Top 5 Best Mop For Laminate Floors – A (2023) Buying Guide

Mop For Laminate Floors

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Floor MopLaminate flooring is a common option these days for the sleek design, but also for the easy maintenance. At a first glance, it looks like mopping laminate floors is one of the easiest things in the world. You would rather do that than vacuum carpets or deal with parquet, right?

Well, the truth is no matter how simple it seems, laminate flooring is actually extremely demanding. Water will easily seep into cracks between planks, especially as they do not have the sealing parquet comes with. At some point, swelling will inevitably kick in and the damage cannot be reversed.

A bit of water will go a long way in this situation. If you are not familiar with the issue, you probably ask yourself – do I really need to find the best mop for laminate floors? It is not like you are buying a new car or a new computer, yet a mop for such flooring demands just as much work and research.

So, how do you find the best mop then? What kind of characteristics should you look for? More importantly, what are the top rated products on the market for laminate flooring? This guide will give you all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Comparison Table

Some products are better than others – no doubts about it. But on the same note, it does not mean that you can reach to the nearest home improvement store or supermarket to buy a random mop from the cleaning section. It is just not going to work for your laminate floors.

These are the top rated products in commerce – specifically developed for delicate surfaces – based on reviews from hundreds of people. If they work for others’ laminate floors, they probably work for yours as well.

Product Name
Consumer's favorite
Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop with Natural Sanitization, Floor Steamer,...
18' Professional Microfiber Mop - Hardwood Floor Mop - Dry & Wet Mop for...
O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop, Red
HAPINNEX Hardwood Dust Floor Mop - 4 Washable & Reusable Microfiber Mop...
Bona Premium Multi-Surface Floor Spray Mop - Includes Multi-Surface Floor...

It comes with multiple power settings and a large water tank.

It comes with various different pads and heads and only requires water to clean.

It is taller than average and covers a big area due to the wide head.

It comes with lots of spare parts and a wide head for a high coverage.

It comes with an effective cleaning solution and can take other types of microfiber pads.

Best option
Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop with Natural Sanitization, Floor Steamer,...

It comes with multiple power settings and a large water tank.

Most cost effective
18' Professional Microfiber Mop - Hardwood Floor Mop - Dry & Wet Mop for...

It comes with various different pads and heads and only requires water to clean.

Most efficient
O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop, Red

It is taller than average and covers a big area due to the wide head.

Most versatile
HAPINNEX Hardwood Dust Floor Mop - 4 Washable & Reusable Microfiber Mop...

It comes with lots of spare parts and a wide head for a high coverage.

Consumer's favorite
Product Name
Bona Premium Multi-Surface Floor Spray Mop - Includes Multi-Surface Floor...

It comes with an effective cleaning solution and can take other types of microfiber pads.

Top 5 Mops For Laminate Floors

#1. BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell Power Fresh Steam Mop with Natural Sanitization, Floor Steamer,...


BISSEL is a leading name when it comes to cleaning appliances and its best mop for laminate floors is less likely to let you down. The mop is suitable for laminate floor cleaning, but it can also tackle other types of surfaces with no issues at all.

The mop can be used out of the box. Setting it up is fairly simple and you do not need any experience to assemble it. Basically, the handle must be fitted onto the body with a simple screw. Plug it in and it should start steaming within the next half a minute. Furthermore, you will love the fragrance disk – once inserted, it will deodorize your house. It is not a fancy feature, but it is a small detail that makes the difference.

In terms of performance, the mop is easy to use right away. If you have used a BISSELL steam mop before, you will notice this model is similar to the brand’s higher end products. Some of the features are also identical.

For example, you get a scrub brush on the head, which can fold down for you to target stubborn stains. At the same time, this product is relatively new, so it comes with a few improvements from other models, such as the three settings for performance – high, medium and low.

The mop head measures 12 inches in width, so it is quite large for easy household maintenance. It is extremely efficient at removing stains and dirt, especially at the higher setting. Once you are done, you will find the cleaning mop pad quite dirty. Maintenance has never been easier – simply remove the elastic band holding it, take it off and throw it in the washing machine.

It is worth noting that this is one of the lightest mops for laminate floors in commerce. At just six pounds, you can easily move it around with no hassle. It is compact and easy to store too, but it cannot be hanged.

