What is the Difference Between CCTV and Surveillance Camera?

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Making your environment safe and secure is the prime focus of having either CCTV or Surveillance camera.  Both cameras do their job more reliable and provide high-quality images or videos.  Though there are many inventions in this field, CCTV and Surveillance camera are the prime preferences among the people due to its increased advantages and efficiency.

If you are working parents and you want to observe and monitor your child’s activities, or if you want to monitor your employee activities, it is possible with the help of a CCTV or Surveillance Camera.  The decision of choosing the specific type of camera is up to you.

If you want to install the cameras either at home or at the office, based on your preferences and the budget, you can choose any one of them.  Before that, you need to know the pros and cons of installing each device on your preferred location.

What is CCTV?

CCTV is a Closed-circuit television device that transmits the signal from the cameras to a specific monitoring system that is situated in a distant area.  It is also a self-contained Surveillance camera systems that are used to record and monitor the activities either at home or at the office.

As you know,  CCTV role is immense in today’s world and being surrounded by the cameras,  it makes our lives to experience a high-level of security each day.   However, few people are not aware of the different types of CCTV available in today’s tech world.  Each type of cameras are unique and have a distinct role to be performed.  A few different types of CCTV cameras affordable by you are Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, C-mount Camera, Day/ night camera and a lot more.

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Do you know the advantages of having a CCTV at home?

  • CCTV helps to monitor the preferred location and helps to prevent any crime incidents. It is the prime objective of installing the CCTV cameras on the preferred location.
  • It helps to lower your risk factor and insurance costs. Since CCTV helps to deter criminal activities, the insurance costs for your home or for your office is relatively low.
  • You are able to live stress-free. CCTV provides you with peace of mind since you can check your location whenever you want.  In this advanced tech world, the wireless option is also available in which you can check your location through a smartphone or a tablet.
  • It helps to gather the evidence especially in the areas of legal concern or any other specific areas.


What is a Surveillance Camera?

The Surveillance camera is also a camera recorder in which it works on advanced technology.  These cameras are usually connected with the IP address in which you can connect the cameras from the remote location to the main location.

It is an automatic number recognition system in which it performs various functions.  It receives the signals, stores it, process and transmits the images or videos.  You can access the images or videos whenever you have time.

The role of Surveillance cameras is wide-spread especially in the public places and in the government sectors.

Before choosing the perfect security systems, you need to learn the key differences between CCTV and Surveillance Camera too!  Here are a few;

    • CCTV is a short form of Closed-circuit Television whereas Surveillance cameras are referred to as networked videos.
    • Both CCTV and Surveillance system are video recorders, the working system of them differs. The technology of CCTV is older and it possesses limited capabilities and it is not so in case of Surveillance cameras. CCTV has its own private systems in which the cameras are connected to the system remotely. Surveillance cameras work with LAN connections and those cameras which work on Internet protocol have many features.
    • The resolution of the videos widely differs from that of CCTV and Surveillance camera. For a CCTV, the resolution is limited to 720HD image quality.  CCTV will not have high-quality images or videos when compared to Surveillance cameras.  The resolution of Surveillance camera is quite high and it is 1080P HD or even higher.
    • CCTV offers general security and will be best to install at home or any other premises where you need to have security purposes alone. In case if you require higher security especially in banks and other larger organizations, Surveillance cameras are the best option.
  • If you are concerned about installation, CCTV installation is quite easier and it is easy to maintain as well. You can learn the basics of the devices without any extensive training and it is easy to control too.  The installation process is a complicated process in case of surveillance cameras.  However, it more accessible since the signals received from the cameras are digitalized.
  • If you think about the cost factor, CCTV is cheaper than that of surveillance cameras. Depending upon your premises and need, you can choose accordingly.

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