Top 8 Best Outdoor PTZ Security Camera (Reviewed 2023)

outdoor ptz security camera

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The best outdoor PTZ security camera is an excellent monitoring device for a back yard or a front yard. If you are planning to install one for residential security, here are detailed reviews of eight products.

We discuss the features and associated pros and cons for your information so you can make the right decision.

#1. ZOSI 1080p PTZ Dome Security Camera Outdoor

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Zosi PTZ dome camera has a 1080p Full HD resolution. The panning range is up to 355 degrees while the tilt is 90 degrees. You can optically zoom the PTZ security camera five times its standard output.

With a built-in microphone, you can talk and speak to other people. If you install it outside your front door or gate, you don’t need to open it without talking to the visitor first.

Night vision is available in two modes, color, and black and white. The LED lights surrounding the camera allows color mode recording of up to 20 meters. Beyond this point, images or videos are either blurry or black and white.

One notable feature is its motion detection and alert functions. The outdoor PTZ security camera can activate a strobe light and a siren for a possible intrusion. Set this up in the software app, and this camera can scare intruders or burglars.

The security camera has a local storage slot and supports an SD card up to 128GB. When the memory card is full, the security camera automatically overwrites old video files. Thus, make sure to remove relevant video records before the outdoor PTZ security camera deletes them.

Features we like:

  • Siren and strobe light for intrusion alert, which might scare people with suspicious intentions
  • Dedicated storage slot for convenience and immediate access to stored videos
  • Wide-angle of pan tilt zoom functions for a broader coverage
  • Two-way audio for possible communication with other people

Features we do not like:

  • Automatic overwrite of old files


#2. SUNBA 1080p Starlight PoE+ IP PTZ Camera Outdoor

SUNBA 4K 8MP PTZ Camera Outdoor, IP PoE+ Security Dome, 20X Optical Zoom,...


Sunba PTZ camera is a PoE security device for outdoor security. It has an aluminum waterproof shell with IP66 certification.

A 1080p camera resolution produces clear images and videos with sounds clarity that rival branded products. With a night vision of up to 800ft, the quality of video output never wavers.

This PTZ PoE security camera has a 360-degree panning capability in endless mode and a tilt degree of 15 to 90. Access these impressive features through remote control, your smartphone.

Download the app and connect the outdoor PTZ to your selected device. Pan tilt zoom the camera to your heart’s content.

Sunba PTZ security camera app is compatible with any internet browsers. Another impressive feature is its compatibility with software applications such as Security spy, and Blue Iris. You can remotely access the video files and share them with the world.

Zoom capability is more extensive with this security than with other PTZ cameras. You can zoom an area or subject of interest 20 more times. It’s an optical zoom, so it means the quality of the images won’t even change.

Push notification is available but requires the creation of a cloud account. This creation will mean an additional cost on a monthly or annual basis.

Features we like:

  • Easy DIY installation using PoE standards, which means you connect its existing NVR system
  • Superior night vision up to 800 feet for a better view
  • Dedicated TF memory card slot for local storage
  • Lifetime technical support for future troubleshooting beyond the hardware’s warranty period

Features we do not like:

  • A bit pricey for budget-conscious people


#3. Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ POE + IP Camera Pan Tilt

Amcrest 4MP Outdoor PTZ POE + IP Camera Pan Tilt Zoom (Optical 25x...


The Amcrest UltraHD is a 4MP security camera. It is compatible with PoE NVR system, which can help you get in touch with the people you love. Through a simple set-up, access your camera and stream live in a manner of minutes. You can watch recorded and live video straight from your phone.

The Amcrest is compatible with iOS and Android phones. All you need is download the dedicated app and set-up the functions you want to activate.

With a 4MP resolution, you can watch a high-quality video that your camera recorded in the last 24 hours. Activate the motion detection mode to save on storage. At the same time, identify specific parameters to receive alerts. Its intelligent motion detection mode can help you warn with intruders.

The Amcrest PoE and PTZ Dome Security Camera has a weatherproof casing that can withstand moderate to severe weather conditions. It has an IP66 certification. However, prolonged immersion with water isn’t advisable. So, it is best to still protect the security device against rain and snow.

