5 Best Nanny Camera to Protect Your Children (Reviewed 2023)

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Home security is not something you should take for granted, especially if it involves your precious little ones. More so, if you’re away from them and the only person they mingle with is their nanny.

Here, we reviewed six products (with the last one being a bonus). Read on.

6 Nanny Cams for Your Family

#1. Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection

Blink Indoor Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection, HD Video,...


Blink Indoor Home security camera system makes security easy and convenient. With this battery-powered camera, you can install it anywhere inside your house. It’s easy to install, and you can do it yourself.

It requires two AA-batteries to operate. Your first purchase entitles you to two free Lithium AA batteries with 2-year useful life. They’re non-rechargeable, so you need to buy once useful life depletes.

A little bit big, the nanny cam is still discreet enough to become a hidden camera. It records video footage through motion detection. Thus, it can save a lot of space in your cloud storage, which is free, by the way.

The camera records video clips in 720p resolution with a 110 degree viewing angle. The camera resolution is lower compared to an HD security camera, but videos are still bright and accurate.

The camera sends a video through the WiFi connection. Your cloud storage will save the clips. In turn, the cloud will alert you about a new clip. You can view it immediately if you want.

Another feature is the live stream option. You can watch your kids with their nanny, whenever you’re away from time to time on your smartphone. The live stream mode requires a minimum of Android 5 or iOS 10.3.

Features we like

  • Battery operated eliminating the pesky wires for installation
  • Live preview of what’s happening inside your home so you can act immediately during an emergency
  • Compatibility with digital assistants such as Alexa so you can control it anywhere your house
  • No subscription required for monthly cloud service.

Features we do not like

  • Not waterproof thus not suitable for outside installation
  • No night vision



#2. Arlo Smart Home Indoor

Arlo - Wireless Home Security | Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor, HD Video,...


Arlo smart home security camera is the best add-on to your existing smart home system but still works as a stand-alone camera. The camera is quite easy to install. Set it up wherever you want, activate it in the Arlo Cloud, and you’re good to go.

It’s wire-free and connects to the cloud through your WIFI hub system. This feature eliminates the need for wires and creates a seamless, almost uninterrupted transmission of images and clips.

Arlo smart home security is waterproof so that you can install it outside. It can resist freezing or hot weather conditions. It has a night vision mode, so it records clips even in low light conditions.

Arlo smart home security camera operates in 4 Lithium CR123 batteries. Although it runs in battery power, you can still save battery life because the security camera records clip when it detects motion. This same feature will help you save cloud storage space.

The clips go to your Arlo cloud account and will stay there for seven days without added cost. You get real-time notifications via email when your Arlo records a video. What’s more? You can connect up to five cameras through your Arlo cloud without needing a hub system.

Arlo Security Camera works with Alexa, but it requires a smart home hub system. This hub system will cost an additional cost in the price tag.

Features we like

  • Night vision allows your camera to record clips in low light conditions
  • Waterproof thus outdoor installation is possible
  • Motion detection, saving battery life, and cloud space.
  • Real-time email notifications, letting you know emergencies
  • Live preview on your house

Features we do not like

  • Short period duration for free cloud space, which might be a nuisance if you’re a super busy individual
  • Needs upgrade to a more extended period of keeping your clips in the cloud with an added cost
  • No audio support, unless you connect with Alexa or Google assistant and microphone-enabled device.


#3. Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In HD security camera

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No products found.

Ring Stick up Cam is a security camera with 1080p HD resolution and plug-in feature. It is a wired camera with audio, but it’s still easy to install. With careful planning, you can easily hide the wires from plain view.

The wired feature is an advantage since the camera can draw power from the Ethernet connection. So, if you keep a back-up power for your internet connection, this feature is a life-saver.

The security camera has an audio device, allowing you to talk to your kids while you’re away. You can hear them, too, if you want to activate that feature.

Aside from this, you can connect the camera to your home alarm system. So, when an intruder tips off the alarm, it will give off a warning.

Since the hidden camera sends a notification to you, you can immediately see what’s happening and assess whether your kids are in danger. Alternatively, you can notify the authorities for a possible burglary incident or intrusion.

