Top 8 Eemax Tankless Water Heater Reviews (Updated 2023)

eemax tankless water heater reviews

eemax water heatersFinding a good electric tankless water heater online seems like an impossible task. With so many false ads and reviews, who can you trust? Even if you find a reliable company, their tank water heater selections appear endless.

You have to think about water pressure, size, what materials were used to make them, and so much more. Because I know how difficult it can be to find a good heater online, I wanted to share my top choices with you.

In my tank water heater reviews, you’ll find out why electric tankless water heater have become so popular. Not only that but I’m also going to show you some things to consider before buying one and how to install one yourself.

Also, I’m going to show you my top eight picks for the electric tankless water heater from Eemax. What’s more, you’re going to see the benefits and features of each one. In the end, I’m also going to tell you which one takes the number one spot.[wpsm_titlebox title=”” style=”3″]

My Top Picks

Now, let’s get into the electric tankless water heater. I’m going to show you my top eight heaters and talk about some of their features and benefits.

1. Eemax EEM24018

Eemax EEM24018

First, we’re going to start off with the electric tankless water heater with the EEM24018 model. It is one of the most popular tank water heaters (eemax water heaters)has to offer.

Features & Benefits

Eemax used Copper Emerson heating water technology elements to make this heater. The elements are also threaded and made with a brass top, which makes them more durable and easier to replace.

Keep in mind that this model is for indoor use only. If you put it outside, you risk freezing or damaging it. The EEM24018 is advertised to give you endless and consistent hot water.

This model is easy to install and comes with a 3-foot electric cable and the necessary adapters. Eemax has also included an installation manual, making it easier to do it yourself.

What’s more, Eemax claims the EEM24018 has a 99.8% efficiency flow rate. You can also check out their sizing guide, to find out what kind of inlet water temperature display you can expect. If you live somewhere where the climate is a bit colder, you could have a weak water flow rate.


2. Eemax EEM24013

Eemax EEM24013

The next model I’m going to be talking about in the electric tankless water heater is the EEM24013. Let’s see how this one compares to the previous model.

Features & Benefits

Just like with the EEM24018, Eemax promises that this heater delivers an endless hot water supply. It has a digital temperature display and you can change the water temperature control in 1°F increments. Also, it’s 99.8% efficient and comes with all the equipment you need to install it.

What’s more, it’s made with the same brass top elements that are durable and easy to replace. But, where it differs from the previous model is its size and flow rate.

First, it’s a bit smaller and lighter compared to the EEM24018. This heater only weighs 7lbs and the maximum flow rate is 4.8 GPM. Also, it has self-modulating technology, which means it will adjust the energy efficiency usage based on how much hot water source you need.

I would recommend getting this model if you have a smaller home because it might not deliver enough hot water for multiple faucets at the same time.

3. Eemax EEM12004

Eemax EEM12004

Next up, I wanted to talk about the EEM12004 in my Eemax water heater reviews. This model is completely different compared to the two previous ones I talked about, and I’m about to show you why.

Features & Benefits

First, EEM12004 is much smaller and more compact compared to the other two. Still, while it has a weaker water connection flow, it has Eemax’s trademark features. What’s more, it comes with a 5-year limited warranty for leaks and one year for parts.

The heater will provide an endless supply of hot water connection and comes with an electric cable and adapters, making it easy to install. However, this model can only supply hot water source to one kitchen sink or point-of-use.

It works best for a single kitchen sink application and hand washing in warmer climates. I wouldn’t recommend using this heater to supply your shower, because it’s just not powerful enough. You can check out their sizing guide here, to see how it would perform in your climate.

4. Eemax EEM24036

Eemax EEM24036

In the next part of my electric tankless water heater, I’m going to talk a bit about another heater from the EEM240 range.

Features & Benefits

Now, EEM24036 is the biggest and heaviest model in this range. It’s pretty similar to the 24018, with a few key differences. First, they both have a similar design and they’re made of the same materials.