The water tank is one of the most impressive features of this mop. Most mops in this range come with one, but this one can take 16 ounces of water, which is plenty. You will love how easy it is to remove it. Putting it back involves clicking it in. If you use the mop in the lower settings, you will probably not have to refill while cleaning your entire household.

The power cord is just as good – no need to find plugs in different parts of the room, as it measures 23 feet. Got a large room? Interested in cleaning the stairs? How about a large living room? Plug the mop in and have fun.

If there is one issue that buyers may think about, that is the color choice. This might be the best mop from BISSELL, but the white plastic cover will not maintain its good looks forever. It is prone to scratches and dents, so you must be careful with it.

All in all, this mop brings in great value for money. It has the right features and it gets the job done. There are no bonus features, high end capabilities or fancy bells and whistles, but it will keep the house clean with no issues at all and it will not damage your laminate floors.

Finally, it is worth noting that the PowerFresh is practically a line of steam mops. There are a few other specific varieties as well, such as the Deluxe or the Pet models. The simple classic model is general and will work on most floors.

Things we like

  • Comes with a decently sized water tank that can support cleaning a whole house on lower settings
  • Features three different settings for power, depending on how stubborn the dirt and stains are
  • Long cord to prevent unplugging and plugging the cleaner every few minutes
  • Excellent value for money

Things we do not like

  • Simple white design is prone to scratches and dents


#2. Microfiber Wholesale Professional Microfiber Mop

18' Professional Microfiber Mop - Hardwood Floor Mop - Dry & Wet Mop for...


Microfiber Wholesale is one of the most popular names on the market when it comes to cleaning products. You have probably heard about it or at least seen its products in commerce. Its best mop for laminate floors is ideal for everyday cleaning operations, bringing in excellent value for money.

Microfiber is the preferred choice for this brand. As you may already know it, the material is quite common among professional cleaners because it absorbs anything in no time. Plus, it can capture dirt, grime and dust. It is more efficient than other materials like cotton and can be used over and over again.

At a first glance, this mop is classic. There is nothing special about it. It is simplistic and straightforward. Besides, Microfiber Wholesale claims you only need water to clean surfaces and the results are professional. This is actually quite common for microfiber. Cleaning products can be used as well, but mostly for stubborn problems.

The mop is good to go out of the box. It is already assembled, so you do not have to try out your DIY skills. Instead, you will have to attach one of the cleaning mop pads. The attachment is intuitive and requires no experience – just click it in and you can start cleaning your laminate floors.

At first, you might be a little confused. You know this is a mop, but it does not look like a classic one. You normally dunk a mop in soapy water and get to work. This one features an 18 inch wide head, so you cannot really fit it inside a bucket. The trick is to wet the microfiber pad upfront, before attaching it.

If you have plenty of time on your hands, you can start with a dry microfiber and grab all the hair and dust. You can then wet the pad and start mopping. The microfiber will stay wet for ages, so you do not have to take it off for a refresh. Pushing the mop is relatively simple as it slides.

Do not let yourself tricked by the pad. You will mop an entire room and the pad does not look that dirty. This is because microfiber will absorb and trap dirt. Once you remove the pad and squeeze it, you will notice a mudslide coming out.

There are no fancy features about this mop, but it is functional and simple. It is practically a super large head on a telescopic stick. The handle is comfy to hold and can extend to 70 inches in length, which is great for tall people. Since the head is very large, you will be able to clean large areas in no time. The swivel handle allows cleaning under your sofa as well.

When it comes to accessories, you have two wet microfiber pads, as well as a couple of microfiber cleaning cloths and a dry sweeping pad. It is more than enough to keep you going for months without having to buy any extras.

Maintenance is just as simple. Remove the cleaning pad and squeeze it a little – remove the dirt and big bits. You can then throw it into the washing machine. Removing the head is super simple with a pull tab – you do not have to stick your hands into a gross dirty piece of cloth.

