Security Cameras: Can Laser Really Compromise Your Security?

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Laser pointersAs technology progresses, people are starting to embrace advanced life when it comes to useful devices being introduced in the market.

This is not only because they want to look fancy rather they prefer to have a more convenient and efficient way of living. Why would you stick with the basics when you know that you need a little touch of complexity?

There are numerous advanced devices made possible by technology. These devices are evolving and improving as time goes by. Among these improved devices that are definitely a must-have are the security cameras.

You know very well what security cameras are. You often see these in stores, especially establishments that need high security such as banks.

Nowadays, people are starting to discover the importance of security cameras that you’d even see some outside or inside their houses.

I must admit, I admire how security cameras work in my favor when it comes to security and monitoring.

I don’t have issues when it comes to trust, but I prefer to have strong evidence to make sure nobody gets to lie to me. This is why I decided to invest in these devices.

People are very familiar with security cameras, but they prefer not to have any of these devices installed for some reasons, mainly the price. Here’s to enlighten you further what security cameras are and how useful these devices can be.

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Walk-Through on Security Cameras: What It Is and Why It Is Useful

security guards watching video monitoring surveillance securitySecurity cameras are improvised cameras that can function on their own, without having someone to operate it.

It’s a device that’s mainly used to capture images and recordings that it can be used as evidence for incidents when there’s no witness at all. Most of the time, it’s often referred to as closed-circuit television or CCTV.

Aside from the inside or outside the area of a room or an establishment, you’ll also find security cameras in the streets.

This is because it’s where it’s needed most; for example, checking the root cause of street accidents. It’s also found on public transportation such as the bus, to guarantee the safety of the passengers.

I finally decided to install some security cameras around my house in recent years.

It’s not because I don’t feel safe or protected from people surrounding me. I just realize how important these cameras when I needed to monitor my grandmother at home while I have to work outside. It’s very convenient and helpful because I can monitor through these cameras while I do what I need to do.

If you’re having doubts whether you should install security cameras or not, here are some good points of having these devices:

  • Security cameras are great for monitoring. As what I have mentioned, I have to monitor elderly folk, and these cameras are making it easier for me to work with lesser worries about leaving my grandmother alone. It’s also great for monitoring kids and of course, your personal things.
  • Security cameras promote good actions. If you have these devices installed in your office or store, people will be able practiced good discipline when it comes to interacting with fellow colleagues or bosses. When you know you’re being watched, you strive to behave properly to everyone.
  • Security cameras boost your customers’ confidence in your place. Not minding privacy, people admire seeing security cameras while inside shops or banks because they can feel safe and secure. This is setting a great image to them.
  • Security cameras are great for preventing crime. This is one of the main purposes of having a security camera, especially in the streets. It can give justice to victims, and at the same time, it can give security.

These are just some of the good points why it’s great having an installed security camera in your place. It may not be cheap, and you’d have to bend your budget, but it’s better not to compromise your safety at all. You can start buying one, and that should be fine.


Exploring Different Kinds of Security Cameras in the Market

CCTV labelsAs you search for security cameras in the market, you’ll certainly stumble on different kinds.

You have a variety of options, depending on how effective you want your security camera to be. Here are some of the kinds of security camera for you to check out:

  • Bullet Camera – This kind of security camera is cylindrically long in shape, and it’s mainly for outdoor use. It’s great for long-distance screening, and it’s built with a protective casing, making it durable. It has a great IR night vision as well as high-quality resolution.
  • Dome Camera – This kind of security camera is the most common camera for both indoor and outdoor monitoring. It’s durable as well, and it’s easy to install. You’ll admire its IR night vision features more one you use it. It’s also vandal-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
  • PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera – This kind of camera is recognized for its zooming features, having an x36 optical zoom. It also provides high resolution, and it’s great for panning and tilting. Moreover, it features a 200m IR night vision.

I used to have dome cameras at first, but I decided to upgrade to PTZ cameras because of its ability to pan and tilt. It provides great monitoring, and I really admire how it can zoom closer for a clearer view of necessary things.

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Why People Wreck: Can Laser Disable Your Security Camera?

LaserSo now, you finally have your security camera installed. Ill-behaved people in your area will certainly have a hard time stealing something from your shop or house.

You really need to be very careful in choosing where you’d place your camera because once it’s reachable, and then it’s just senseless to have it installed.

It’s better to install it in a high place, but owners are still having concerns if something can still compromise the performance of the device like blockage or wreckage.

This leads them to the question; “Can you disable a security camera with a laser pointer?”

Lasers are known to be beams of light. These beams produce heat, and if you point a laser on sensitive materials like the camera sensor, it will certainly damage it physically.

People with bad intentions will always do something to ruin what’s protecting you, but when it comes to lasers, you don’t have to worry at all because disabling a security camera with the use of a laser is useless if the person’s far from your camera.

However, the laser beams can cause dead pixels, and it can create horizontal and vertical lines from the recordings or the image. In this case, the person will need a very high-class laser to mess with security cameras.

Just to make sure this is prevented, you can refer to these tips:

  • It’s better to invest in a PTZ kind of security camera because the intruder will have a difficulty tracking the moving sensor.
  • It’s best to keep your camera high, wherein it’s really unreachable. You can also invest in the kind of camera that’s great for zooming or long-distance viewing.
  • You can install infrared filters.
  • If you can, have more than one security camera to make sure every angle is recorded.

It’s always great to be prepared when it comes to safety and security. These security cameras are one of the recommended devices if you really want to feel secure your store or house, even without your supervision.

Investments are heavy at first, but if you find yourself purchasing security cameras, you’ll see their worth in time.

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