Easy Tips On How To Have A Reliable Monitoring System For The Elderly In The Home

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One way of protecting an older person in the home is through the use of a home camera. It will give the family members some comfort and peace of mind. It is much better if you have a monitoring system with sight and sound to view what is going on in real-time.

At present, cameras are installed in many public and private areas to help monitor people in and out of buildings and other facilities. Shopping malls, offices, and banks use a camera to monitor and prevent crime and help law enforcement. Using cameras in private homes is a new practice, mainly if used inside the house.

Below are some tips on how to have a reliable monitoring system to check on the elderly at home.

What You Need:

A reliable camera system

Benefits of Having a Monitoring System in the Home

how to have a reliable monitoring system for elderly in the home

Security cameras have made it easy for you to watch over the elderly from afar via your computer or phone. It is beneficial if you are not living with them.

The statistics show that around 28% of non-institutionalized older persons are living on their own in the US. An estimate of 1 in 10 Americans ages 60 or higher experienced some form of abuse.

Because of this, the need for monitoring systems for the elderly is increasing. Here are examples of the possible usages of elderly monitoring cameras:

Elderly security cameras are used to monitor your parents or grandparents with mobility problems.

If you choose a two-way audio camera monitoring system for the elderly, you will be able to talk to your loved ones.

The nanny cameras for the elderly can be used to check on caregivers or nursing homes to make sure they are treated well.

For a retiree and those living alone, you can choose a simple monitoring system to be installed in the house and provide you with peace of mind 24 hours.


Guidelines For Outdoor installation

  • You must install the monitoring system in the right place. You also need to strategize how you will install the cameras to cover the right areas.
  • The distance of the camera from the ground is 8-10 feet. If you want to capture the fine details, this is the best height.
  • Do not point the cameras directly at the sun. Too much light can cause glare and high contrast in the footage, which makes it difficult to tell what is going on. Consider how the sun moves and position the cameras indirectly.
  • Hide your camera. Visible security cameras may scare away those who have bad intentions, but it is also easy to elude them. If you are monitoring your parent’s nanny, it is best to hide it. If she has plans to do something wrong, she will not be able to hide away from the camera.
  • Keep your camera protected from the elements. Some of the popular security cameras have enough water and weatherproofing. Purchase a camera that is right for your climate, and position it in the semi-protected area if possible.

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Guidelines for Indoor Security Placement

  • Corners are the best spot. Putting an indoor camera on the edge of the room usually gives you the broadest possible vantage point.
  • Windows can cause reflection problems. Directing a camera out of the window could degrade the image quality. Most of the security cameras have IR light technology, which helps in detecting movement and lets the cameras to function in low light.
  • Infrared light can reflect off the windows and other glass objects and alter your footage, particularly in the dark. If the video looks whited out or washed out, it could be due to the reflection problem.
  • If needed, you can point a camera out the window, position the lens close to the glass, and backlighting the outdoor part is two glare-reducing measures to try. It would be best if you choose a camera with extended dynamic range technology.
  • Position the camera indirectly light. To get the best footage, make sure that your camera is facing light sources like bright windows, light fixtures, and others.

reliable monitoring system

Tips on Installing a Reliable Monitoring System

Follow these installation guide to potentially save yourself from problems.

  • Before completely installing your equipment, it is best to test it first. Test the camera, and make sure it functions as expected. You can perform a dry run in the intended area to test the camera so that you can assess and monitor the feed. Check if you can see everything you need to see. Make sure there is no glare or anything that blocks the field view. Ensure the Wifi signal is strong enough.
  • Do not install the camera using tools that can damage the parts. When installing the camera, you tend to reposition it several times to achieve the right position. Try not to take action that could damage the casing, lens, or electrical components.
  • Regular maintenance or cleaning is required. It applies especially for outdoor cameras since they are prone to dirt that accumulates on the lens. Don’t install it in hard to reach areas that it is impossible to maintain.

Types of Monitoring Cameras

There are two basic types of monitoring cameras:

Analogue Cameras

Analogue cameras are connected to a video recorder with the help of a digital signal-processing chip and video recorder with the aid of a lens. The video recorder records the signal coming from an analogue camera. It is then converted to a digital signal. The signals are stored on a computer.

Digital Video Surveillance Cameras

It uses a digital signal to send the images. So you don’t have to convert them. This type of camera serves as a storage area for digital recordings and stored in a hard drive for future views. The digital video surveillance camera has up to 11 megapixels and can stream the record online that allows you to vide the cameras in real-time.

This camera also has another benefit. It lets you add more cameras. It has its web server that comes with a digital video recorder.

Final Thoughts

The best way to check on your grandparents or parents while you are away is through these monitoring systems for the elderly. There are lots of features that could help you in monitoring them in real-time or as recorded. With the increasing number of caregivers abusing the elderly, you would not want this to happen to your parents. If you want to share your thoughts and ideas, feel free to share it by commenting below.

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