Both tank water heaters (eemax water heaters) come with the same equipment and have the same water flow rate, which is 7GPM. Of course, as all Eemax models, this one also has a 99.8% efficiency rate, too.

But, as I mentioned, this one is slightly bigger and heavier than the rest of the models. I would recommend the EEM24036 to anyone with a slightly bigger household.

This heater could provide enough hot water to multiple faucets and showerheads at the same time. Eemax has also included an installation manual on their website and you can find the sizing chart here.

5. Eemax EEM24006

Eemax EEM24006

Another great product from Eemax is the EEM24006. While it’s in the EEM240 range, it’s a bit different compared to the other models.

Features & Benefits

With its compact size, it could be a great fit if you’re working with limited space. You can put it under your sink and have unlimited hot water on-demand. The heater has self-modulating technology and saves energy efficiency when you’re not using it.

What’s more, it works great in both colder and warmer climates. Keep in mind that in a colder climate, it can only supply one sink or shower head with hot water. On the other hand, in warmer water temperature sensors, you could use it to supply up to two faucets or major appliances with hot water.

Of course, you can expect Eemax’s high-quality brass top materials which you can easily replace if they get broken. Again, this heater comes with a 5-year limited warranty for leaks and a 1-year warranty for parts.

I wanted to include this heater in my eemax tankless water heaters (eemax water heaters) because I feel like it could be a great addition to any home, big or small. You can find their sizing guide here.

6. Eemax EEM24027

Eemax EEM24027

The final tank water heater from the EEM240 line that I’m going to talk about is the 27 model. Let’s take a look at how it compares with others from the range.

Features & Benefits

When it comes to weight and size, this heater falls right between the EEM24018 and the EEM24036 model. Nevertheless, it will give you a water pressure of 7 GPM. Again, it comes with the same equipment as all of the other models from Eemax.

This heater could work great in smaller homes or apartments. Also, I would recommend it to people living in warmer climates, where it would be able to supply more than one faucet with hot water.

For those living in a country with colder weather, keep in mind that it can only supply one sink or larger appliance with hot water. If you want to know the exact inlet temperature display, you can check out their size guide.

7. Eemax HA008240

Eemax HA008240

Next up in my eemax tankless water heaters is a heater from the HA line. While it’s pretty similar to some of their previous models, it does have some unique features.

Features & Benefits

The HA008240 is made out of stainless steel and has some copper elements. It’s extremely durable and only weighs 7 lbs. What’s more, with its sleek and compact design, you can store it almost anywhere.

Keep in mind that, since this is a smaller model, the water pressure is also weaker. Unlike the EEM24027 water heater, this one can only produce 4 GPM. With that said, I would recommend it for smaller households or apartments.

Also, it is 99% energy efficiency(energy savings) and there’s no standby heat loss. While Eemax claims it could work great on multiple points of use, I recommend using only one. Since it is smaller, it can only supply one faucet with hot water. If you want to install the heater yourself, you should first check their owner’s manual.

8. Eemax HA036240

Eemax HA036240

Last but not least, I wanted to include one more HA model in my eemax tankless water heaters(tankless units).

Features & Benefits

While it might look similar to the HA008240, the HA036240 is actually much more powerful. With this heater, you’ll get water pressure of 8 GPM. It’s easy to install and it’s made out of copper and has a brass top. Also, all of the parts are threaded, which makes them easy to replace.

Since it’s bigger when compared to the previous model, I would recommend this heater for larger homes. What’s more, you can run multiple faucets at the same time and still have a great hot water supply.

Not only that but you can also use it if you want to boost the performance of any other heater. It’s also 99% efficient and the maximum operating water temperature is 140°F. You can find the owner’s manual here.

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Why Eemax?

EemaxEemax has been in the water heating technology business for over 25 years and they make heaters for residential and commercial use. You can install their products in residential and commercial construction.

On their website, you can find over 1300 different water heater models and water boilers. With that said, unless you’re an HVAC contractor, finding a heater that’s perfect for you could be tricky.