[wpsm_column size=”one-half”][wpsm_pros title=”Features we like:”]

  • Superior quality despite a 1080p HD resolution, much better than competitor products
  • The software app is compatible with Android and iOS
  • Motion detection function sends direct alerts to mobile phones
  • Weatherproof and waterproof casing, which withstands extreme weather conditions

Features we do not like:

  • Noisy when PTZ function is active


#4. JideTech HD 1080P PTZ Outdoor POE Security

JideTech HD 1080P PTZ Outdoor POE Security IP Dome Camera with 4X Optical...


JideTech PTZ security camera is compatible with the PoE NVR system and is a plug-and-play installation. Other compatibilities include Amcrest and Hikvision.

Panning is up to 355 degrees, so the outdoor PTZ security camera doesn’t rotate. The speed of panning is 120 degrees per second. With a 90-degree tilt, you can sweep an area for a quick random check in seconds.

The PTZ camera has 1080p HD resolution, which produces crystal clear video output. Night vision is quite good and can still record a quality video.

Optical zoom is four times the standard image quality output. It is not quite impressive, but it is enough to zoom nearby subjects.

Features we like:

  • Numerous viewing modes through a remote access
  • Waterproof all-metal housing for a long-lasting use
  • Compatible with iSpy and VLC for its software app

Features we do not like:

  • Subpar night vision, which is not advisable for night time or poorly lit areas
  • 4x zoom becomes foggy at night


#5. SV3C 1080P Outdoor PTZ WiFi Security Camera

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No products found.

The SV3C security camera is a PTZ enabled device with 355 degrees panning and 150 degrees vertical motion. You can perform pan tilt zoom functions through remote access to your phone. Zoom is five times the normal video output.

This PTZ outdoor security camera has motion detection mode. You can activate email push notifications to receive potential risk. Activate the appropriate motion detection to get the most accurate results.

The two-way audio is an excellent feature that allows you to talk to someone while you’re safe behind your door. Listen to suspicious movements or conversation, and no one’s going to suspect.

With an IP66 weatherproof seal, this outdoor PTZ security camera is an excellent monitoring device for indoors and outdoors. It can withstand ordinary wear-and-tear situations and extreme weather conditions to some extent.

The outdoor PTZ security camera is compatible with third-party software such as security spy, Blue Iris, and ISpy. This wide range of compatibility makes it an excellent upgrade for old CCTV cameras.

The camera has a 1080p full HD resolution and a night vision range of up to 165 feet. Its three pieces of infrared LED lights lend its superior night vision mode.

Five times the optical zoom, you can inspect an area, especially if your home is prone to intrusion.

Features we like:

  • Superior night vision that allows you to watch clear videos even at night
  • Wide range of compatibility, perfect as a replacement for older CCTV cameras
  • Extensive coverage for pan tilt zoom functions, which gives you a broader area for a spot check

Features we do not like:

  • Zoom isn’t quite good at night


Runner Up:

#6. Alptop Outdoor PTZ 2.4G

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No products found.

Alptop PTZ outdoor camera is a wireless device with a panning range of 355 degrees and the tilt motion of 120 degrees. With a 1080p HD resolution, view your recorded videos in clear, crisp image quality.

Activate motion alert notifications to your phone. Set-up the software app, so you can control functions and adjust sensitivity levels. Pan tilt and zoom using a smartphone even though you’re not in your house.

Greet your guests, talk to the delivery man, or scare burglars with the two-way audio capability. You won’t miss an important visit or delivery package. You can report intrusion with the police in a matter of seconds.

Plug and play, install the device in seconds and use it immediately. The outdoor PTZ camera is compatible with a wide range of software app.

Features we like:

  • Supports memory card for a stand-alone security device
  • Advanced night vision for a better video output during the night and low light conditions
  • Wide range of pan and tilt for sweeping a larger area.

Features we do not like:

  • Zoom isn’t impressive


#7. SDETER Outdoor PTZ 4.1X

SDETER Outdoor PTZ WiFi Security Camera, 1080P Pan Tilt Zoom 4.1X...


SDETER PTZ security camera is a weatherproof surveillance camera with 1080p HD Resolution. With its numerous infrared lights, the camera has a superior night vision.

