8 Best Outdoor Light Bulb Camera for Home Security (2023)

Outdoor Light Bulb Camera

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Manufacturers introduce new technologies in home security every year. One of these technologies is a light bulb with a camera. But what are the features of the best outdoor light bulb camera?

In our reviews, we discussed eight products, where the top 5 is our best picks, and the last three are our runner-ups. Read on to discover the features of each light camera product and see which one is the right one for you.

#1. NAIYO Light Bulb Camera

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Naiyo light bulb security camera is a plug and play, easy to install the product. It is compatible with an E27 standard light socket. Plug the bulb camera into your existing electrical outlets and connect it to your WiFi router.

The light bulb with a hidden camera has a night vision mode. It automatically switches the IR lights on when the room is dark.

This bulb is compatible with 4G WiFi, so you won’t encounter a problem setting up. You can also connect the light camera to your iOS or Android smartphone.

Using a dedicated app, you can control the settings of the outdoor light bulb security camera. You can turn off the LED green status of the bulb to make it more discreet in recording videos. Alternatively, you can dim or brighten the light bulb.

Access remote is available where you can view a live stream video of what’s happening. You can download recorded videos by removing the SD memory card installed in the outdoor light.

The bulb has a micro SD card slot where you can put a memory card. Through this card, the outdoor light camera can now save recorded videos.

Aside from these features, the LED light bulb with a hidden camera only records video with motion detection. Motion detection has five levels of sensitivity, which you can adjust accordingly to suit your needs.

Enable alarm functions through the app. The alarm functions have a low and high-frequency mode. Low-frequency mode will send minimal alerts to your phone about suspicious movements. High-frequency mode will notify you with every motion detected in the area.

The light camera has a viewing diameter of 10 meters and a height of 3.5 meters.  With a full 1080p HD resolution, you get videos with crystal clear videos. This output is in the assumption that you installed the bulb 3.5 meters above the area of monitoring.

This bulb camera has a 360-degree field of view, so it covers a whole room with 10 meters radius.

Features we like

  • Option to turn off green LED status for a discreet recording of video
  • Standard socket, which makes installation easy and fast
  • 360 panoramic field of view, allowing you a full of a room or area.
  • Micro SD slot for a stand-alone storage space
  • Ordinary looking light thus discreet and others won’t suspect it has a camera

Features we do not like

  • Not compatible with 5G connections


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#2. JBonest 1080P WiFi Camera Light Bulb Panoramic Camera

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JBonest outdoor light bulb security camera has 1080p HD resolution, which allows clear recording of videos. Even in low light conditions, its recording performance never varies.

Expect crystal clear videos because of the night vision capability. The LED light bulb security camera has IR lights that automatically switch on once the room becomes dark.

With the SD memory card slot in place, you don’t need to worry about missed events. You can playback recorded videos, which is essential if you’re looking back and evaluating critical situations.

Remote access or live streaming is also available by using the software app. Through that app, you can control all the settings from motion sensors to the alarm functions.

Another impressive feature is the two-way audio. The LED light bulb security camera has a built-in microphone, where it can capture sounds along with images. You can talk through the speaker, too.

Features we like

  • Easy to install and a few clicks to connect to a wireless network, best for beginners
  • Zoom functionality is available for a closer look at recorded videos
  • Night vision for a clear-as-the-day recording
  • Two-way audio for communication

Features we do not like

  • Unique design that defeats the purpose of a hidden camera


#3. TUPEYA Light Bulb Camera

Light Bulb Camera Wifi 1080P HD 360 Fisheye Wireless Security Camera Home...


Tupeya security outdoor light bulb camera has a 1080p HD camera that can record clear videos. It is an excellent baby or pet monitor. With a remote access capability, you can view live stream videos anywhere in your home.

You won’t ever miss critical situations because the LED light bulb security camera has motion detection functions. When the camera senses movement, it will send alerts to your phone or whatever devices you enable the app. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.

The light bulb security camera has five sensitivity levels. These options allow you to adjust accordingly. You can turn them off or on, anytime, using the dedicated app for the LED light bulb security camera.

Through your phone, control the recording settings, mode of motion detections, among others. You can download videos when the SD card is full.

By the way, the SD memory card slot can support memory cards up to 128GB storage capacity. It can save a lot of recorded videos in 24 hours.

With a 360-degree viewing angle, the area is viewable from corner to corner. Even with pitch-black surroundings, the light camera keeps an eye on your house or your kid’s room. It has a night vision with a 32-foot range.

