5 Ways On How To Get Sulfur Smell Out Of Water [FAST]

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Does your water smells like rotten eggs odor and you don’t know what to do? Well, the odor comes from the presence of sulfur and it can be very annoying. Luckily, I understand the struggle and I’m here to help! Here is all the information about sulfur, determining where it comes from and 5 ways to get the sulfur smells out of the drinking water for good.

Is Sulfur Harmful?

Even a small amount of hydrogen sulfide gas in the drinking water can cause strong smells. But, although the odor can overwhelm, the sulfur itself isn’t dangerous, especially because there probably isn’t much of it. However, even though it isn’t harmful, there is no reason it should remain in the water.

Where Does the Unpleasant Smell Come From?

Before I get to 5 ways to get the sulfur smell out of the water treatment, you need to determine where it comes from. That way, homeowners will know which solution will work best for their particular situation.

Owners need to do a thorough examination of their entire home. They should run both the cold water and hot water in every faucet in the house. That will help them determine what is the likely issue.

The water smell is coming from hot water only

When the odor is coming from hot water only, the issue is likely with the hot water heater according to our review on the best tankless electric water heaters. That doesn’t mean that the heater causes the problem, but we recommend starting with the boiler first.

The smell is coming from one part of the house

In case the water smells are coming from one part of the house or one fixture, then the issue is most likely with sulfate-reducing bacteria in the pipes. Another possibility is that there is a problem with water filters. Either way, owners should those pipes or filters as soon as they can.

The smell is coming from the whole house

If the smell is coming from the whole house and both water temperatures, the problem is more serious. In case our solutions don’t work, the issue might be with the whole plumbing system, the groundwater, or the water supply system. The best advice we can give to those unlucky homeowners is to hire professional help.

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Ways In Getting Sulfur Smell Out Of The Water

1. Cleaning the pipes

In case an owner suspects that the issue is with pipes, there may be a quick and simple solution for it. They should turn all the faucets in the house on and let them run for fifteen minutes before turning them off. It won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth trying because the smell will disappear after you do it.

2. Aeration

Aeration is a great way to get rid of the unpleasant odor that’s present in the whole house. The main purpose of this process is to ensure that the concentrations of oxygen stay high enough which helps eliminate the effects of sulfur. They can achieve aeration using pumps and other forms of aerators, or by ventilating the tank.

However, there’s a huge chance that it won’t be able to remove the odor completely. So, homeowners should combine it with another solution, such as chlorine bleach.

3. Adding chlorine

Those that are looking for a quick fix for the unpleasant smell should try adding chlorine to their water softener. They’ll only need a small amount in order to effectively and swiftly get rid of the odor.

The same result can be achieved by using home bleach, which is a cheaper solution. However, owners should keep in mind that both solutions will only fix the problem with the water smells, and sometimes with the taste. That means that yellow particles will remain in the water. Thus, it’s best to combine it with other tips from our list.

4. Adding or replacing water filters

Glass of waterWater filters can also cause the rotten egg smell from the cold water. So, homeowners should examine their filters as soon as they can. In case they realize that filters are the problem, they should be replaced immediately.

Water filters can also solve the problem for those that don’t already have them installed. They will be able to quickly remove the annoying yellow particles. However, the downside of filters is that homeowners would have to replace them often to prevent the smell from reappearing.

The decision on the filters to use is totally up to the homeowner, but we recommend trying out the carbon filter ones. They have the most effective ability to absorb the sulfide onto their surface.

5. Cleaning the hot water heater

As I previously mentioned, cleaning the hot water heater is the perfect solution for those that have the smell coming from the hot water only. There are two easy ways to clean a boiler. Homeowners can combine it goes them to ensure that for good.

The first method comprises disinfecting the heater. The only thing homeowners will have to do is to turn the temperature of the heater to about 160 degrees. They should leave the boiler to run for two to four hours, and it will eliminate the sulfate-reducing bacteria.

The second way to clean the tap water heater is to flush it. Homeowners can do that by attaching a hose to the boiler’s drain valve. Since there will be a lot of excess water, it’s smart to put the other end of the hose outside or in the tub, and then let the heater drain.

After about ten or fifteen minutes, owners should take a bit of cold water and examine it to check whether the yellow particles are still there. In case they are, the boiler needs more flushing. We should repeat the examination every fifteen minutes until the water is clear again.

Final thoughts

I hope that you found one of my 5 ways to get the sulfur smell out of the water helpful. Comment down below what you think and come back for more useful tips!

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