The camera has a 1080p HD resolution and records video with motion detection. As a result, you view much clearer images than Arlo or Blink output.

The live feature is available, but recording an HD video footage requires a monthly subscription. There’s a 30-day trial, which is a generous offer.

Grab this opportunity to see if you want to maintain a monthly subscription with Ring. By the way, the monthly fee is $3, an affordable plan for your child’s security.

Features we like

  • Night vision feature allows your security camera to record 1080p HD video even in the dark
  • Audio enabled, allowing you to talk to or hear someone
  • An audible siren can alert you about intruders
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • High resolution allows the camera to capture clear images or video clips

Features we do not like

  • Wired, giving you extra work to hide those pesky wires
  • The monthly fee for HD video recording saved in the cloud but not a deal-breaker since the price is affordable


#4. Arlo Ultra Home Security Camera System

Arlo Ultra - 4K UHD Wire-Free Security 3 Camera System | Indoor/Outdoor...


Arlo Ultra Home is a 4k HDR security camera, allowing you to view high definition images and videos. You can control everything from your smartphone and keep an eye on your kid.

Arlo Ultra Home security is weatherproof. Thus, you can install it outside. Installation and set up is easy.

Replace the old hub of your Arlo System, wait for it to update the firmware, and connect your existing system. If you don’t have any Arlo Smart home system, then you can still use it as a stand-alone nanny cam.

The system comes with a hub so that you can connect a voice assistant to it. It’s compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Home.

The first purchase entitles you to one security camera. If you want to add more, you can choose 2, 3, 4, or more cameras.

The camera has a 180-degree view. With the 4K HDR quality, you can zoom the camera up to 12x the standard, view. Each camera has a built-in speaker for two-way audio recording and speaking.

Aside from this feature, the camera has a motion detection mode. This mode is a big saver on storage space for video clips.

Features we like

  • Two-way audio with a noise-canceling feature for talking and speaking to your kids at home
  • Integrated spotlight for a clear image on low light conditions
  • Works with other old versions of Arlo came, allowing seamless integration
  • SD card enabled for an offline back-up

Features we do not like

  • Needs subscription after the 1-year free expires
  • Price is a little steep for budget-conscious parents


#5. Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera - 2 Camera Security System - Wireless, 2K Video...


Arlo Pro 3 is a wireless home security camera that is best with digital voice assistants. The security camera has a built-in two-way audio speaker.

The camera has 2k High dynamic range (HDR), allowing you to change focus and zoom areas. With a 160-degree vision, you can see a wide area.

You can change the resolution and choose between a color mode to black-and-white option.

This system comes with a hub, where you can connect as many Arlo security cameras as you want. Since it has a central system, you can connect your voice-activated assistant.

Features we like

  • Color night vision capturing HD video even in the dark
  • High definition resolution for accurate images and video footage
  • Spotlight integration to ward off intruders
  • Weather-resistant, perfect for outdoor surveillance
  • Comes with 3-months smart service for free

Features we do not like

  • A little expensive for a single unit


Runner Up:

#6. SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System

SimpliSafe 8 Piece Wireless Home Security System - Optional 24/7...


SimpliSafe is a wireless system with eight devices. The system composes of a base station, a panic button, siren for alarm, motion sensor, entry sensors, and stickers and sign.

The four entry sensors that come with the system are ample enough. You can install sensors on possible areas of intrusion. These areas could be your front, back door, or even your windows.

Aside from these four sensors, you can customize the system. You can add up to 100 sensors if you want to upgrade with an added cost to the price tag.

The siren is loud enough to awake neighbors and call the police, especially if you’re away from home during the weekend. Plus, the system comes with free monitoring for a month. After this trial period, you pay a minimal amount for 24/7 monitoring.

The security system includes 24-hour battery life. It has dual connections, WiFi, and cellular. So, even if your house is out of power for a few hours, the system still works because it has back-up power.

SimpliSafe is best compatible with Alexa and other voice assistants. Moreover, you can connect it to a video surveillance system. Thus, the lack of cameras is easily solvable.

With this system, you can protect your home, and your family, whether it’s day time or night time. You can sleep better at night.

