Top 5 Best Peephole Camera For Home & Business (Reviewed 2023)

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Stolen packages, intrusions, or downright rude neighbors can become a cause of stress for you. An ordinary peephole can solve your dilemmas, but not entirely.

Your next alternative is to get the best peephole camera, so you can catch the culprit or avoid too-curious neighbors in invading your privacy.

Here, we bring you a detailed review of six products on peephole cameras.

Comparison Table

Product Name
Consumers’ Favorite
Sonew Home Video Door Eye Viewer Security Camera Visual Door Electronic Cat...
Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy...
ZUMIMALL Doorbell Camera Wireless 2K, Video Doorbell with Chime, 2 Way...
Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor Smart Home 2.4GHz WiFi...
Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video, Motion Sensor,...

This peephole camera has a simple, one-click view. It is perfect if you need to see visitors without straining your eyes through a traditional peephole.

This device has three functions, a doorbell, a peephole, and a security camera. You can record videos while you’re away from home.

This peephole device is a battery-powered, stand-alone security camera recorder. It has a built-in doorbell chime.

This peephole device can send a notification to your mobile device before someone rings the bell. It allows you to view live feeds and record videos, too.

You can connect this device to your doorbell and activate mobile integration. Through your phone, you can view who’s on the other side of your door.

Best Option
Product Name
Sonew Home Video Door Eye Viewer Security Camera Visual Door Electronic Cat...

This peephole camera has a simple, one-click view. It is perfect if you need to see visitors without straining your eyes through a traditional peephole.

Product Name
Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy...

This device has three functions, a doorbell, a peephole, and a security camera. You can record videos while you’re away from home.

Full Pack Featured
ZUMIMALL Doorbell Camera Wireless 2K, Video Doorbell with Chime, 2 Way...

This peephole device is a battery-powered, stand-alone security camera recorder. It has a built-in doorbell chime.

Consumers’ Favorite
Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor Smart Home 2.4GHz WiFi...

This peephole device can send a notification to your mobile device before someone rings the bell. It allows you to view live feeds and record videos, too.

Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video, Motion Sensor,...

You can connect this device to your doorbell and activate mobile integration. Through your phone, you can view who’s on the other side of your door.

#1. Home Video Door Eye Viewer Security Camera

Sonew Home Video Door Eye Viewer Security Camera Visual Door Electronic Cat...


Home Video Door Eye Viewer is an easy to install peephole viewer, constructed in zinc alloy. You can install it to any door with up to 100 mm thickness. With this eye viewer, you can upgrade your existing peephole.

The front door peephole comes with a 3.5-inch color LCD, allowing you to see who’s at your door. You can view the LCD (located inside) almost immediately. There’s a delay of 2 to 5 seconds.

The camera has a 720p HD resolution, which is slightly lower than the competitors. Nevertheless, the digital door viewer is still one of the best peephole cameras in performance and simplicity.

Take note, this camera is a digital peephole, which means it has an outside camera. The outdoor camera is small and has a 120-degree field of view. It’s around half an inch, so it isn’t noticeable without looking closely.

The source of power is four pieces of AAA rechargeable batteries. The device is quite energy-saving because of its standby mode.

The LCD will flash a crystal clear image for about 5 seconds, and it turns off. With this mode, you can save on battery life.

The digital peephole viewer has a motion sensor, alerting you if a person is outside. You can press a button on the LCD screen to see whose outside in case you weren’t able to see the clear image the first time.

In short, this door eye viewer is simple and straightforward. It can serve as a frontline security camera for you before you open the door. It helps you eliminate the risks of letting a stranger in your house.

Features we like

  • Simple and straightforward, best for people who wants a minimalist design
  • Battery-powered, so it has its back-up power.
  • Digital peephole, which means no more peeping to blurry images
  • A flash or a click of a button and you see who’s outside
  • Wide-angle view compared to an optical peephole

Features we do not like

  • No recording of videos or advanced features, whatsoever
  • Not connected to your doorbell


#2. Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video

Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy...


Ring Video Doorbell 2 has 3-in-1 functionality. One, you can use it as a digital peephole. Two, you can connect it to your doorbell. Lastly, you can use it as a security camera on your door.

As a digital peephole, you can see the person ringing the doorbell through your phone or PC. The motion sensor notifies you about sudden movements. You don’t even have to go to the door to answer or see who’s knocking or ringing.

The biggest bonus is you can speak to the person at the door, and that person can hear you. The digital peephole has two-way audio functionality. Besides, you can command Alexa to talk to the person at the door.