Things we like

  • Comes with many heads and extras for longterm uses without separate purchases
  • Swiveling handle allows easy cleaning under sofas and other tight areas
  • Extremely efficient at covering large surfaces
  • Does not really require chemicals or cleaning solutions

Things we do not like

  • Drying a microfiber pad in a tumbler may ruin it, so you have to let it dry naturally


#3. O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop

O-Cedar ProMist MAX Microfiber Spray Mop, Red


O-Cedar has designed the best mop for laminate floors if you are after convenience and simplicity – no fancy bells and whistles, but just a simple tool that is less likely to break down and gets the job done.

The design is fairly simple. The top of this mop has a comfortable handle with a small trigger. The trigger is responsible for spraying water from the tank into the mop. The water tank is close to the middle of the mop.

The cleaning pad is easy to attach and will hold well. It features microfiber cleaning pads that will trap dirt and moisture in. There are small scrubbing strips to agitate dirt and lift it up. The pad attaches with Velcro strips. While it will hold well, it might give up if you try the mop on rough surfaces, such as carpets. It is designed for hard floors, such as laminate flooring.

In terms of design, this is not the type of mop that you will proudly display in the corner of a room. Instead, it has a simple and clean appearance. However, no one really cares about the design if the performance is flawless.

The cleaning procedure is quite intuitive. You will need to squeeze the trigger on the handle, so water (with or without cleaning products) will be sprayed on the floor. You will then use the actual mop to clean the surface and absorb all the moisture.

Unlike most expectations, the water is not sprayed into the pad, but in front of the mop. Since the head is fitted with some small scrubbers, they will help against stubborn dirt. In other words, it is not just about softening dirt with water, but also about scrubbing it away.

Compared to other mops, this one is a bit taller. It measures 53.4 inches, which is great for taller people. After all, mopping with an arched back can be a nightmare. It is 8.6 inches in width and 4.8 inches in depth. Altogether, it weighs just under a couple of pounds, so it is easy to move around.

There are not too many accessories included in the package. In fact, O-Cedar’s spray mop only comes with one pad. Even if you are willing to spend more money, the only accessory you can purchase is a cleaning pad – you might need a few after a while.

Cleaning the pads is fairly simple. Just squeeze them to let most of the dirt out, then you can throw it inside your washing machine. Pads are relatively large, meaning you can cover a large surface without too much effort.

Things we like

  • Comes with no fancy features, but just the aspects required to get the job done
  • Taller than average, so mopping will not feel like a back workout
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to move around
  • Full control over how much water you need for cleaning

Things we do not like

  • Only one cleaning pad including in the package


#4. HAPINNEX Hardwood Dust Microfiber Floor Mop

HAPINNEX Hardwood Dust Floor Mop - 4 Washable & Reusable Microfiber Mop...


If you are sick and tired of those TV shopping ads promising you the world with innovative features and capabilities, perhaps it is time to realize that going back to basics is the way to clean your laminate floors. This is how HAPINNEX has come up with the best mop for laminate floors in terms of efficiency and simplicity.

The mop is super lightweight – under three pounds. No matter what your fitness condition is like, you will get used to it in no time. You can lift it up and move it around, push and pull it with no problems at all. Other than that, it measures 15.2×4.7×53.1 inches, so it is quite tall. It will not require you to arch your back too much.

The head of this mop is massive. In other words, you will be able to cover a wide area with little to no effort. It will not add too much to its weight. As for the stick, it is relatively thin, hence the low weight. It is also made of stainless steel, so it can take a decent amount of pressure without bending.

The mop is extremely versatile. You can use it dry if you want to gather dust and pet hair. You can also use it wet to make sure nothing is left behind. Feel free to add cleaning solutions or not – depending on how stubborn the dirt and stains are. It is worth noting that you can use it on a plethora of different surfaces – just make sure they are hard.

Given the skinny profile of sticks, some people may accidentally bend or break them until they get used to them. For this reason, HAPINNEX has introduced four different sticks in each package, as well as two reusable cloths. Two pads are red, while the others are white. They are all machine washable, so maintenance will be a breeze.

Keep in mind that colors are coded. Go through the brief manual of instructions to figure out what each color means. Some of them are suitable for waxing only, while others are excellent for intensive cleaning operations. Older or newer models of this mop may have cloths in different colors. They vary, hence the necessity to check the manual.