Features we like

  • No contracts involved, pay as you use a service
  • Immediate triggers in a discreet way with the use of a panic button
  • Plug and play feature, thus easy to install
  • Highly customizable and upgradable anytime

Features we do not like

  • No security camera



Factors to Consider When Buying


Modern CCTV security camera, monitor and teether on table in nursery

A nanny cam is an added security for you and your kids during the times you’re away from them. Thus, make sure you got the best and right features. Often, nanny cam products have 4 to 6 out of the 10 best features discussed here. Here are 10 best nanny cam features you might want to consider while buying one.


A factor to consider is the wireless, wire-free, or wired options. Many nanny cams are wireless and use WiFi connections to transmit clips to cloud storage and finally to your phone.

Wireless nanny cameras are inconspicuous to some extent. Even if they are apparent, people can’t reach to remove or disable them.

The wired camera is more reliable than a wireless camera because of uninterrupted transmission. However, the wired cameras might be evident to the naked eye.

Today, whether wired or wireless, nanny cams have a constant transmission rate. You can always have real-time viewing.


Price varies a lot. Higher resolution, better quality, and more advanced features mean higher costs. Some system offers cloud service to record your HD video clips, which is an added cost if you opt to enroll in one.

Fortunately, the security system industry made a lot of improvements in recent years. You can buy a hidden nanny cam with an average price but still get a high-quality resolution.

Part of the cost of a nanny cam is the discreet way of integrating the camera. The less visible the camera is, the better. Hiding the camera might affect the camera’s area of vision, too.

Recording Options

Baby monitor, camera with toy on table and woman working in home office. Video nannyContinuous or motion detection, which one should you choose?

Continuous means your camera records every second. On the other hand, motion detection mode only captures images or video clips when the camera detects motion.

Continuous recording consumes a lot of storage space and may require significant storage space. So, if you like to keep an eye on your kid, this option is the best for you.

Motion detection saves up battery and storage space. Some cameras record slight motion, while others don’t. If you aren’t that worried about your kid’s nanny hurting your child, this feature is the perfect fit for you.

Aside from motion detection, two-way audio is also an advanced feature. It is best for parents who want to communicate with their kids.


Hidden nanny cams can record videos in different ways. One, it can use a cloud service to record clips. Another, it can have a stand-alone and built-in storage space such as an SD card.

Both of these options allow you to playback recordings at the end of the day. If you opt for stand-alone, built-in recording storage, you have a back-up copy anytime you want.

Cloud service, on the other hand, requires you to create an account to access video files. Moreover, it might ask you to renew a monthly subscription to keep your recorded clips for a specified period.

Viewing Mode

Smiling nanny and a child lying on floor reading book togetherYou can view recordings as a live stream or playback. A live stream mode allows you to view current activities in your home. This mode is beneficial during an emergency, or you’d be away from your kids for a day or two.

Playback mode is not real-time viewing and may not be proactive. However, this feature is still essential, especially if you want to go over some events that happened during the day. This mode goes hand in hand with recording options.

So, it is best to get a nanny cam that allows you to do both.

Reliable power source

The power source is the most critical feature. A hidden nanny cam is useless without a constant source of power.

Many nanny cams operate in the battery because you’ll need it to hide in plain sight. Thus, make sure that the battery can last longer than necessary. A 24-hour duration is more than enough to keep a close eye on your kid while you’re away from home.

If you aren’t sure if the batteries will last as necessary, you might want to opt for a corded security camera. But, this option depends on the disguise you wish to make.

Video Quality

The best security camera should have at least 720p resolution. This option is more than enough for the camera to record clear images.

You should also take into consideration the storage option. High definition images can take a lot of storage space. So, if storage is a constraint, you might want to stick to 720p.

Lower than this number might become a problem than a helpful device for you. Budget nanny cams with low resolution might yield blurry images.

A night vision is also an excellent addition, so you can still view Full HD videos even in low light conditions. Many nanny camera products have this feature.

Field of view

This feature determines how wide is the camera’s viewing area. Most cameras have a field of view from 100 degrees up to 180 degrees. Some are 360 degrees, where the camera rotates at a regular interval.

