8 Easy Life Hacks to Catch Someone Breaking Into Your Car

Catch Someone Breaking Into Your Car

As a car owner, I always worry about car safety. What if someone steals it while I am doing my grocery?

You will know of steering wheel lockers, GPS tracking devices, and other such anti-theft devices. Sometimes though, these are not enough to let you have a sound sleep without worrying about your vehicle.

It is always safe to know about more methods and techniques to safeguard your car and to be ready in advance before anybody eyes it or will make a move.

The Top 8 Hacks to Catch Someone Break Into Your Car

Vandals caught in shocking CCTV

So here are eight life-changing hacks to catch someone break into your car.


1. Install a baby monitor

As simple as it sounds, baby monitors are handy and help you keep track of your car effortlessly. They are small in appearance but will attract the attention of thieves when they break into your vehicle. With the thief coming closer to the monitor, you can keep a record of the face. It also has audio sensors which enable you to hear every noise near and inside your car.

A baby monitor is an unexpected an anti-theft device but with the monitor installed to your car, no matter where you are, you will know if your car is at its place or not.


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2. Wrap your keys in aluminum foil

Wrap your keys in aluminum foilHow can aluminum foil protect your vehicle from being stolen? Yes, it can. The essentials of your car work with signals, and often, thieves use these signals to take your car without the keys.

It is said that signals can be blocked with the help of anything metallic. If your car is parked near your apartment or just below your building, the vehicle can take a signal from the keys very quickly, and you will be unaware of when and how your car is robbed.

By wrapping it with aluminum, the thief will face difficulty to take signals. Not just aluminum foil, you can even keep your keys inside a microwave oven or even a refrigerator instead of hanging them near the front door.

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3. While parking, keep your wheels turned towards the curb

It is recommended by policemen to park your cars with keeping the wheels towards the curb. This complicates auto towing for thieves who plan to use a tow truck for theft.

To steal a car in such a position will require much more effort and operations. This, however, leads to losing interest in stealing and in due time, can increase chances of anybody hearing the thief break into your car.

You can also mark the glass and mirrors. A VIN or an identification number is what you can use to mark the glasses, windshields, and windows of your car. This can be done at a very reasonable and low rate.

If your car has been stolen, the robber will have to spend a lot of time changing the identification number to not get caught. This not just consumes time, but also money, which at the end allows no profit to the thief. It has been noticed that cars with VINs are mostly avoided by theft.

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4. Go in for a CCTV Installation

If you are having the car parked in your property, do not forget to have a surveillance camera installed. If you have a CCTV, you can know if anybody is inside your property. Even if you are out on CCTV footagevacation, you can get alerted to intruders on your smartphone and can take proactive action by calling in the police.

It’s one of the best ways to protect your car and also identify the thief.

Since you already have his details on your security camera, it would be easier to put in the evidence in the court, ensuring smoother and speedier justice.

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5. Place a GPS tracker in your car

Don’t just place it, choose the correct place for the tracker. If you put it at a home that is hidden from sight, the malefactor can very easily steal the car unaware of the tracker although they might have wasted much time on getting rid of other visible anti-theft devices.

Till they do that, you get to know about unusual happening near your car, and once you know your vehicle is not at its place, you can begin tracking it immediately.


6. Install a Car security camera

You can install a battery-operated outdoor wireless security cameras inside your car too and wirelessly connect it to other smart devices. So, even when someone has broken into your vehicle, you can catch them quickly. Some of these car security cameras cannot be identified easily too by thieves, so you will have more time to inform the police.


7. Hide any of your old phones in your car

Any old phone that is in a working condition and is of not much use to you leave it in your car. You could keep it any corner by moving it on silent mode and switching it’s GPS on. Make sure you phone's GPS trackerconnect the Google account to your device.

In case you go to a vague place, and you are apprehensive about the parking lot, type ‘Find my phone’ in Google and you will find the location of your vehicle within a minute.

This is possibly the fastest way to locate your car and also leaves you free from bothering about theft.


8. Be cautious and not callous

The most common reason for anybody breaking into your car is mostly carelessness. Do not make it easy for the thief with petty things. While you are in your car, keep the windows shut. Sometimes, by leaving them open, there are chances you might lose your car keys.

Always park at a place that you seem to be sure about and never leave the engine on to buy anything. If you leave the car for even a few minutes, always stop the engine, lock the car and then leave.

Most importantly, put a transcoding alarm on your vehicle for emergencies during the night and also install a outdoor battery powered security camera with smartphone app at your parking area as alarms do not work at times.

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