7 (Friendly) Ways On How To Keep Neighbors Out Of My Yard

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Neighbor issues can be such a pain. I experienced some trespassing issues with a neighbor recently, so I wrote this article on how to deal with trespassing neighbors.

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Things You can do to Ward off Trespassing Neighbors

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1. Post “Private Property” or “No Trespassing” Sign


Although some people may say that this won’t solve the problem, I put up a sign on my yard to mean that I am in control. I mark what is mine as private property. My neighbors cannot enter my yard or land without my permission.

Trespassing is a crime. I can sue anyone who trespasses in my property. Also, it serves as a reminder for everyone not to offend.

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2. Place a Motion Detection Camera

I also installed an outdoor surveillance camera with a siren and two-way audio. I found it useful to ward off trespassers. The motion detection camera sends alerts to my mobile phone every time someone is on my front porch, backyard, or yard.

I got well-meaning advice from a friend that my “No Trespassing” sign must be visible in my video recordings so I can use them when a file a complaint against the trespassers. Also, I put up a surveillance warning sign to remind everyone that I can see what they’re doing even when I’m away.

Having a surveillance camcorder suits me because it can keep a log of the times that a neighbor makes an unlawful entry. If I need to file a case against any gatecrasher, I have the video clips as pieces of evidence.

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3. Talk to the Neighbors

When I first moved into this neighborhood, I knew I could have problems with kids playing on my yard uninvited or a neighbor’s pet running wild in my backyard and ruining my garden. So, knocked on their doors and be frank with them. I told them that I didn’t want any unwanted annoyance or neighbors trespassing. I set the boundaries to clear the confusion.

Talk to the NeighborsSome neighbors may not like my approach, but I said what I had to say. If they still intrude on my property, I could take legal action.

How to Talk to Your Neighbors

Follow the strategy that I use when I talk to my trespassing neighbors. You may feel uncomfortable in doing it, but you need to if you want to resolve the issue and avoid any expense or escalation.

  •   I find out first if the neighbor has a history of resulting in retaliation or violence, overreacting, or volatility. If you think that your neighbor will take it negatively, you can decide not to pursue talking to him.
  • However, most people want to settle an issue before it escalates. They want a chance to respond first. If you bring the matter to the authorities without talking to them first, you can expect your relationship with them can have damaging effects. Even if you could not resolve the issue, you gave your neighbor a chance to respond.
  • If the nearby resident agrees to discuss the problem, you must ensure that you aren’t exaggerating it. If your privacy is important to you and it is worth the possible bad feelings your neighbor may have with you; then you can go ahead and talk to him. However, you must have clear reasons and can state them clearly, when you have the conversation.
  • You can invite your neighbor to dinner. But, let him know that you’re merely having a friendly chat. He must feel that you care about your relationship with him and that you want to resolve the trespassing issue.
  • Most of the time, neighbors are not aware that they are offending you. So, when you accuse them maliciously that they are doing a wrong entry, you can expect your relationships with them to be permanently damaged. Therefore, when you have the conversation, you are only bringing the issue to their attention so that you can improve your relationships and gain a quick resolution of the problem.
  • You don’t need to win the argument. You talk to your neighbor because you want to resolve an issue. Do not allow any other questions or tit-for-tat responses.
  • Stop when you reach an agreement. If you are not able to obtain any positive results, you can escalate the issue with the landlord or authorities.
  • Raise the problem with the landlord if your neighbor rents their home. In most cases, the property owner will want to maintain an excellent relationship with you. He will appreciate if you talk to him first before you escalate the issue to a lawyer or the police.

4. Put Up a Good Fence

If you want to deter trespassers, you can construct a fence around your yard. It will serve as a reminder to your neighbors and naughty kids that they cannot mess around your property. Also, it will keep stray animals out of your yard. But, before you construct a fence, you must check if there are local fence laws in place. Some states have regulations about building walls.

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5. Use Plants as Natural Barriers

Since I don’t want to put up a fence, I grew plants around my property instead. I planted roses around because I figured that thorny plants could deter intruders. If you want to build a fence of plants, you must also check first with your local government agency because they may have rules about having plants or barriers around the property.

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6. Have Guard Dogs

An excellent way to keep neighbors away is to have guard dogs that will bark loudly to scare them. You can have a German shepherd, Scottish terrier, Doberman pinscher, or Rottweiler to protect your house.

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7. Put a Motion-Activated Sprinkler in your lawn

Aside from watering your garden, motion-activated sprinklers can scare away trespassers. If you don’t want to have guard dogs, you can have these sprinklers instead. You can put them along with your property’s perimeter or in any particular spot. However, you need to put up a sign as a warning.

Good neighbor relationships can turn sour if an issue comes up. Thus, if you want to maintain these interfaces, you must know how to deal with trespassing neighbors and how to keep neighbors off my property. I shared some tips on that you can follow in case you discovered a nosy neighbor on your property.

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