Fitting a cloth in is fairly simple. You have four calipers clamping the cloth. It is a safe and sturdy system. It will not catch your hands and it will not scratch your floors. The cloth does not have to be wet prior to the installation. Forget about carrying heavy buckets too. Just spray the area you want to clean and get to scrubbing.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”Things we like:”]

  • Simple design that is less likely to break down or cause any issues
  • You get a full package with four stainless steel sticks and four different cloths
  • Comes with a clamping system for cloths that is safe and will not scratch surfaces
  • Wide head allows covering a wide area without wasting too much time

Things we do not like

  • As you mop and the head rotates, parts of the handle that screw together may go loose, so you might need to tighten the pole every now and then

#5. Bona Stone

Bona Premium Multi-Surface Floor Spray Mop - Includes Multi-Surface Floor...


Bona’s best mop for laminate floors will surprise you with its versatility. While the manufacturer is not among the best known brands in this industry, its products are extremely well rated and come with excellent value for money. The Stone model makes no exception – simple, efficient and with a great price tag.

Both the design and its head make it suitable for laminate floors. It is an excellent choice if you do not want too much moisture between the planks. Besides, it is soft on floors and less likely to scratch them. Furthermore, the head may not be the biggest in this industry, but it is certainly larger than average. It allows you covering large areas without too much effort.

Apart from laminate floors, you can use this mop for similar surfaces like LVT, vinyl, stone, linoleum or terrazzo. It works for marble as well, but the material should be sealed. If you are not sure about one material or another, double check with the provider for maintenance instructions.

The mop measures 4.4×5.9×28.4 inches. It is relatively compact and weighs about 5.2 pounds. It is easy to lift and move around. Since it is shorter than most of its competition, it means you might have to bend a little in order to use it. It sounds challenging, but the wide head compensates for it, as you can finish the job much faster.

The package includes a floor cleaner as well. While other mops can get the job done with water only, cleaning solutions are still needed for stubborn dirt. This cleaner is specifically formulated for laminate flooring, tile and stone. The recipient measures 34 ounces.

There is a comfortable handle with a trigger, as well as a secondary grip for stability. Make sure you fill the tank with water and a few tablespoons of the cleaning solution. As you squeeze the trigger, the mop will spray a bit of solution for more efficiency. The cartridge is easy to refill.

Once you are done, remove the microfiber cleaning pad and squeeze it. You can then throw it in the washing machine. Microfiber will remove and trap moisture and dirt like no other material. As you look at the pad, it may not look too dirty, but as you squeeze, a gross slime will come out of it. This is why you need to squeeze before using the washing machine.

Unlike other similar mops, this one comes with flexible corners. You probably know already what it feels like – you put all that energy into cleaning and you hit corners all the time. If you try to avoid it, you tend to miss the areas next to the walls. This unit has flexible rubber corners that will go up the wall rather than hit it.

As for storage, its compact design will make it fairly simple. You can store it as a freestanding unit, but you can also use the retractable hook to save floor space.

Things we like

  • You can purchase different microfiber pads if you want a higher quality or a cheaper price
  • The bottle is attached directly to the mop, so spraying mist is extremely efficient
  • It takes less than a couple of minutes to fully assemble the mop
  • The cleaning solution is effective

Things we do not like

  • The pads included in the package are not the most durable options in commerce, but they get the job done


What To Look For In A Mop For Laminate Floors


A Gray Mop On A Brown Laminated Floor

You will come across mops for laminate floors with all kinds of features and capabilities. Here are some of the most important considerations to remember.

Microfiber head

Microfiber is by far the most efficient material you can get in a mob today. It is not abrasive, so it is less likely to scratch anything, regardless of how delicate the surface is. It can absorb a few times its weight in liquid, but it will also trap in dirt and debris. It may also reduce bacteria.

Since microfiber is positively charged, it is more efficient than other materials at attracting particles, which are negatively charged. All these features make cleaning a breeze, as the mop will do most of the work for you.


No one really pays attention to the handle, whether it comes to how comfortable it feels or its actual construction. If you want this mop to last for ages, you will probably need a good material. Opt for aluminum or stainless steel. They are sturdy, durable and good looking. Aluminum is lighter than steel.

With all these, it does not necessarily have to be metallic. For instance, ABS plastic is quite hard and can easily outweigh classic plastic.

