Do I Need A Static IP Address For Security Cameras (Facts)

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First of all, a static IP address is one that is dedicated to your IP camera(security cameras). The other type is an IP network address that keeps changing. The devices that we use at home like a PC and even our smartphones keep changing the IP addresses often and every time we reboot our device.

Reasons quoted for buying static IP address:

Many people, especially the ones who install a wireless IP camera battery at your home would insist you have a static IP address for your IP camera(security cameras) and that is why you are looking for information as to whether you need it or not. This is done primarily by them since everything is marketing.

If you need to have a static IP address(tcp ip) then obviously you will have to pay for it and this is why you are advised by many of these people to get one.

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Identify the usage:

Do you really need a static or an IP network address? It depends on the kind of usage you are going to have.

  • Is it one device that you are going to use or many devices that are going to be connected? If the answer is one or to put it in other terms for home usage then you should not have any problem with DHCP or DDNS protocol which means a static IP address(dynamic host configuration protocol).
  • There are some situations that demand the usage of a static IP address(ip addresses) like when there are multiple devices connected to a router.
  • Do you have to use forwarding ports for some devices?
  • Is there a need to add a second router to an existing network?

If the answer is yes to one of the above then you will have to get a static IP address.

Here’s what you need to know about the advantages…

There are advantages to both of these. To start with one great advantage of having a dedicated or a static IP address is that if you have the need of having access to your securing camera even when you are outside, then it works pretty good. Whereas the static IP address doesn’t serve this purpose since it is not a great option to host a server. Moreover, one more hitch that you will face when you use the dynamic address is that there may be connectivity problems with the server(dhcp server) which makes your job of monitoring using the ip camera that is installed difficult. So, the conflict does not arise. Spotting the geolocation is perfect and you really do not have any hassle when using a static IP address.

Having said this, I also would like to mention that there are many other alternatives for a static IP address. There are solutions like free DDNS services and cloud P2P which can serve you the purpose.

Why a dynamic IP address is better?

  • In my opinion, I would say that an IP number address is a better option because they are a cost-effective solution. Having a static IP address might cost you more than a dynamic one.
  • Moreover, when you use a static address there are chances that you are exposed to data mining. However, because of the fact that an ip address changes keeps changing there are less likely chances that your device is hacked.
  • There is also no need for you to remember your IP address all the time you are on the go.

One hitch an IP address poses is that the upload and download of IP networks are comparatively low. This is so because the bandwidth required is less.

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Essentials to know before getting an IP address

Before deciding whether you need to change to static or dynamic finding out the provision enabled in your IP cameras(security cameras) becomes very essential.

  • Some of these devices come with internal support that works for DNS support which means that you have the provision to enable IP address changes.
  • In case you find that your surveillance system does not support DNS then you will have to look for alternatives. To do this you will have to install third-party services through which you can have an update of your surveillance system through your router.
  • Ensure that your router supports DDNS system.

Once these are done, then you just have to assign a hostname to the router and internet service provider.

So, the conclusion really is that it is based on your need for the number of devices that you are connecting your router to and how affordable it is for you.

Based on these you can go ahead with your decision of choosing a static or IP address change. As a final suggestion if it is for home needs then going in for a dynamic one is a perfect choice.

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