How Long Does It Take for a Hot Water Heater to Heat and Why Does It Turn Off Randomly?

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I’m not a fan of cold water, even during summertime. My body always yearns for the touch of warm water, especially when it comes to evening baths. It’s one reason why I keep a tankless water heater at home. Moreover, my heater helps me get the immediate hot water I need for relaxation, which is why I make sure that it’s in good condition.

After buying a gas tankless water heater from this article about electric tankless hot water heater reviews, I check all its parts from time to time. From the connectors to the pilot, I always make sure that everything is functioning well. Proper maintenance averts possible expenditures, and it also makes it long-lasting.

Why Turning Off the Water Heater Should Not Be the Main Option

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Water heaters are not cheap investments. I was hesitant to buy one before because I’m sticking to my budget. However, having one is a necessity because it’s more accessible heat water, and it’s quicker to get one as well. It works well, especially when I don’t have ample time to use the kettle for boiling.

When it comes to being practical, I used to turn off my water heater whenever I’m away for a couple of days. However, it cost me more after several repairs. Hence, leaving it open is a better option than turning it off.

The option I had was to turn it into vacation mode or to lower the water temperature from 50 degrees to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as it’s partly turned on, it’ll not be too challenging to reheat the water once I get back from vacation or business trips.

Another hassle in turning the electric water heater off is that it’s hard to turn it back on. Once the water goes down to average water temperature , reheating the water is uneasy. When I used to turn my gas water heaters off, I always struggle in heating my water for bathing using the kettle. Worse is that sometimes, my water is not enough.

How Long Does a Water Heat Up in a Gas Water Heaters?

After experiencing the troubles in leaving my tankless water heater off during idle times, I never left it turned off again. Whenever my neighbors ask me, “how long does it take a water heater to heat up?” I always tell them that it depends on the type of heater.

An electric gas heater will take about 20 minutes to heat the water. The solar water heater can also take up to 20 minutes, but it only depends if there’s a source of energy. On the other hand, the tankless heater can provide an unlimited hot water supply without any warm-up time, thanks to its technology. As for my gas water heater, it always takes me 30 minutes to minutes.

Steps on How to Prevent a Water Heater from Shutting Off

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Gas water heaters are unpredictable because there are times that it turns off out of the blue, despite leaving it open. Unlike electric heaters, this heater-type needs more attention because it can shut off randomly without your awareness. Every time it turns off, I always suffer the burden of not having hot water when I need it the most. Here are some steps I took to avert my heater from continuously turning off:

  1. Check if the air inlet screen is clear from blockage. My gas water heater has an air inlet screen, and this part is always getting dirty. Once it gets unclean, the dirt is clogging it, which meddles with its performance. What happens is that the filth isn’t letting the air in, which keep the burners on. Removing pet hair, lint, or dust is manageable, so I didn’t have to call a plumber to fix it.
  2. Check if the thermopile is faulty. When my heater turned off again, yet there’s nothing wrong in the air inlet screen, I immediately checked the condition of the thermopile. This spare part is next to the pilot burner, and it produces electrical energy, which acts as the power source. It only requires cleaning since dirt is also the main reason why it’s not functioning well.
  3. Check if the thermocouple is defective. After checking the air inlet screen and thermopile, I’ll check the thermocouple next. This part shuts off once the pilot light turns off. Once this item becomes defective, cleaning will not be enough. I called a plumber to help me with repairing it.
  4. Check the exhaust vent if there’s a blockage. When there’s nothing wrong with the thermocouple and the thermopile, the next thing I check is the exhaust vent. This part inside the tank causes the overheating of the burner chamber. Once something is blocking the vent, it can also affect the thermoresistor. I also needed the service of a professional plumber to fix this problem.
  5. Check if the Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant System is failing. As I check my gas water heater, I also check if the FIVR system is malfunctioning. Once this system fails, it can avert combustion air from getting to the radiator. Furthermore, as this scenario happens, the burner will affect pilot.
  6. Check if the gas valve is functioning well. The gas valve might be a little part, yet it’s significant inside heaters because it distributes the gas to the unit. Since the gas is the primary source for the burners and the pilot, it will malfunction if it can’t supply enough. When it comes to fixing this problem, I let a plumber check it.

Gas electric water heaters are most likely to shut off. Seldom times when I leave my house for out-of-town trips, I come home with a turned-off heater. Hence, I make sure I check all the parts inside to determine which items need repairs or replacements to prevent it from turning off again without notice.

These steps guide me on how I can fix my gas water heater’s problem once it shuts off all of a sudden. This guide also serves as my checklist to know which items I need to ready for repairs or replacements. As it’s going to take some time for water to reheats, it’s best to assure that nothing’s going to mess with my heater.

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