Use the two-way audio to listen to video recordings or talk to people while you’re away. Receive alerts for any motions in your phone and remotely access the camera to see who your visitor is.

The IP camera has a horizontal motion of 320 degrees (pan) and a vertical motion of 120 degrees (tilt). The zoom function is four times the standard image quality output.

Features we like:

  • Superior night vision for a stunningly clear video
  • Alert notifications for seamless security measures
  • Supports memory card for video recordings

Features we do not like

  • Zoom quality isn’t impressive, which might produce sub-par images when activated


#8. SV3C PTZ WiFi Camera Outdoor

SV3C 1080P PTZ Security Camera Outdoor ONVIF WiFi Camera Outdoor Camhi IP...


SV3C PTZ camera is a wireless device, perfect for outdoor installation. It has a 1080p HD resolution and five times zoom quality. Its night vision is quite impressive.

Listen to video with audio recordings or speak through the camera with the two-way audio functionality. You get to notify the deliveryman where to put your package or warn burglars to stop.

The PTZ IP camera is compatible with other third-party software and Internet browsers. Aside from this feature, remote access is available.

You can also activate the motion detection mode to receive alerts on your phone. With this outdoor PTZ camera, you can be proactive with your home security.

Features we like:

  • Advanced night vision for continuous recording even in low light conditions
  • Wide range of pan and tilt capability for a broader coverage
  • Remote access for viewing and assessing critical situations

Features we do not like:

  • Zoom produces low-quality output


Features to Consider when Buying

Unmaintained Dusty Security Surveillance Camera

The PTZ security camera is another invention that helps you in ensuring your outdoor security. Here are the elements to take into account when shopping for a PTZ camera.

Wireless Vs. Wired

Many PTZ security cameras are wireless, but it doesn’t mean you won’t need cables for it. We are talking about transmission here.

Although wireless technology has improved a lot in these past years, wired PTZ cameras with PoE capabilities are still the best performing security devices. Why? Because wired options don’t experience interruption during data transmission.

Whether it’s raining or snowing, you can view and monitor an area continuously. Besides, PTZ security cameras consume a lot of power. That’s why these devices always come with an AC output.

However, these facts don’t mean you can forgo wireless connectivity. You can still opt for wireless transmission if you’re going to install the camera a few meters away from the central security system.


Digital CCTV camera on the oak tree trunk with blue skyPTZ security cameras are excellent monitoring devices. We recommend that you purchase at least 2MP or 1080p resolution with HD sensors.

These types of outdoor PTZ camera can have as high as 40x zoom quality. With the HD sensors, you can zoom far away objects with amazing clarity even with hundreds of feet away.

Here is a simple calculation. Divide the maximum focal length by the minimum focal number. You get the maximum optical zoom for a PTZ camera.

High-powered IR LEDs

This feature is an essential one if you want to take videos at night. The PTZ camera must have at least three IR lights for a superior night vision.

For bright and colorful night videos, the PTZ camera should have two different types of LED lights installed surrounding the camera lens.

Pan and Tilt Function

Pan and tilt function is an essential feature of this security camera. Choose a camera with a wide range. Let’s say a minimum of 300 degrees.

A 360-degree panning range is an excellent one. An advanced feature would be an endless mode for its panning. But, such devices might be pricier than ordinary PTZ.

Tilt is the vertical motion of a camera. This function is not as crucial as the panning because you won’t need it most of the time. A 120-degree range is okay.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

The objective of outdoor PTZ cameras is to monitor a specific area. Often, businesses and government offices use this PTZ security camera. Thus, they mount it high in a pole or a building.

With this mounting requirement, PTZ cameras have an electronic image stabilization system. This function stabilizes the camera during panning and tilt motion. At the same time, it helps the camera get a clearer image or video during windy conditions.

The EIS function reduces blur and “noise” in the images. However, it limits the field of view.

Alarm Function

Some outdoor PTZ security cameras have a built-in siren and strobe light. Others can connect with an external alarm system. Whichever you prefer, a PTZ security device must have this function.

Triggers of specific parameters can activate the alarm system and the strobe light. Often, this trigger is in connection with the activation of a motion detection mode.

Motion Detection

In a PTZ camera, motion detection does not only save space storage. It also refers to specific parameters that you identified and activated. Others refer to it as auto-tracking.

