What Is The Best Resolution For Security Camera?

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(Resolution is an important deciding factor when buying a security camera. There are security cameras of various resolutions and each offers a different video and picture quality.)

The resolution of a security camera is a factor that is watched most closely by the buyers. Unfortunately, it is also an aspect that is not understood well when reviewing the security system of the camera.

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Resolution and video quality

Resolution is basically the amount of visual information that is captured by the security camera. Resolution is measured with a number. If the resolution number is high then this means that the camera is able to capture more information visually. This offers better video and picture quality. If the security camera has a high resolution then it lets you zoom on the images of the video feed without blurring the images.

There has been a lot of evolvement in the technology of security cameras. Today, there are security cameras that offer 4k resolution at a reasonable price.

However, do you actually need a resolution of this high value for your battery powered outdoor security camera with sd card? Higher resolution cameras are expensive and there is also cost in handling and managing it. The camera will also need a lot of hard disc space.

There are security cameras with low resolutions as well. Even these may not be recommended because they offer a picture of a very low quality. The idea is to achieve a balance between price, resolution and your personal requirement.

What is the difference between the different numbers of camera resolution?

The difference between a 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 4k resolution is the pixels or the video size that the camera offers. The 1080p will produce a large image as compared to the 720p.

However, when you see the two side by side on an HD monitor with a widescreen you will not be able to notice any difference. This happens because both the cameras meet the requirement of the minimum resolution of the monitor. Both the videos will be identical and will let you view an HD video that is crystal clear.

However, one may want to buy a security camera of a higher resolution to zoom on the video without the images turning blurred. This is required in case you want to capture the image of a license plate or read a face from a distance.

Which security camera resolution is the best for you?

When you go to choose a security camera, you will be shown cameras of varied resolutions. There are 1440 p HD, 1080p HD, and 720p HD security cameras.

HD or high definition is when the image resolution format can reach up to 1280*720. This is an increase in the visual resolution or display over a standard that was previously used.

  • The 720p refers to a 1 megapixel in the security camera and it stands for a 1280*720 resolution.
  • The 1080p is a higher definition than the 720p and this offers a resolution of 1920*1080. It refers to 2 megapixels and this is marked as full HD.
  • The 1440p resolution is much higher than the 1080p and it offers a resolution of 2560*1440. This is the 4-megapixel camera resolution. This camera lets you capture images that are very clear even when the video is in live streaming.

There are other HD security cameras in the market that offer resolutions like the 1.3mp, 5mp, 2.1 mp, etc. The main difference between the HD security cameras lies in its resolution and the result that this resolution offers.

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Comparing the camera resolutions  

The 1440p (4MP) security camera is better than the 1080p (2MP) security camera. This is in terms of the image that it captures. The 1440p security camera is able to record the video of super HD quality and it offers twice the details that the 1080p resolution camera offers.

If you wish to install a security camera at your home then the 1440p resolution camera is a good choice. It helps to record any burglary and you will be able to trace the license plate and be able to recognize the face clearly. This will let you have clear evidence.

It is true that the cameras that offer higher resolution are priced more. However, if you compare, the 4MP security cameras are cost effective and are priced only slightly higher than the 1080p cameras.


Choosing the best resolution of the security camera is based on one’s individual needs. If you want to use the camera to record details, then you will need to buy one that has a high resolution.

If you want to use the security camera to install at home then extra details may not be of use to you. The price is also a major deciding factor when you decide to buy a security camera. An 1440 p camera is a good choice if you want to install the security camera at home.

It offers a good level of clarity and at the same time is not priced very steep.

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