Another cool feature is the use of two sources of power. The device comes with a removable rechargeable battery pack.

Alternatively, you can connect it to your doorbell. The device will source its power from the doorbell wire.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 has a 1080p resolution camera that allows you to view clear images and videos. What’s awesome? You can record videos by activating it in the device.

This recording mode is essential if you’re away from home. Another option is to receive notifications through the device using its WiFi Connectivity. You’ll never miss critical transactions anymore.

Since you can use the door camera as a video recording device, you can easily see if a mysterious person is lurking outside your door.

One remarkable feature is the insurance from the manufacturer. You can get a new model in case of theft. Plus, you get a 60-day free cloud storage space for video recording.

Moreover, Ring Video Doorbell 2 has a GPS locator. It won’t activate unless it detects the location where you enabled the device. Thus, it becomes useless to the thieving people.

Features we like

  • Two- way audio letting your talk to the person through your phone
  • Customized motion sensors, alerting you immediately who’s outside the door
  • Syncs with your digital devices such as phone, tablets or laptop computer
  • Video recording for viewing missed transactions
  • GPS locator against theft

Features we do not like

  • Needs subscription for viewing recorded videos


#3. WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with Chime

ZUMIMALL Doorbell Camera Wireless 2K, Video Doorbell with Chime, 2 Way...


WiFi Video Doorbell Camera is a weatherproof digital peephole that runs on battery power. The power source is a 6600mAh rechargeable battery. You can charge the battery every 5 to 6 months.

This front door peephole has a 1080p resolution camera, equipped with a night vision functionality. Thus, you can see whoever is outside your door, even in low light conditions. You can also perform live streaming on what’s happening outside your door.

The horizontal field of view is 160 degrees, while the vertical view is 90 degrees. These numbers are wide enough to see your visitors, suspicious or not.

The doorbell camera has a built-in WiFi, allowing you to activate alerts sent to your phone or any handheld devices. The WiFi is compatible with 2.5GHz hub devices.

Aside from this feature, the Video doorbell camera has two-way audio with noise-canceling mode. With this audio functionality, you can talk to your visitors.

The built-in motion sensor on the camera detects movement and notifies you if someone is standing at your door even before they ring the doorbell.

The WiFi Video doorbell camera can record videos after activating this function. Once activated, it sends the video clips to your cloud account or saves the clips on a dedicated, pre-installed SD card. SD card can save up to 32 GB worth of video clips.

The alarm plan mode allows you to activate notifications when you want to receive one. This mode is significant if you need to be away from your home for weeks or months.

Features we like

  • SD card slot for saving recorded videos, no need for cloud service if you don’t want one
  • Compatibility with voice assistants such as Alexa for convenience
  • Alarm plan for customized notifications
  • Two-way audio for talking to your visitors without opening the door
  • Silent mode for chime, useful during times you want total silence

Features we do not like

  • Battery life might have a shorter useful life than expected


#4. Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera Pro

Amcrest 1080P Video Doorbell Camera Pro, Outdoor Smart Home 2.4GHz WiFi...


Amcrest video doorbell is a motion-sensing digital peephole with a 1080p resolution camera. You can connect it with your existing doorbell wires, and is quite easy to install. Through the current chime system, you can use the device almost immediately after installation.

With the device’s PIR motion sensor, you can receive alerts on any movement outside your door. Whether it’s human or some skittish animals, the Doorbell Camera Pro will register the motion.

You can view who’s ringing the bell in a real-time manner. With the 140-degree viewing angle, you can see outside even up to 16-feet away. Low light conditions aren’t a problem because this doorbell device has a night vision mode.

The two-way audio functionality will even remove some risks for you and your family. You can answer the door without opening and talk to the visitors, especially to suspicious ones.

The video doorbell camera pro can also record footage. The device either saves the clips through the cloud or an SD card. The choice is yours, which one is more convenient.

The SD card slot can accommodate a card with up to 128Gb capacity. On the other hand, the cloud service requires a monthly subscription to maintain the recording of videos.

Features we like:

  • Uninterrupted power source since the device draws power from your existing chime system
  • Dual storage options for a seamless recording of video footage
  • Night vision with 16-feet viewing distance, allowing you to see almost everything
  • Motion sensors sending alerts on movements outside your door
  • Two-way audio lets you speak to unknown visitors and interview them before opening the door

Features we do not like

  • No battery back-up power which interrupts recording videos or real-time viewing on sudden power outages


#5. Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video

Remo+ RemoBell S WiFi Video Doorbell Camera with HD Video, Motion Sensor,...


