Do you need a DVR for Security Cameras?

Video Monitor With Picture From Security Camera

Are you confused, which type of recorder would be the best for your security cameras?

Before installing the security cameras, you need to gain some knowledge about it. You can install the security camera with or without the recorder.

However, installing security cameras with the recorder is always a better option. There are two types of recorders- DVR and NVR.  Though both are similar in functions, they also vary in a few distinct ways.

Digital Video Recorder

How DVR works?

A DVR consists of a set of CCTV cameras that are connected to a DVR recorder. This device helps to record the videos digitally. If you have an old traditional record system, you can easily replace the older one into a new DVR device.

In fact, the failure of the traditional analog security camera is due to its low-quality videos especially not recording the videos digitally. This DVR serves the best for the purpose of recording and storing the videos in a digital format. If you wish to have higher quality videos in a low maintenance cost, this DVR is a perfect choice.

The DVR is a computer device that stores or records the images or videos on a hard drive.  The CCTV cameras record the analog images in which this DVR converts the analog images into digital images and stores it in a hard drive.

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Is it possible to do a smart search?

Yes, of Course!  It is quite possible to do a smart search in a PC-based DVRs and it is one of the advantages of a DVR. It helps to skip the motionless videos and to get back to the video which you want to review.

Are you aware of the difference between DVR and NVR?

While shopping for the security cameras, you need to decide whether you are going to choose DVR or NVR?  DVR and NVR serve the sole purpose of recording the videos. It differs only in the way of processing of such recorded videos. However, both the type of recorders provides reliable data.

If you want to fit the security camera installation process within a budget, this security camera along with a DVR system is quite cheap rather than security cameras with NVR system.

Many people like to install this simple and easy security system. If you are one among them, DVR is the best option that enhances the existing security system.

Do you know what features to look for in a DVR?

As you know, all DVR is not as same as the other. Each DVR differs on its own variations and functions. If you are baffled to choose the right DVR for your CCTV, consider the several critical factors of DVR. Also, think about the prices of a DVR.

Digital Video Recorder and video surveillance cameras

The important critical factors of a DVR you should know are listed down;

  • Check out the number of security cameras that a DVR can support. A DVR system can get inputs from several security cameras. Generally, a DVR system comes with 4, 8, 16 or 32 CCTV inputs. However, you can check out the images or videos only one by one based on your preference. You need not require additional switches or quads.
  • Think about frames per second while purchasing the DVR. Frames per second are nothing but the number of pictures a DVR can record in a fraction of a second. Each camera almost supports 30fps in a real-time recording. In this advanced tech world, it is easier now for you to afford real-time recording using a DVR.
  • Compression technology is also one of the critical factors for choosing a DVR. Compression is important since it reduces the size of the image and then stores it in the device thus increasing the storage space. Today, many advanced compression formats are used in the DVR like MPEG, JPEG, etc.
  • Hard drive space is literally important since you need to access the recorded videos whenever it is required. There are few hard drives which last for a longer duration of time. On average, the life span of a hard drive is three to five years depending on the brand, size, and type of the hard drive.
  • Mode of the connection while installing the DVR in a security camera is also quite important. Either you can connect the device with the internet or with the LAN network.

Why you need a DVR?  A Final thought!

  • If you wish to access the recorded videos, it is quite easy with a high-end DVR. It provides you high-resolution videos with better playback quality.
  • A DVR would allow you to record the events for a longer period of time from multiple sources.
  • In case of any major incidents, you can avail the footage with ease just by analyzing, copying and transmitting the footage of your choice.
  • It allows you to do advanced search options in which you can search the previous weeks or months videos and access it very quickly.
  • It has wide areas of applications that enhances and provides security based on customer preferences.

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