Head size

Unless mopping is a hobby and you actually love doing it (not the result, but the actual action), you need to get a mop with a large head. The larger the head, the larger the surface it will cover. It will make cleaning a much quicker option, especially if you have a large area to look after.

On the other hand, you might be better off with a small head if there are unusual spaces, tight areas or too many corners. They provide more attention to detail.

Cleaning solution

Ask yourself – what kind of cleaning solution do you want to use? Keep in mind that laminate floors are extremely fragile. Oil soaps or regular solutions can seriously damage them. Streaks or sticky residues can go between the planks. The wood will swell and the damage is irreversible.

A bit of flexibility when choosing the cleaning solution could be a big plus. Some manufacturers will provide their own cleaning products. Some others come with particular recommendations that work well with their mops.

When interested in a microfiber mop for laminate floors, you will often find out the possibility to clean without using any cleaners at all. You simply use plain water and the microfiber will get the job done.


So, how much weight would you like to move around? Being able to get a sleek mop and move it around the room with no effort at all may actually make the cleaning procedure more fun. After all, you want to clean a room and not feel like you are working out in a gym.

Generally speaking, mops are quite lightweight. Some of them may feel a bit heavier as manufacturers add some extra features in, such as water containers or tanks, steamers and so on. At this point, you have to make a decision – bells and whistles versus comfort and a lightweight profile.


A bit of flexibility will add to your comfort. It can come in more ways. For example, an adjustable handle is about comfort. Whether you are too tall or too short, it is important to be able to adjust the handle height for a comfortable use. The best mops for laminate floors will never work perfectly for everyone, hence the necessity of a little flexibility.

On the other hand, flexibility is also about swiveling action. This kind of feature allows you to control the mop under furniture or behind toilets, not to mention other hardly accessible areas.

While not necessarily about flexibility, the possibility to clear the pad without touching it is a plus. Many brands implement lever action releases. You can drop the pad in the laundry basket, the washing machine or the bin without having to touch it.

Value for money

At this point, it is all about price versus features. While there are plenty of features out there, plain functionality tends to win. The more sophisticated a mop tries to be, the quicker it will fail.

Sure, bells and whistles will draw some attention. You simply cannot overlook such a fancy mop. You may also find value for money in extras coming with the mop, such as a cleaning solution or lots of spare pads. Consider the value, rather than the quantity.

Wrap Up

In the end, deciding on the best mop for laminate floors is not as difficult as it seems. Any mop can get the job done, but top rated mops bring in good value for money, extra efficiency and a bit of versatility. They make the job more enjoyable and they will not put so much strain on your back and arms. Any of the above mentioned products will pleasantly surprise you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions you might ask yourself when hunting the best mops for laminate floors.

How to clean laminate floors?

Avoid using too much water or detergent, as once between the planks, liquids will be hard to remove. You may also need to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb dirt from cracks. As for actual mopping, stick to microfiber and use soft movements or you risk squeezing the moisture inside crevices.

What is the lifespan of a laminate flooring mop?

The lifespan varies from one product to another. A simple stick mop can last up to 10 years or even more, assuming it does not get lots of abuse. The actual pad is the weakest link. A quality pad will last for around a year, while poor quality alternatives will last for a few months only. As a general rule of thumb, the fancier a mop is, the more likely you are to experience failure.

Is there any maintenance I should know about?

If your mop comes with a dispenser, you should stick to distilled water, as regular tap water may lead to mineral buildups. Minerals will destroy all kinds of mechanisms, causing malfunctions. Other than that, pads are usually machine washable. If the pad is not too dirty, a quick rinse under tap water could get the job done. Powered mops need more maintenance though, so you should check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What cleaning solution should I use?

Water is probably the best option out there. Since the best mop for laminate floors is likely to come with microfiber, you do not really need any chemicals. Hot water is a good choice – make sure it is not boiling hot though. You can put it in a spray bottle and just target the affected areas.

A bit of vinegar may also help in the process, but your house will smell. Plus, vinegar should be avoided if you have a sophisticated robot mop. There are also a few specific cleaners for laminate floors – some mop manufacturers include a bottle in the package too. They are usually environmentally friendly, yet they still require a bit of research.

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