Remobell S WiFi Video doorbell is compatible with your existing chime system. Your existing doorbell can power it.

Its camera is a massive upgrade from its predecessor that only has 720p HD resolution. Now, with a 1080p resolution, you can view your visitors as bright as day. The infrared vision is a better feature against night vision.

Infrared technology doesn’t need light to amplify images. Instead, it uses heat to send pictures to your viewing screen. Thus, even though a visitor hides behind a card box, the device can still detect them.

What’s awesome? It’s the de-warping option for live stream viewing. You can instantly assess whether or not to open the door to someone, especially if they’re hiding behind an object.

This Remobell device has two-way audio, allowing you to speak with your visitors without opening the door. Thus, you can eliminate surprise or sudden attacks from suspicious individuals.

Features we like:

  • Angle viewing of up to 180 degrees, which is more extensive than most doorbell cameras
  • Installation kit comes with bubble level for mounting accuracy
  • Download and sharing options for your video clips
  • Customized motion sensor setting, eliminating frequent notifications about unnecessary movements
  • Three options in mounting the camera for a more personalized viewing angle
  • Night vision for added clarity on low light conditions

Features we do not like

  • The companion app is a little confusing to use


Runner Up:

#6. Eufy Security, Wireless Video Doorbell

eufy Security, Video Doorbell S220 (Battery-Powered) Kit, Security Camera -...


Eufy Video doorbell is a simple device with a camera, requiring a wired power source. Thus, it’s compatible with your existing chime system.

If you don’t have one, you can wire it to a power source by buying a power supply. The power supply is a bit of an additional cost, but it’s inexpensive.

You can install the digital peephole by yourself. Follow the instructions in the manual, and you’re ready to use your device.

In a matter of minutes, you can set up controls using the Eufy Security App. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Eufy Video doorbell has built-in storage for recording live footage. The integrated storage can save up to several hours’ worth of video.

Aside from this built-in storage, you can activate cloud storage to store your videos. However, you can only create one account where the cloud sends the notification.

The camera has a 2k resolution, subject to activation. By default, it will record videos in 1600 by 1200 resolution.

With its 150-degree angle view, the camera is quite decent in capturing details. Moreover, its night vision mode lends clarity to videos during low light conditions.

The device has a motion detection function with limited face recognition functionality. It will try to recognize a face and send an alert to your phone.

Features we like

  • 2k resolution for the highest quality of images
  • Face recognition for a quick view of the front door
  • Night vision for recording crystal clear videos even in low light conditions
  • Motion detection for a fast alert before you hear the bell
  • Two-way audio for speaking and talking with visitors

Features we do not like

  • Built-in storage capacity is too small, which might require you to get cloud storage


Features to Consider when Buying

Closeup Of The Home Peephole

Peephole security for your home is a serious business. You want to buy the best peephole cameras with advanced features that make a sci-fi movie looks unprofessional. But, is this overkill necessary?

Let’s breakdown the features into basic and advance. So, here are the features of a doorbell peephole camera you might want to consider when buying.

Basic Features

Basic features are essential, and having them out of the products forfeits the purpose of intensifying your home security.


Peephole cameras have a varying resolution. Some cameras are as low as 360p to as high as 2k. High-end models are great, but do you need them?

First, you have to consider the lightings of your front door. If your front door has light illuminating the entrance, a low resolution with standard quality is enough. A 720p resolution is a good buy already.

Frame per second (fps) is also necessary because this number affects the quality of the image, too. Choose a device with fps between 24 and 30.

Remember, your ultimate goal is to get a clear picture of who’s outside your door.


A doorbell is a vital addition to your peephole camera. You can either use your existing doorbell or buy a set with a doorbell.

A 20-decibel doorbell is audible but might not be loud enough in the entire house, especially if you have a second floor. So, a doorbell with a loudness rating of 80 to 95 decibels is excellent.

Moreover, choose a peephole camera with adjustable volume for its doorbell for customization. You can lower the volume during the night or to whatever settings that suit you.

Power Source

A peephole camera can either run on battery power or wired connections.

Having a battery-powered peephole means a back-up power for your device. However, you might change the battery after depletion of useful life, regularly. To solve this dilemma, opt for rechargeable batteries.

The wired power source will mean uninterrupted use of the device. Often, many users choose this type because of the ease of use. You won’t worry about the battery running out.

The ultimate decision is to know how often power outage happens in your area. If power outage rarely happens like once in a blue moon, wired one is the best option.

If you’re still worried, buy a device with a dual source of power. A few models have this feature.


