5 Ways to Know On How Much Are Security Cameras?

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In a world where safety is now an option to be looked after and always to feel that there is still an eye on everything around us, security cameras have taken up the pedestal.

Installing security cameras is one of the best decisions you can make for your safety, and help protect both your homes and offices alike.

Did you know that 52% of crimes and burglaries in the States happen during the daytime? Well, if you own the right security camera, you can monitor activities easily and ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe.


However, how do you go about choosing the right security camera?

With a basket full of a wide range of prices, there is just one security system that is made available to everyone. Since most products come with the same features but also with a roller – coaster – ride difference in prices, it becomes crucial for the buyers to know its exact value. If you aren’t careful, you might end up buying one that costs a lot more but has limited features.

You wouldn’t want that, would you? I know that because I too had to search a good many products to find the security camera I needed for my home, and it wasn’t easy.

So how can you be sure of their prices?


The 5 Ways to Tell How Much a Security Camera is Worth

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Here are some simple ways through which you can tell a security camera’s true worth.


1. Wired and Wireless Cameras

Most security cameras are wired. But with fast-growing technology, there are wireless cameras too. Here comes the variation, as wireless security cameras cost you more than the wired ones as it becomes easy to install and carry and is highly portable.

The stored recordings are transmitted through the air without any cables, and you do not have to worry about the fuss with wires. The complexity of a large system is also not there. Wireless security cameras cost more than wired ones since you’d need access to better technology.


2. Outdoor and Indoor Cameras

An outdoor camera has more worth than an indoor camera as it can be used for internal and external requirements. But indoor cameras face the challenge of dust and rain which is why they are limited to their application just as its name suggests.

Outdoor cameras are designed and prepared to face these difficulties. They come with IP (water resistance) and IK (durability) protection which increases their ratings and demand as well as their price.


3. PTZ Security Cameras

Pan – Tilt – Zoom or PTZ cameras are crafted for outdoor use. Such cameras, in comparison to fixed and static cameras, are worth buying and have a worth more due to its flexibility. If you need a broad range of motion for your surveillance system, PTZ cameras are your answer. Such cameras have excellent flexibility and powerful onboard motors for any setting.

Because of its powerful optical lenses, PTZ cameras are slightly expensive than all other types, and at the same time, it offers to work equally as that of ten cameras. Its versatility is what makes them worthwhile, favorable for both outdoor and indoor use.

PTZ cameras seem to be the leading player in the field. They even respond to triggers and alarms. If any person passes a zone that has been fed as restricted in the camera, it quickly cues an alert, begins to record and follow this particular person. While other cameras would just passively leave a signal.


4. Analog and Network Surveillance / IP Cameras

Analog cameras go way back in history. If a person thought of security cameras, analog cameras were the first option that has been established ever since the discovery of these cameras. Although large in appearance and with a lot of wires, analog cameras are still in use with its reasonable and affordable rates.

However, network surveillance or IP cameras come with better quality recordings and pinch your pocket more than the former. It works with both power and data down Ethernet cable which speeds up the system.

With its increased quality, IP cameras process the recorded footage and can directly transmit files to a web browser. If connected to a router, it becomes even more straightforward to handle from the phones. The only drawback is, IP cameras get weak if the network receives weak, which directly affects the recordings in the camera.

Despite its rates being higher than analog cameras, I would highly recommend and endorse IP cameras.


5. License Plate Recognition Cameras

Just as its name suggests, LPRs are designed to capture speed shutter modes. Although most cameras record everything clearly with their high-quality lenses, with LPRs you can specifically zoom in and get a crystal-clear view of the particular person, object, or for that matter, the license plate.

It’s ability to give you such a splendid clarity is what increases LPR’s worth and is also expensive compared to other listed security cameras. Even LPRs aren’t ideal for simple home use. However, they are highly valuable for factories, public spaces and also for an apartment setting.

It comes with an advanced night vision camera and a powerful LED that handles all difficult and dark situations. Even during the night, these cameras can zoom in and provide a real and proper view of a specific object. It’s intelligent sensors automatically switch to night mode once it detects the dimming of light accordingly.



These simple tips can help you choose the right security camera, and to know if it would fit your needs. You wouldn’t want to buy one that doesn’t come to your help, would you?

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