as a security measure for traveling
  • Expensive compared to other door security bars
  • May jack a door off its hinges if handled carelessly


#3. Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

Master Lock door security Bar, Home security Stopper, Adjustable from...


Sliding doors are the easiest to destroy during a home intrusion. But, with the use of door security bars, you’re increasing home security.

Master Lock is one of the best manufacturers of security bar for the door. One of its new products is a security bar for a sliding door.

Master Lock 265D door security bar has a dual function, with an adjustable length of up to 42 inches. The steel construction measures 20 gauge. Thus, it can resist a force of 350 pounds.

Whether your door is hinged, sliding doors, or French style, you can use this door security bar to protect yourself, your family, and your home. The removable door jammer converts the security bar into a security bar for sliding doors

The sliding door security bar has a pivoting ball stopper, wrapped in rubber for excellent grip. This security system assures a full-contact with the floor. Moreover, the rubber floor pad won’t scratch your shiny floor.

For its lock mechanism, the security bar has a metal pushpin. You can see a series of holes on the body of the bar. You can use these holes to adjust the length.

Features we like

  • Its dual function makes it a perfect companion for traveling families
  • An adjustable length that fits most standard door
  • Can be used as a window jammer

Features we do not like

  • Push-pin lock might be challenging to operate for some people
  • The pivoting ball stopper might not last long as expected


#4. Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar

BRINKS- Portable Door Security Bar, Silver- Adjustable Security Door...


Brinks commercial door security bar has 20-gauge tubular steel, weighing less than three pounds. Despite being a lightweight security bar, Brinks ensures maximum security. It can endure a force of up to 300 pounds.

As the name suggests, this security bar is perfect for a commercial door. Thus it is resilient against brute force.

The home security bar has a pushpin metal lock. With this lock, you can adjust the length by pushing the ball pin through the holes.

Brinks door security bar adjusts up to 44 inches. This security bar makes it suitable for standard doors.

The swiveling stopper has an excellent grip that will prevent intruders. The rubberized coating won’t leave skid marks or scratches on your home floor.

Like the Master Lock security bar, it has a dual function. You can use it on a hinged or sliding door. You can convert the Brinks from a door jammer to a door bar in a matter of seconds.

Features we like

  • Easy to install in seconds and no tools needed
  • Easy to use and lock mechanism
  • Lightweight, making it a perfect companion for travelers
  • Easy conversion from a jammer to a bar makes it ideal for hinged and sliding doors

Features we do not like

  • Swivel base may be damaged prematurely
  • Push-pin lock might be challenging to operate for some people


#5. SecuraDoor Heavy Duty Security Door Bar

Super Heavy Duty Security Door Lock Bar Fully Adjustable Door Stopper...


SecuraDoor Heavy duty security door bar is easy to install, and no drilling tools required. All you need is to place it under the doorknob and let the foot contact with the floor.

This security bar is perfect for standard hinged doors that swing inward, whether commercial or residential. The stopper has a high rubber grip that prevents skids or scratches. It is excellent for all kinds of floors.

The SeuraDoor is a heavy-duty security bar, but it’s lightweight. It weighs less than 3.5 pounds.

Despite its lightweight property, the door security bar can make your front or back door safe from intruders. It can withstand a 3000-pound force, through a test from an independent facility.

You won’t need a drilling tool to install this door security bar. All you need is to secure the bar under your doorknob.

With its adjustable length, the door security bar works best with most swinging hinged doors. The security bar can adjust 43 inches to 48 inches.

Features we like

  • Aluminum alloy in composition, which boasts lightweight properties and durability
  • A perfect companion for travelers who want to secure their hotel room
  • Adjusting the length in seconds
  • Lever-like lock mechanisms for one-touch adjustment

Features we do not like

  • Metal pushpin lock may be damaged prematurely




Factors to Consider When Buying


Secured Door

The excellent door security bar helps you protect your home, your family, and yourself against intruders. This security bar door should last and withstand the brute force of at least 350 pounds.

When you intend to buy a door security bar for your home, here are some factors you should consider:

Know the difference

There are three general types of lock security systems for your doors. These are door lock reinforcers, door security bars, and door jammers.

Door lock reinforcer is an added security against intruders who know how to pick locks. It is easy to install by reinforcing the bolt into the existing locks of your doors.

A door jammer is a standard security measure for doors because of its affordability, portability, and easy installation. You place the door jammer under the door handle.

The door security bar sits across the door frame. It is either fixed installation or a temporary fixture on the door frame.

These door security measures are pressure mounted with a lock mechanism. The lock mechanism is either a metal push pin or lever style. Sometimes, you can connect this lock system to your home alarm.

Measure Door Dimensions

While most security bar or door jammers are adjustable, it’s best if you should measure your door first. Measure the thickness, width, and tallness.

You may also want to get the distance between the doorknob and the floor. Why? Because it might help to know how the security bar or jammer angles when placed under your door handle.

Odd angles will cause some problems making the door security bar useless. The best angle for a security bar or door jammer is 25 degrees or close to this number without causing any slip.

Too inclined is at risk of slipping. Too vertical won’t reinforce security, either.

Determine Door design

Door DimensionsThe design of your doors is crucial information in buying a door security bar or door jammer for your home. Most door security bars jammer has a yolk and is suitable for hinged doors with doorknobs.

Some doors have deadbolts instead of a knob. Make sure that the yolk of the security bar can hold a deadbolt securely. Otherwise, you might want to opt for a security bar that installs across the door frame.

Security Bar Placement

There are door security bars ideal for sliding doors or a French style. Regardless of the type of doors you have, you can always find a door security bar or door jammer.