Features we like

  • Night vision in pitch dark surroundings producing videos with amazingly clear images
  • 360 panoramic viewing range that allows you to see the room or area, corner to corner.
  • Live streaming of up to 5 users, which makes it an excellent monitoring device for parents
  • Motion sensors, alerting you of possible intrusion in your house
  • Supports up to 128GB SD memory card for a 24/7 security

Features we do not like

  • 5G connectivity isn’t available, which limits scalability


#4. SARCCH Light Bulb Camera

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Sarcch light bulb security camera is a wireless surveillance system with a panoramic camera and motion detection. Its 360-degree viewing angle allows from corner to corner monitoring.

To optimize the viewing diameter of 10 meters, install the product 3.5 meters above the area that needs monitoring. Usually, this height is the standard for a room.

The bulb camera has a full HD resolution. It is capable of recording videos of up to 1080p. This resolution yields crystal clear videos that you can zoom digitally up to some extent during playback.

Easy to install, Sarcch light bulb security camera is compatible with the standard light socket, E27. Plug the LED light bulb camera product to the outlet, download the app on your phone and use it to connect the bulb.

Use your WiFi router to access the light security camera and view live stream videos from it. You can use your phone, tablet, or any device where you installed the software app.

You can control the settings, motion detection sensitivity, alarm functions, and LED status through the app. However, make sure that the light camera is within the range of the WiFi router.

Daytime, the bulb camera can record crystal clear videos. Nighttime, the night vision triggers automatically when the room is dark.

The night vision functionality isn’t only applicable during the night. As long as the room is dark and not enough light enters the room, the night vision switches on. Thus, you can still view what is happening inside the room.

Features we like

  • Motion sensors with five levels option allow customized alarm functions
  • Discreet recording due to switching off the green LED light status and its standard design
  • Full remote access through your phone for added convenience
  • Night vision that automatically turns on when the room becomes dark
  • SD card slot for stand-alone video recording

Features we do not like

  • Not compatible with 5G connectivity


#5. BESDERSEC 1080P Home WiFi Panoramic Security Camera

Full HD 1080P Home WiFi Camera, 360 Degree Panoramic Wireless Security IP...


Besdersec panoramic security camera is WiFi compatible up to 4G connectivity. A 360 panoramic viewing angle, you get a full view of a room or your living room.

With a dedicated SD memory card slot, the outdoor light bulb camera can record videos. The slot for SD memory can support up to 128GB. Thus, the security camera can maintain your security 24/7 by recording events.

Playback and remote access are available. You can view live streaming or watch recorded videos at a later time.

This panoramic camera light bulb is best for porch, backyards, front yards, or hallways. Why? Because the light has an intelligent mode. It lights up when you or any person passes by.

Compatible with E26 or E27, the outdoor light bulb security camera is a plug and play product. Install it in the light sockets and connect it to your phone via the WiFi router. Make sure that the app is already running before switching on the outdoor light bulb camera.

With a Full HD resolution, experience 1080p recorded videos day in, day out. The night vision triggers automatically, and the IR lights switch on to provide lighting to the camera. With this function, the outdoor light bulb cameras will record videos that are similar to the daytime recordings.

Compatibility with iOS and Android systems allows you to access the LED light bulb security cameras with your preferred device. You don’t need to remove the SD memory card from the bulb to playback essential video files.

Features we like

  • Intelligent mode for automatic lighting in the porch, alerting you of a visitor
  • Night visions for clear video recordings even during night time
  • Dual compatibility with light socket (E26/E27)

Features we do not like

  • Not compatible with 5G connectivity


Runner Up:

#6. HIJUNMI Light Bulb Security Camera

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No products found.

Hijunmi security light bulb camera is wireless with a panoramic camera view of an area. With a 360-degree viewing angle, you can have a look at a monitored space in full view.

Medium priced, this security camera is easy to install, use, and connect. It is compatible with smartphones.

Similar to the other products, Hijunmi light bulb security camera has 1080p resolution, motion detection, SD card slot, remote access, and playback.

SD card slot supports 128GB storage capacity, which is sufficient to record 24 hours of video. The motion detection is also a valuable addition because it can help save storage space.

Adjust this camera function to get optimum recording results. Your goal is to minimize long recordings of unimportant times of the day.

Anytime, you can access the recorded videos. Live viewing modes are also available to ensure your home is secure or your baby is doing fine.

Features we like

  • SD memory card slot for recording essential events
  • Remote access for live video playback
  • Easy installation, best for beginners

Features we do not like

  • Incompatible with 5G connections


#7. EVERSECU Panoramic View WiFi IP Bulb Camera

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No products found.

Best for pet or baby monitoring, the Eversecu bulb camera has a 1080p resolution. It can capture and record clear videos. Low light conditions won’t affect performance due to the night vision lights.

With a 360-degree viewing angle, you can monitor any area from corner to corner. There is no more blind area for you.

