5 Simple Ways on How to Keep Trespassers Off Your Property


Your home is where you decide to rest your head and relax your body after a hard day’s work, and with that in mind, it should be the most comfortable place in the world for you, where you can feel as free as can be.

However, to achieve this feeling of freedom inside your home, safety is then of utmost concern, especially in our modern day today with dangers only ever increasing.

This is why we have made it our mission to equip you with the necessary information and guide on how to keep trespassers off your property and not have to sweat about possible break-ins.

Today, we will be finding out the five simple ways on how you can easily keep trespassers off your property!

Why Do Trespassers Do Their Thing?

Sign on the metal fence Private property

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Before we can start equipping our homes with the best possible defense, it’s best that we start looking into the mind of a trespasser and why they would even decide to do such crime in the first place.

  • To Steal From YouYou have worked hard your entire life, and now you have some valuables in your house, valuables that look like easy-pickings for these trespassers.Will you let them take these or will you take action and do what is necessary to keep your home safe?
  • To Harm You: Something much more sinister but still a very real thing that happens is they may break-in to your house with the sole purpose of hurting and bring harm to you.In this case, it becomes more apparent how important it is for you to know how to keep trespassers off your property.
  • To Destroy PropertyAnother very real thing that happens is those that hold grudges against you or just for the heck of it may break-in your house to destroy and cause chaos to your belongings.In the slim chance that this happens, you will want to make sure that your safety is your utmost concern.

These are, but the tip of the iceberg and the three should be good enough reasons why you should find out how to keep trespassers off your property.

One of the most important things to consider in your life first and foremost is safety, and where else should it be more crucial than in the place where you sleep.

5 Simple Method to Keep Them Out

No trespassing sign

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All these five are sure to get you safe and leave the trespassers out of your property, and you are very welcome to use all five to keep yourself safe:


This may seem like the most common and obvious thing to do, but it sure does go a very long way to keeping trespassers away from your home and breaking into it.

You may think that these simple words would do nothing to scare or fend off trespassers. However, it does print a mental image into their minds telling them that this home was not to be messed with and had no place for him or her. On a psychological level, this one heck of a defense to keep them away – and a very affordable one at that.


Often nowadays you won’t get to see the fence that usually surrounds the property grounds as people now opt for the more open and minimalistic style of designing their house.

However, fences do also provide quite the safety against any intruders that may decide to prey on your living space. Heck, even if your fences aren’t physically high enough and are just the normal white picket fence ones, they are still effective.

The presence of fences again prints the mental image that your home is protected and will safeguard against any trespassers from ever breaking inside.

Security Cameras

Now if you can go and allocate some of your funds to home security, then it is in your best interests to invest in some home security cameras to be able to keep watch on what happens in and out your house.

Not only will this give you the added benefit of being able to keep surveillance on everything that happens, but it will also work wonders to keep trespassers away from your house. They will think that your place is well secured and will not even tempt the risk of being caught.

Get a Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason, because not only are they able to provide you with happiness but also warn you and keep you safe in times of distress.

To have a dog outside to guard your yard is a strong enough defense to make trespassers think, even more than just twice, about going in. And if they still do, your dog will be barking loudly to warn the whole neighborhood and begin to attack this intruder that has stepped on your property.

Don’t Show Off

Again another simple way on how to keep trespassers off your property is not showing off and flaunting your money where everyone can see it. In doing so, you are making everyone aware that a lot of valuables are inside your house, and that includes any potential trespassers who just so happen to pass by.

To keep this from happening, don’t get too haughty and just keep things simple – there is no need for your house to stand out, most especially if you’re concerned about safety.

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Friendly Reminder Before You Go

CCTV Camera with house and village

When keeping yourself safe with these methods make sure that you are also factoring in if you can afford them, so as not to overburden your budget and not have to lose anything just for safety (but is that a loss?).

However, we do advise you that all of these are legal methods on how to keep trespassers off your property and if you get any smart ideas of setting up bear traps in your home, then you might be the one going to prison.

So make sure you tread lightly and stay on the safe and legal side of things to avoid any unwanted problems surmounting any unforeseen event!

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