The objective of a peephole camera is to make your life better by making you feel secure every day. Thus, choose a device that’s easy to install.

Sure, some devices require a bit of reading a manual, but still, installation won’t take you a day to finish. Many peephole cameras are plug-in types, where a peel-and-stick it or remove-the-old-and-screw-the-new-one-in place is all you need.

The most significant hurdle you can encounter is drilling your door with a hole. It only happens if you don’t have a peephole in place.

Otherwise, the installation should bet easy and straightforward.

Image insert:

Field of View

The field of view refers to the area of effect that the camera can view details from its location. An optical peephole has a limited view angle, but the best digital peephole can amplify it.

Often, a peephole camera can have as high as a 180-degree viewing angle. If your front door looks out to a sprawling front yard, then you might want a wide-angle. If you’re in an apartment complex where the front door has a limited area, 150 degrees should be excellent.

User Interface

A standard peephole camera has an LCD attached to the door. This type is enough for you to view who’s on the other side. A quick press of a view button or something similar will show you who’s ringing.

A more advanced UI is when you use your mobile for viewing. This feature will require you to connect your digital viewer device to a WiFi or to use a mobile integration of some sort.

Advanced Features

Advanced features are something you can forgo without sacrificing overall performance. A home peephole camera still works even without these features, and these features are a matter of preference.

WiFi Connectivity

These advanced features can make your life a lot more convenient than with a standard peephole camera. With these features, you can receive notifications and alerts from the peephole device.

Through a WiFi network, you can view who’s knocking in a real-time manner. You can record videos or talk to your visitor without opening the door. You can ask a voice assistant to show who’s ringing the door, especially when you’re away.

All of these activities are possible with your smartphone or laptop. You won’t miss any essential visits or call the police for a suspicious visitor.

If you aren’t a security freak, an analog peephole camera is enough. If you think your life is always in danger or want to review previous visits while you’re away, a peephole camera with WiFi is the best choice.

Memory and Video Capture

The latest peephole cameras have an SD card slot for recording videos. Others connect to a cloud service.

For models with a dedicated memory card slot, you will need to download the recorded videos from the memory card. You won’t need a monthly subscription in a cloud service.

If you need archives without worrying about running out of space, cloud storage is your best option. However, you’ll need to pay for a monthly fee to continue the use of a cloud service.

Many of the advanced models have WiFi and send archives to a cloud service. This service is often free for several days. The shortest period is three days, and the longest is 60 days.

Avail of these services to see if you want to continue a monthly subscription in the future.

Motion Detection

A standard peephole camera doesn’t have motion sensors. People need to press a doorbell before you can view them on the LCD screen.

If you want to get alerts before a ring on the door, a device with motion detection is your thing. Some with this feature will start recording a video, depending on the settings you made.

Motion detection is essential if other people keep stealing your packages while you’re away from home.

Night Vision

We still consider night vision capability as an advanced feature, despite it being a standard characteristic to digital peephole viewer. You won’t need it except if your camera is recording videos on low light conditions.

The use of night vision is letting you see the person outside your door even if it’s too dark. The person on the other side, especially if you notice something suspicious, won’t even know you’re looking at him or her.

Audio Capability

A built-in mic and speaker will let you talk and speak to your visitor. If the digital viewer has an advanced feature like video recording, you can view archives complete with audio. This feature is essential if you’re away and connect your digital viewer to your phone.

Mobile Integration

This feature is an advanced feature. Mobile integration lets you receive alerts on your mobile device. This device is a smartphone, a laptop, or a tablet.

Alerts will include text notifications, detected movement, thumbnail, screenshot, and recorded messages. Alexa or voice-activated assistant is another mobile integration that you might want for your digital viewer.

The most high-tech integration is the seamless inclusion of your peephole camera into your smart home system. With a dedicated app on your mobile device, you can control everything.

This control may include volume setting, video recording, or live stream viewing. The possibilities are limitless.

Editor Side Notes: Looking to securely monitor your outdoor surroundings? here is a guide on the best outdoor PTZ security camera that we have just reviewed to make sure that we are able to tackle all the types of CCTV in the world today to keep your family safe at home.

Wrapping Up

The best peephole cameras will help you intensify your home security. You don’t have to peep into a hole so blurry and dark you can’t even recognize the person ringing.

Your budget often dictates the type of door viewer you’re getting. Some of the most advanced digital viewers cost a lot. It’s like buying convenience with money.

You want a peephole with a tight budget then stick to a digital door viewer with basic features. You want to splurge then purchase equipment with two to three advanced features. Features may include motion detection, night vision, and mobile integration.