This bulb camera is compatible with 4G connections and is easy to install. It has motion detection, two-way audio, alert motion, SD card slot, and light functions. You can have full control of all the features through the dedicated app.

You can use the built-in mic of the LED light bulb camera. Talk and speak to your kids or the delivery man if the installation of the light bulb camera is outdoor.

Optimize motion detection mode to reduce false alerts. Record important events during the day and access these recorded videos, anytime, anywhere.

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  • Supports seven modes for viewing the recorded videos
  • Night vision color modes for more preferences
  • Two-way audio for communication

Features we do not like

  • Incompatibility with 5G connections, limiting upgrade


#8. HaoXuan DianZi Light Bulb Camera

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No products found.

HaoXuan Dianzi light bulb camera has night vision capability. It can record crystal clear videos, even in low light conditions.

Motion detection with five sensitivity levels, alarm function, micro SD slot, and WiFi connectivity are features of this light bulb security camera. The product is compatible with E27 standard LED light sockets.

Secure the safety of your kids with a new nanny or your home when you’re away with this light bulb camera. Access the LED light bulb security cameras on the Internet with a simple user interface.

Activate video recording by installing a Micro SD on the memory card slot. You can review the records and see if something is amiss.

Delete everything, every day through the wireless network, or send the video archives to a cloud backup storage.

Features we like

  • Night vision for clear video recordings even in low light conditions
  • SD card slot for video playbacks when needed
  • Motion detection for instant alert of suspicious movements

Features we do not like

  • Does not support 5G connections, restricting future upgrades

Features to Consider when Buying

Light Bulb Camera Features

All products of light bulb security cameras are easy to use and install. As you can see, many of the products we discussed have almost similar features. At least one to three elements are missing on a product.

These minimal differences pose difficulty in the decision-making process. We want to help you make the right decision as much as possible. So, here are the features you should consider when buying a LED light bulb security camera.

Camera Resolution

Standard definition feels like an inferior feature nowadays. Although the output is still bright with an SD camera, it just doesn’t feel superior anymore. So, you either choose between 960p and 1080p.

A 960p resolution is good enough and is a middle ground. Indeed, a 1080p camera is a little more expensive by a few dollars than a 960p. But a 1080p camera will yield a more satisfying result than 960p.

If you ask us, we recommend a minimum of 1080p resolution. An ultra HD is excellent, but it might be overkill for simply monitoring a kid’s room. For extensive area monitoring, you’ll do well if you invest in NVR solutions.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is one of the essential features because it helps you to identify possible break-ins immediately. A light bulb camera has motion sensors despite its small size. These sensors send alerts to your phone based on the set parameters.

When you try your light bulb camera, make sure to look for this functionality immediately. One, this motion detection mode will save space in your SD card. Two, it can save someone’s life because you receive the alert in time.

Motion detection in each light bulb camera varies in light sensitivity. Usually, this sensitivity has five different levels.

Another advanced motion detection is when the bulb lights up as a person passes by. This feature is best for outdoor installation.

Memory Card

All LED light bulb cameras are compatible with SD memory cards and can support up to a max of 128GB storage space. The most common is an SD card slot.

This 128GB storage capacity is enough to save all your recorded videos for a month if the motion sensor is active. Cloud storage is an alternative if the 128GB SD memory card isn’t sufficient.

Creating a cloud account requires a monthly or annual renewal. This renewal is another cost you need to maintain to keep video archives.

Viewing Angle

Camera Monitoring Security Surveillance CameraEach light camera product is usually ceiling installations. Thus, the viewing angle is 360 degrees. This number is the best for light bulb cameras. It allows you to view all the corners of the room.

However, you have to take note of viewing diameter and height, too. Usually, viewing diameter is around 10m, and height is 3.5 meters. With 1080p resolution, this measurement optimizes viewing mode.

Anything higher than the viewing height may yield unclear and too small images. This effect will defeat the purpose of a light bulb camera.

Night Vision

Often, you’re going to need the best outdoor light bulb camera for a porch or a hallway. Thus, low light conditions are common occurrences. Night vision is an essential feature. You’d want to monitor your kid’s room 24/7, and this feature can help you achieve your goal, especially at night.

Many LED light bulb cameras have night visions, but require IR or LED lights built in the bulb. The number of LED lights may vary. Some light bulb cameras have single IR light, while others can have three.

More LED lights mean brighter video output. Remember, a camera with night vision augments what little light is available in its surroundings. Thus, if the camera can use more light, it can record much brighter videos than a single IR light.

Two-Way Audio

We think it’s a little weird to have a two-way audio feature in your light bulb camera. However, it can be a bit helpful if you can talk to someone in the room like your kid, especially when you are away. It’s also great for scaring intruders, at least for amateur ones.

You can skip this feature if you want. It’s not necessary.