Cameras with a wide field of view often lose image quality near the edge. There are exceptions, however, but these cameras cost a lot more than budget nanny cameras.

The best field of view is between 120 to 160 degrees. This number can cover a wide enough area in your house.


You can zoom a nanny camera, remotely or manually. Zoom feature allows you to get a larger image. You can zoom the camera through a remote or an app on your smartphone.

The two types of zoom are digital and optical. Digital is when you zoom an image with an app.

Optical zooming is much better than digital because you’re changing the focus of the lens. The quality of the captured images doesn’t vary.

Digital zoom degrades the quality of images. You get a pixelated output, which might not be helpful most of the time.

Panning and tilting

Remotely move the camera with this feature. This feature is a crucial addition, especially if your kids and their nanny move most of the time during the day.

This feature isn’t necessary. It is a matter of preference. This feature is a great one, especially if the nanny cam has a small field of view.


Choosing the nanny cam boils down to two things. One, the camera allows you to ensure the security of your kids, whether they’re with their nanny or any other relatives. Two-way audio is an excellent addition so you can talk to them directly on emergencies

Two, the camera is affordable with a video quality that permits you to see the images, whether it’s a live stream or playback mode. 720p up to 1080p HD resolution is more than enough.

The advanced features are entirely the preferences that you can add. Remember, additions on an existing nanny cam package increase the total cost. A night vision feature is a luxury but might be a necessity for you.

Lastly, price isn’t an absolute measurement of quality. Some affordable, low-cost best nanny cams give quality results.


Young beautiful nanny and toddler playing with dishes, cutlery and cups toy on the table at kindergartenAre you still confused? Here are frequently asked questions about the best nanny cam products that you might find helpful in making the decision.

What are the features of the best nanny cam to buy?

The best nanny cam to buy should have both live stream and playback modes. Live streaming and two-way audio increase the likelihood of pro-action during emergencies. Playback mode can become a piece of crucial evidence if you suspect something is amiss with the nanny.

Another consideration is the possibility of connecting or integrating it into a smart home system. Nowadays, a smart home is a growing trend in many states. Compatibility with existing home systems is a plus.

What should I look for in a nanny cam?

We already discussed the best features above. But, to answer this, we recommend looking for a nanny cam with an excellent resolution, two-way audio, maybe a night vision, or a dedicated SD card storage.

As for the price, it’s your choice whether to buy a budget or expensive ones. In most cases, best nanny cams have more excellent characteristics such as audio and night vision. Quality isn’t a question here because most nanny cams have quality parts despite being cheaper compared to others.

How do I hide my nanny cam?

You can hide your nanny in so many creative ways. Behind the alarm clock, on a lampshade, or integrate with the television, are some ideas of hiding. If you place a hidden camera in an alarm clock, make sure to choose a wire-free nanny cam.

Wireless cameras are the best options. If you decide to hide your nanny cam, make sure to check with your state about its legality to avoid future disputes.

Do states allow nanny cams?

In some states, hidden nanny cams are typical and legal. If you install a nanny cam for purposes of ensuring the security of your child, then it is legal.

But, if you put a nanny cam to watch out the nanny during intimate and private matters, then it’s a breach of privacy. You might put yourself in a not-so-good situation.

How long do nanny cams last?

A nanny cam’s toughness depends on many factors. One, the quality of the parts says a lot about it. Many nanny cams have top quality parts from renowned manufacturers even if the brand of the final output isn’t famous.

Two, the manner of usage can deteriorate durability. If a nanny cam is an indoor installation, the only extreme condition that it faces is your children’s inquisitive nature. As long as the camera is out of reach, it will last for years.

Even if you opt for an outdoor camera (which is a rare occasion), it will face extreme weather conditions. However, these cameras passed a quality check and certification so that they will last for a year or two.

Should you let the nanny know about the cam?

The answer is entirely your decision. Some parents tell about the installation of a nanny cam to their nannies to avoid conflict in the future. This act may even be fruitful on both sides.

When you decide to tell your nanny, make sure to explain the reasons and make her understand them.

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