You can save some parameters so that when the camera detects these parameters, you’ll receive a notification about it.


The minimum certification number is IP66. PTZ cameras with this certification are weatherproof and waterproof. While the outer housing is waterproof, the cameras can’t withstand water immersion.

Indeed, this IP certification allows outdoor installation, but it doesn’t mean you expose the cameras to rain. The camera can withstand to some extent, but prolonged exposure will damage the device.

The point is these PTZ cameras are still vulnerable to extreme conditions. You need to provide some sort of protection for extended use.

Wrapping Up

A PTZ security camera is best as an outdoor device because of its function. You can zoom far away objects. Sweep the area with the panning functions. For residential security purposes, the minimum of 1080p HD resolution is enough to capture relevant footage in your property.

Many outdoor PTZ cameras have superior night vision. Often, the minimum IR LED lights are three pieces. Some cameras have as high as eight IR lights. These lights can help you monitor your backyard or your front yard, especially in a high-risk neighborhood.

For outdoor use, the required certification is IP66 or IP67. Either one is enough, provided you create some shield against prolonged exposure such as shade or screen.

Before you proceed with outdoor PTZ installation, check the privacy policy in your area.


Outdoor Ptz

Here, we round up a list of frequently asked questions to help you with your buying decisions.

What is the best PTZ camera?

The best PTZ camera has a full pan and tilt range and a minimum of 1080P HD resolution or 2MP. PTZ camera with optical zoom as high as 40x is an excellent one.

What best outdoor security camera systems should I choose?

PTZ camera, PoE camera, and peephole camera are few of the best outdoor security camera systems. A PTZ security camera and PoE security camera should be compatible with an NVR or DVR system.A peephole camera can be a stand-alone security camera, but some are compatible with a connection with a smart home. Base your final answer on your purpose and budget.

What is meant by a PTZ camera?

PTZ is the acronym for pan tilt zoom. These refer to the function of the security camera. Pan is the horizontal movement of the camera, while the tilt is the vertical motion of the camera. Zoom is viewing an object or area in close range with remote control. This remote control is either your phone or a laptop. Often, you control the PTZ camera through a software app.

Are outdoor PTZ security cameras pricier than standard CCTC cameras?

Yes. A PTZ camera price may range from a few to several hundred dollars for a single device. This cost is due to the hardware that makes up a PTZ device.

Remember, it needs to pan, tilt, and zoom. Each function requires separate motorized mechanisms inside.

How hard is it to install or maintain outdoor PTZ security cameras?

Many PTZ cameras are easy to install and maintain. A beginner can set-up this device in a few minutes. The assumption is to use it as a stand-alone security device.

Surveillance PTZ CameraEven if the PTZ camera needs to connect with an existing NVR system, it doesn’t require complicated installation. However, connectivity with a current smart home system is another matter.

In this regard, you’ll need a technician to help you with planning and installation.

What will I do if my outdoor PTZ camera is not working?

If this event happens, perform some troubleshooting procedures. Check power cables and network connections. You can reboot the device through a reset button or the software app. If everything fails, you can ask tech support what to do.

How do you connect the PTZ camera to the security system?

The connectivity of the PTZ camera depends on the compatibility between the camera and the security system. Make sure that the PTZ camera has a wide range of compatibility.

Often, you can read on the manual, online or offsite (the tiny booklet that comes with the hardware). Nowadays, PTZ cameras are already compatible with third-party software.

The exact details vary from one security system to another, so read the instructions. Watch tutorial videos. Alternatively, call tech support.

Are all cameras vandal-proof?

Unfortunately, PTZ cameras or any security camera is not vandal-proof. Manufacturers focus on weatherproofing their products and not on vandalism. So, it’s hard to protect security cameras against vandals, burglars, and intruders.

However, you can install the cameras out-of-reach to prevent damage and theft. You can also opt for insurance if such is available.

Does the zoom quality matter?

It depends on your purpose. Usually, you might not need a zoom function at all. But, if you want to pick some details up from away, the zoom is essential.

Editor Side Notes: is your outdoor being too dark at night? and wanted to find a smart solution to have a surveillance monitoring outside your door? here is our guide on the best outdoor light bulb camera for home security that we have recently reviewed.

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