Some even have dual functions, allowing you to convert the bar in seconds. Thus, determine where you should place your security bar.

Another critical factor is the type of floor you have. Most door security bars are suitable for most floor types such as wood and tiles, but not all. Some home security bars won’t work on tiled or carpeted floors, even with a rubber bottom.

Manner of Installation

A security bar should be easy to install. Often, a door bar is portable and is temporary.

So, if you’re renting, it is best to buy a pressure mounted security bar. You don’t need to use any tools or violate any privacy policy rules with your landlord. Some security door bars are permanent, where you need to use a drilling tool to install.

Material Composition

Usually, the body of the security door bar is pure steel or aluminum alloy. The yolk may also be steel or other material.

The footpad should have a rubber material for a secure grip and contact with the floor. The locks might either be steel or a plastic-kind of material.

If you want your security door bar to last longer than the average useful life, you might want to choose a pure steel security door bar. However, this might be heavier than those door security bars that have plastic or other material compositions.


Lock with pull out bolts close-upSecurity bars are affordable, but some are expensive, depending on the material composition. Often, pure steel security bars are more expensive than bars that have plastic parts. But, these bars are more durable than bars with plastic parts.

These security bars are heavy but may last a lifetime. It is best for a family home with a high risk of intrusion in the neighborhood.

Design and Mechanism

There are two general types of lock systems, the metal-push pin and lever type. Pushpin locks adjust the length of the bar with a click. Often, this bar has holes where the pin slides through.

Lever-like style is much easier to use and more straightforward than pushpin locks. Combined with this lever like lock mechanism is the pressure mounted system on the bar.

Some still use a fixed-length, but most are adjustable up to more than 40 inches. The newest trend is the use of a dual function, where you can convert the security bar into a security device for sliding glass doors.

These security bars are best for houses that have more than one type of doors installed on them.

Product Warranty

The basic warranty for security bars is one year. Often, the coverage is service and replacement only. With this warranty, you can return or exchange the product within the period. However, cutting, alteration, and other extreme physical conditions void the warranty.

This warranty says something a lot about the quality of the product. A more extended warranty period, say one or five years, means the manufacturer is confident of the quality of the product.

Replaceable Parts

Some door security bars allow replacing some parts, especially if the product is beyond the warranty period. Often, locks, yolk head, rubber footpads are replaceable since these parts wear more quickly than the body.

Editor Side Notes: If you want to keep your family safe not only by having good security door bars, you should also have the best baby monitor for twins to have quality surveillance even you are away from home.



The best door security bar should be easy to install and durable. As this security device “battles” with an unknown intruder, it should withstand extreme force. Often, a door security bar can hold forces up to 350 pounds.

The gauge steel is also essential but not a mandatory thing. Most security door bars are 16 to 20 gauge. Gauge is a matter of measuring the thickness of the steel. A higher number means the steel is thinner, making it lighter than usual.

If you travel a lot and are worried about safety, you can opt for a dual function security bar. With this, you can secure your hotel room while you sleep.

If you have a kid who escapes a lot through the patio door, the best security bar for you will be the Sk110 patio door bar. It has an anti-lift lock. Besides, installation is permanent, so your kid can’t dislodge it from its place.

As for the cost, consider it as an investment. Your home security is essential, and you can intensify it with these devices. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to buy the most expensive kind. You can still find the best quality security bar, even with the most affordable ones on the internet.


Before making the final decision and buying a door security bar, here are some questions that people often ask about purchasing and using a door bar security.

What type of door is most secure?

There are various types of doors, such as wooden, aluminum alloy, composite, or glass. This door is either hinge or sliding kind. The most secure type of door protects you and your family from burglars and intruders.

Since intruders often use front doors, choose a wooden or composite door for your front door. Sliding doors for patio are an excellent choice because of their ease of use in letting fresh air during the day.

If you want, you can also install a gate or grills on your front door. If not, the use of a security door bar is an added security for you. Don’t forget to reinforce patio door security besides the front door.

Can you use a door security bar on large windows?

It depends on the adjustability and the type of security door bar. If it’s an angling door bar, it might not be suitable for windows, especially if they open vertically or upwards.

However, if the security door bar installs horizontally, you can use it for large windows, especially if the windows are sliding glasses.

Will these security devices block exit during an emergency?

No, because security door bars have an easy-lock mechanism. Often, the lock is a lever-type mechanism, which makes it easy to operate even during emergencies.

Besides, these security devices lock out someone from the outside, not the inside. One tip when using these security measures during an emergency: Be calm because no matter how easy to use a device is if you start panicking, you tend to forget simple things.

How far should the footplate be from the door?

The angle depends on the height of the door handle from the floor. Odd angles won’t make your door more secure that it has already been.

SecuraDoor recommends a 25-degree angle for a 36-inch height for a home doorknob. This angle measurement might vary from a security door bar to another. If you don’t have a tool to measure an angle, the distance is approximately 15 inches from the door.

Can I make my door more secure, and how?

Yes. There are various ways to make your door more secure.

  • Add deadbolts if the door doesn’t have any
  • Install home security cameras
  • Use a security door bar that installs across the door frame
  • Connect your door locks to your alarm system

How does door security bars work?

A door security bar works as a stopper to your door frames by placing it under the door handle or across the door frame (either middle or near the floor). They lock out persons from the outside. Often, these security devices can withstand a force of 350 pounds to as high as 3000 pounds.

Are security bars effective?

Yes, they are, although these shouldn’t be your permanent solution. Security bars are additions and are no substitute for better security for you and your family.

Although these security bars for a home door are sturdy and will withstand extreme conditions, they get damaged over time.

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