That’s why I wanted to show you which ones would work best for your home and how to find a good heater. First, let’s take a look at why tankless heaters and point of use water heater are so popular.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters have been around for ages but they’ve only recently become widespread.

Hot Water Supply

Before I get into the water heater reviews, I have to talk about the number one reason why people buy them. First, if you want hot water on-demand, nothing beats a eemax tankless water heaters.

No matter how big or small your household is, with eemax tankless water heaters(eemax water heaters), you will never run out of hot water. Also, if you have a hot tub or spa system in your home, a large tankless heater could help you heat them up.

Energy Efficient (energy savings)

eemax tankless water heater save energy

Most traditional tank water heater only operates at 60% efficiency, which is less than ideal. But, tankless heaters have(tankless units) an 80% efficiency rate and they could save you a lot of money in the future.

The reason why they work so well is that they heat the water only when you open your faucet. Unlike standard tank water heater, they don’t heat and cool the water all the time.


The average life expectancy of a water heater is 8–12 years. But, if you go for the best tankless electric water heater from Eemax, you can expect it to last for 20–30 years. Since they’re built with only the best materials, they’re less prone to rust or limescale buildup.

As long as you take proper care of your heater and clean twice a year, you won’t have to worry about leaks or rust. What’s more, it’s cheaper to replace parts for eemax tankless water heaters compared to regular, storage tank water heaters.

Things to Consider

Now, before you commit to buying a new eemax tankless water heaters, there are a couple of things you should know.

1. Cost

Eemax tankless water heater lifespanWhile it’s true that eemax tankless water heaters are efficient, the cost of installing one can run a bit high. Of course, not all companies charge the same for installation, so you should look into that before buying one.

On the other hand, if you want to install the heater yourself, it will cost you a lot less.

However, I only recommend doing that if you have some previous experience with HVAC systems.

2. Size

Depending on how big your household is, you should be careful when looking at the water heater sizes. In my tankless water heater reviews, I’m going to show you my eight favorite heaters that come in different sizes. Also, make sure to always check the sizing guide before buying a heater.

3. Maintenance

Since tankless water heaters or boiler can have mineral or sediment buildup, it’s key that you clean them from time to time. First, you should always check with your owner’s manual on how to clean and maintain your heater.

The most effective way of cleaning it is by using some diluted vinegar.

Installing a Tankless Water Heaters (Eemax Water Heaters)

As you know, there are two ways you can go about installing an under sink water heater — call a contractor or do it yourself. Whichever you choose to do, I wanted to use the next part of my tankless water heaters review to explain how it’s done.

Hiring a Contractor

eemax save space and water for a water heaterIf you decide to call a contractor to install your heater, there are a few things you should check. First, make sure to call them for a consultation and get a cost estimate.

Also, if you’ve never worked with that contractor, make sure to ask for references. You should also verify if the contractor is licensed with the Better Business Bureau.

Installing It Yourself

On the other hand, if you want to install tankless water heaters yourself, there are a couple of things you’ll need. First, before you start the installation process, make sure to check your owner’s manual.

If you’ve never done something like this before, you can check out some YouTube tutorials and articles online to find out how it’s done.[/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”” style=”3″]

To Conclude

That is all I have for my tankless water heater. Eemax is an extremely reliable company and you can’t go wrong with any of their models. But, before making your final decision, consider the size of your household.

Also, think about how many appliances or faucets you want the heater connected to. With that said, there was one heater that came out on top for me — Eemax EEM24027.

Like the other models, it’s easy to install and you’ll get an endless hot water supply. But, compared to the other heaters from the EE240 range, this one is compact and weighs the least.

What’s more, you’ll get excellent water pressure and it could work great if you have a larger household. Finally, with its sleek and modern design, you don’t need a lot of space to store it.

I hope my tankless water heater was helpful and that you can make the best choice the next time you go shopping for a heater.[/wpsm_titlebox]

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