6 Ways On How To Detect Hidden Camera In Mirror That May Save Your life

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There is a rise in complaints about hidden cameras and spy tools used in wicked ways. Most of these spy cameras are targeting guests that stay on Airbnb houses, in hotel rooms, on cruise lines and others. Sad to say, it looks like this trend does not seem to be controlled anytime soon. If you know how to take measures on how you will not get victimized, then much better.

One of the most common areas a hidden camera was placed is in the mirror. Check the mirrors in the toilet, trial rooms, and others. Some bad guys install a hidden camera on the other side of the mirror that is see-through, as the other part may look the same as a regular mirror.

Sneaking up

Here are ways on how to detect hidden camera in the mirror

What you need:

  • Flashlight
  • Enter the area thinking that you are under surveillance.

If this is your first time to stay in a hotel or Airbnb, set your mind that someone is watching you. With this mindset, you can play detective and check the area thoroughly.

Assuming that you are being watched will help you from getting victimized. You should inspect every mirror in the room to make sure there is no two-way mirror on it. The other side of a two-way mirror is a camera hidden on it.

There are several ways to check if there is a two-way mirror in the room:

  1. Fingernail Test

To check for a two-way mirror using your fingertip, the first thing you need to do is to place your finger on the mirror. Notice how your fingertip appears in the mirror. If the reflection and your fingertip will not touch and leaves a quarter-inch gap or so, then it’s a clean mirror.

But when you place your fingertip on the mirror, and the reflection touches your finger, there is something fishy about the mirror.

The fingernail test should not be your only basis for determining if it is a two-way mirror or not. Some factors may affect the results you get:

It is hard to tell if it is your reflection you are touching or not. There are lots of factors like the material the mirror is manufactured, and the lighting that may affect it. There are instances when you think you are touching a first surface mirror when, in reality, you are not.

Also, there is a possibility that a two-way mirror is a second surface mirror. If the lighting and setting where the mirror is placed have indicated that it looks like a two-way mirror, do not just rely on this test.

Some establishments such as gas stations or bars, use a metal back with a mirror tint and not a real mirror, which may give the appearance of having a two-way mirror. It is intended to prevent the mirror from breaking and becoming a business liability.

  1. Use a flashlight to check for the presence of a two-way mirror

Woman looking into a mirror about to ring a bellThe two-way mirror is a mirror on one side and a window from the other, which makes them the best place to hide the cameras. If you suspect something is wrong with the mirror, you can check it using a flashlight. Turn off the lights in the room and then press the flashlight against the glass. You will know it’s a two-way mirror if you will able to see the place on the other side.

  1. Check how the mirror is installed

Observe if the mirror looks to be handing on the wall or a part of the wall itself. If it seems like hanging, check the back and you should see a wall. If it is part of the wall itself, then there is a chance that it is a two-way mirror, set in the wall instead of hanging. Through this, people on the other side of the wall can see someone in front of the mirror.

A two-way mirror is usually coated with a substance known as micro pane. If you look in the mirror and you are on the treated side, you can see your reflection, but you cannot see it on the untreated side as it will look like a tinted window.

If you find a wall behind the mirror, you know it is nothing but a regular mirror.

A regular mirror does not require bolting when placing it. You will know if there is a two-way mirror if you try to lift it on the wall and it was installed in the wall or bolted on it.

  1. Tapping the Mirror

You can also detect if there is a two-way mirror in the room by tapping on it. An ordinary mirror will create a flat, dull sound but if it sounds open, sharper, or hollow it is a two-way mirror because of the space behind it.

If you think you have a two-way mirror, the best way to deal with it is by covering it up with a sheet of paper or hanging another mirror over it.

  1. Check the Lighting

Observe the lighting and determine if it seems very bright than usual. If so, then you might be staring at a two-way mirror. But, if the light in the room has regular lighting, and you can’t see through the mirror right away, then it is a standard mirror.

To be able for a two-way mirror to be active, the light should be ten times brighter on the mirrored side than on the other side. If the lighting is dimmer, you can see through the glass to the observation area.

  1. Peer through the Glass

Place your face into the mirror and cup your hands around it, producing a dark tunnel to keep the light out as much as possible. If the light in the observation room is brighter than the light on the side of your mirror, you should see what is beyond the glass.


Now that you know what to do and don’t be afraid if you see a sketchy looking mirror upon entering the room. Just keep in mind these simple steps in determining if you are being watched, and you will be safe.

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