Outdoor light bulb cameras are easy to control with a software app. Usually, you can control the features of the best outdoor light bulb camera with your tablet or smartphone.

Advanced controls may include scheduling lights on and off, capturing images, using the two-way audio, or recording a video. Adjustments on motion detection and alert notifications are also part of the controls in the software app.

Many software apps are easy to use and remember the functions. A little bit of reading and exploration are all you need.

Mobile Integration

Seamless use of mobile apps for an outdoor light bulb camera is a much better option than having to use the software app on a laptop. Push notifications of alerts and controls are a few of the things you can expect with mobile integration.

Such alerts must have minimal time delays. Otherwise, the installation of the light bulb camera would be useless.

Viewing Modes

Smart Home System Collection Bulb Camera SecurityAnother essential feature is remote access and playback. This feature allows you to access the light bulb camera and see it in a live stream on the monitored area.

Aside from playback viewing modes, live streaming is also essential, especially if you want to do a random inspection. These viewing modes will help you catch intruders or simply keep an eye on your children while you’re away.

Wireless Connectivity

The reviewed light bulb cameras don’t support 5G because this WiFi connection doesn’t travel far. A 2.4Ghz is a better option because of its excellent range. This wavelength can go through walls and floors. So, a 2.4Ghz is enough for wireless connectivity.


Many light bulb cameras support one user only. But, a few cameras support multi-users. You and your spouse can create two separate accounts. Simultaneously, you can watch a live stream or access the saved videos remotely.


Warranty varies from one manufacturer to another. Some offer a year warranty of up to five years for their security cameras light bulb. Others don’t give warranty information. The best is lifetime coverage.

Know the coverage of this warranty regardless of the duration. Some manufacturers change light cameras as long as there is no physical damage or extreme changes on the products

What you want to watch out is an additional cost for an extended warranty. Often, this extended warranty only covers service, not hardware.

Wrapping Up

The best outdoor light bulb camera should help you in enhancing the measures you have for your home security. But, should you include all these features?

The answer? It depends. If you’re installing for baby monitoring, you might want a night vision mode. With the night vision, you can keep an eye on your baby at night, especially if he or she needs special attention.

All light bulb cameras have a viewing angle of 360 degrees. So, a limited view isn’t a problem. Just make sure to follow the viewing height for optimum results.

These products have SD card slots, but the memory card isn’t part of the bundle. You have the option to buy the lowest capacity or the highest storage space. The maximum storage support is 128GB.

An intelligent motion sensor is an important security feature. It shouldn’t be too sensitive or too lax in detecting movement. Anyways, you can adjust this sensor sensitivity through the software app.

We end our product reviews here, and we hope this article is helpful for you. Leave a comment if you loved our reviews, or you have something to say.


Light BulbHere, we round up a list of frequently asked questions to help you with your buying decisions.

What are the best features of a security light bulb camera?

The best outdoor light bulb camera can help you achieve your goal in home security. It has to have a wide viewing angle to see every corner of a room. Night vision is a great feature but might not be necessary for some instances, depending on where you plan to install the light bulb camera.

Micro SD card slot should support high storage capacity without the need to change or delete video files regularly. The best SD memory card storage can accommodate at least a day’s worth of recorded videos.

Most importantly, a wireless connection is essential. Lost reception is not a good thing, especially during critical times.

Can you put a camera in a light bulb?

If you are referring to a separate camera, yes, you can. But why do this if you can buy a light bulb with a built-in camera on it?

Besides, a separate camera might be useless since the light bulb will only produce “glare” to the said camera. This glare happens if the light bulb and the camera is too close together.

The best option is to buy light bulb cameras. Manufacturers optimize the right sensitivity to light for the camera. Thus, this product produces crystal clear videos.

How do security light bulb cameras work?

Light bulb cameras work as a security camera at the same time a light fixture. The camera records videos and saves the clips into a dedicated Micro SD card.

You can access the recorded clips in two ways. One, remove the SD memory card from the light bulb camera and review recorded videos. Two, you can access the storage, remotely, through the wireless network.

Light bulb cameras have intelligent motion sensors. These sensors detect movements and will send alerts to you based on the settings you activated.

How does a light camera connect to a mobile device?

The best light bulb camera connects to your mobile device through a WiFi router. Thus, you need to have an existing wireless network in place to make the light bulb camera work. Often, access to the light bulb camera is through a dedicated software app.

Can a LED light bulb have batteries for power?

Unfortunately, no. A light bulb uses home electricity since you’re plugging the product directly to the light socket. Once power is out, the light bulb camera will stop working, and that includes its recording mode.

One notable characteristic is the automatic configuration once the power is back. You don’t need to connect the light bulb camera again manually, provided your WiFi router is also on.

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