How Far Will Wireless Security Cameras Work

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(Wireless security cameras use short-range technologies or broadband. Knowing the factors that determine the range limit of the camera lets you take care of your home security needs)

The earlier versions of the security cameras had wires that ran across the walls and floors. Most of the security cameras today are wireless. These use technologies like Z-wave that lets the device to communicate with a smart device or the control panel. The wireless cameras can be installed easily and they let you choose and give you flexibility on where to place them.

Difference between wired and wireless security cameras

Wireless Surveillance Cameras On RedThe security cameras that had first come in the market had to be connected to the electrical source in order for it to work. The wired security cameras made use of cables that transmitted the video signals. The signals were then viewed on a device like a television or a computer.

The wireless security cameras of today transmit the audio and the video signal on the internet. They use some other networks that are wireless that are connected to a receiver who views the recording. The videos can also be saved on Cloud storage to view it in the future.

Before you decide to purchase a wireless security camera, you need to check how far it will work and the range that it will cover. Here are some factors that influence the range of the wireless security camera.


  • Focal Length

The size of the lenses of the security camera or the focal length is the most important factor that determines how far the security camera will be able to see. The focal length is measured in millimeters and can be either fixed or variable. The focal length needs to be small to get a wide field view for the security camera. Large focal length allows a narrow field of view for camera surveillance. For a rough estimate, if you want the camera to see 40 feet then you need a security camera of 4.0 fixed lens.

  • Resolution

Resolution of the camera is also important because you do not want the camera to see something and not make out its details. You need to make sure that the camera is able to clearly see and shows the visible details. This is where you need to consider the camera’s resolution.

  • Location

How far can your wireless security camera see is also affected by the location where the security camera is placed. If there are concrete floors, bricks, or large outdoor trees between the monitoring site and the camera then this weakness the strength of the signal. This greatly affects how far the camera can see.

  • Quality

The quality of the camera is also crucial in determining how far the wireless security camera can see. Even if the cameras have the same field view it is important to note that not all are the same. You should opt to purchase the top brands that have good customer reviews. They work better than local brands. Also, the branded camera sellers will offer you after-sales customer service which will not be provided by the non-branded ones.

Night range for wireless security cameras

It is important that your wireless security camera work at night. The range that the camera can cover at night is a crucial determining factor that lets you purchase a security camera. The security cameras have a night vision capability. This means that they can see when it is dark.

In addition to the factors that are listed above what is also important to consider is the lux rating, the type, the number of LEDs and whether the camera has infrared technology and features the 3D-DNR. The IR distance of the wireless security camera can be found out when you read the specifications of the product.


The line of sight of the CCTV cameras is important. When you know how far the security camera covers then it lets you set up the home surveillance system more efficiently. It does not leave any blind spots. The wireless security cameras function the best when they have a clear line of sight between the receiver and the camera. The outdoors cameras mostly have a range between 250 to 400 feet. The indoor cameras usually come with a range of 100 to 150 feet. Glass windows, cubical walls, and dry walls in most cases will not lessen the strength of the wireless security cameras. However, concrete floors, bricks, and walls decrease its strength. Trees in the range also affect the strength of the camera.

The signal range also gets impacted in case there are some competing signals that use the same frequency as the wireless security camera. Like for example, if there are cordless phones used at home then its signal can affect the strength of the wireless security camera. In such cases, you will see that the image looks froze. To prevent this, lock the channel that the other devices are opening on. This will ensure that the signal of the wireless security camera is not affected.

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