Maintenance-wise, these devices are easy to maintain. You don’t need to hire technicians to clean or change some parts.

The only maintenance you’ll ever need is to change the power source if you’re buying the battery-operated device. A monthly subscription is another maintenance cost if you’re opting for cloud service.

Even with an advanced peephole installed, make sure to exercise other precautionary measures before opening the door to someone.

So, upgrade your optical peephole now and experience the difference. You’ll thank us later.

We hope you find our detailed product reviews useful. Feel free to leave a comment about your experiences with a digital viewer.


Outdoor Ptz

Not sure if you’re upgrading or not? Here are a few questions people asked about the best peephole camera products. We answered as complete as possible concisely.

How do peephole cameras work?

Peephole cameras send notifications in a viewing device, which is either an LCD attached to the door or your phone. The viewing device can also be a laptop or a tablet.

A digital door viewer might have a WiFi connection. This connection transmits a video or clear image to your chosen receiving device and storage.

Some peephole cameras have built-in storage where you can review videos at a later time of the day. Alternatively, a cloud service is available where you can download videos from missed visits.

Most peephole cameras also have a built-in doorbell where you can connect it to your existing chime system. Others don’t require this kind of connection.

In short, peephole cameras create a whole new level of peeping in your door.

How easy is it to install a peephole camera?

Installation is easy and usually a do-it-yourself procedure. You can remove your optical peephole and replace a digital door viewer.

All products come with an instructional manual on how to install. Read it carefully. If you aren’t a person used to reading manuals, you can watch tutorial videos.

Exact installation details vary from one manufacturer to another, so it’s best to call their customer service rep if you’re still not sure about installation. Alternatively, you can ask for the help of more abled people. He or she could be a friend who’s an expert in such things or a technician near your area.

Can you use a ring doorbell without a peephole?

Yes, but you’re risking your home security. You don’t want to open your door to suspicious individuals. With criminals and intruders on the loose every day, a peephole, whether optical or digital, is an excellent addition to your home security.

Besides, a digital door viewer nowadays is affordable. You can buy a set, complete with video recording capabilities as low as $100.

What are a hundred dollars if you can protect yourself and your family against people who want to do you harm?

Can someone steal my ring doorbell?

The answer depends on the type of ring doorbell you have. If the mounting is a peel and stick type, thefts can easily remove it. As long as all pieces of hardware are outside, regardless of the mounting type, others can steal it.

However, if all you see on the outside are a peephole and a button for a doorbell, then thefts won’t bother. Stealing your digital door peephole will just make them look ridiculous for trying to take a built-in peephole camera.

Besides, if your peephole is an advanced model that sends video recording to the cloud, you can easily report the faces of the burglar. Remember, a subscription to a cloud service allows you to download video files provided the video recording is active.

Can I protect my peephole camera with a doorbell from theft?

home peephole cameraYou can protect your doorbell camera in two ways. One, purchase a home doorbell camera with hardware installed indoors. This type might require a more complicated installation with the help of a technician.

Two, avail of theft protection from manufacturers. Some manufacturers offer this service, especially for expensive devices.

Do I need to create a new peephole?

No, you don’t. Most peephole cameras have the same dimensions as that of standard optical peepholes. The assumption is that you have an old peephole installed in your door.

If you don’t have one, probably, you’ll need to drill a hole on your door. Drilling a hole will require a bit of work and a drill bit, which you can buy or borrow from a friend.

What is the right door thickness for the peephole camera?

Doors have a standard thickness. The thickest you will encounter is around 3.5 inches. Even if the door is too thin or too thick for the peephole camera, your purchase will include various nuts and bolts for easy and convenient installations.

Is the installation of a peephole camera a breach of privacy policy?

No, if the peephole camera is viewing a public area, even if it’s your front door, which is your private property.

Besides, the installation of a digital viewer is intensifying peephole security, not invading someone’s privacy. To avoid future conflicts with other people, make sure to consult your lawyer about privacy rules on peephole installation.

How much are you willing to spend?

A standard digital viewer is quite inexpensive. No surprise there, because these devices are pretty compact in appearance.

The best digital viewer with advanced features may mean higher costs. So, be prepared to shell out some dollars than your expected budget, especially if you’re keen to get a device that provides the most convenient in terms of use.

However, if you decided to get a peephole camera device that is less than a hundred dollars, don’t expect too much from your device. But, it doesn’t mean you’ll to settle for less and have to sacrifice security and quality.

Many budget peephole cameras are out there, including those with night vision and motion detection functionality, and we have reviewed a few here.

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