Facts On How Long Do Zero Water Filters Last?

how long do zero water filters last

It is a fact that the water quality tends to differ from one location to location. It also differs in taste, I feel. The water quality that I get has no chlorine taste and is also not fluoridated, which I think is good quality.

Still, I wanted to make it better, as I knew that even if it is treated at a local facility, it passes through the old pipes, during which it is likely to collect traces of minerals and metals. This is why it is sensible to have a filter at home that is both effective and affordable.

According to our guide on the best home water softener, it is to consider these criteria for buying a filter, the Zero Water filter seems to be the most suitable option. While there are many topwater filters in the market, none of them has the best combination of installation affordability and effectiveness. Even those famous Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters are costly.

Knowing this benefit, it is common for anyone to look for how long do Zero Water filters last. Read on to find that out…

What Is So Unique about Zero Water Filters?

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These filters are designed to work differently than other filters available. The majority of water filters employ a special kind of ion-exchange resin along with activated carbon. This mix is capable of attracting a variety of contaminants and finally allow pure water to pass.

Further, unlike all esteemed or popular filters, Zero Water implements a 5-stage process for filtering water. This also encompasses the mix above present in other filters. This is the primary feature that makes these filters set apart from others.

Due to this profound filtering mechanism, the resulting filtered water is free from all harmful pollutants. Further, the quality of this water is identical to the distillation and reverse osmosis processes. Below is the description of the 5-stage filtration mechanism:

  1. At this stage, a coarse filter screen discards all solids present in the water, except for the dissolved ones such as rocks.
  2. Now, a special filter Foam discards the other suspended solids.
  3. At the third stage, water flows through several layers of oxidation, reducing alloy as well as activated carbons. This is where contaminants such as pesticides, chlorine, chloramine, and other chemicals get discarded.
  4. At stage 4, ions are exchanged via a dedicated resin. It results in the separation of water and dissolved solids. This is where inorganic chemicals such as fluoride are removed.
  5. Finally, the rest of the suspended solids are removed through a subtle screen and non-woven coating.

Apart from the working, a Zero Water filter has a unique feature of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter to stand out in the competitive crowd. This meter is a small device that shows the number of water impurities. Once the water is filtered, the device shows 000. This is proof that this 5-stage process works.

The Dissolved Solids refer to the compounds such as organic, salts, and minerals dissolved into water. Zero Water is perhaps the only brand right now whose filters discard 99.6% of all these solids, as per the official site of Zero Water.

How Many Gallons of Water Does a Zero Water Filter?

According to the official website, a Zero Water filter is capable of filtering 25 to 40 gallons of water per filter. This is applicable when the specified TDS in the water to be filtered between the standard range of 51-200.

How Long Do ZeroWater Filters Last?

Although certified by NSF International and capable of discarding inorganic matter and other risky compounds, a Zero Water filter is believed to last no longer than other filters. For this, the reason given is the excellent filtering capacity.

Well, the truth is that the duration for which this filter shall last is dependent on many factors. How long a Zero Water filter will last depends on your water usage apart from the quality of tap water.

For example, if the amount of TDS in the tap water is 500 and above, these filters will end up filtering significantly less water before replacing them. Tap water with poor quality featuring a high contaminant level or TDS of even 301 and above will make one filter last up to 15 gallons.

In the case of decent-quality water and the TSD meter disclosing the contaminant level of 50 or less, a Zero Water filter will last for up to 40 gallons (150+ liters).

So, it all depends. If you fill a Zero Water jar once daily and the water quality is not too bad, the filter is likely to last for several months. On the contrary, filling it several times a day with poor-quality of water means changing the filter every month.

Thus, it is clear that the durability or longevity of a Zero Water filter is entirely dependent on the TDS value and water usage frequency. Therefore, it is not possible to predict precisely as to how long it will last.

In short, if the dissolved substances are high, the number of filtered gallons will be less. After each filtration session, use the TDS meter to gauge the quality of water been filtered. When you find that the quality is not up to the mark, it is an indication for you to change the cartridge. For example, if the meter shows 006, consider replacing the filter.

In a lifetime, a ZeroWater filter discards around 18,000 mg of dissolved solids before replacement.

Do You Need to Rinse Zero Water Filter?

Unlike other famous filters, a Zero Water filter requires no soaking or rinsing. Still, it is a good idea to add some cups of water to ensure that your water is clear and the TDS reading is 000.

Which is Better: Brita or Zero Water?

If you compare these two esteemed water filters, you will find that Brita filters do not remove all solids. This is because they use a filtering mechanism of only two stages, unlike Zero Water’s 5-stage one. Thus, the latter is the winner.


The longevity of Zero Water filters depends on the water quality (TDS value) and water usage. The more the TDS value, the less water it will filter, and sooner will be the need to replace the filter.

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