3 Tips for Drone Owners: How to Make a Quadcopter Quiet


Quad copter dronePeople are getting more hooked on devices these days, from laptops to smartphones. We can’t blame ourselves since technology is really in good shape today. Innovation is getting better, and now, you’d certainly save your money just to get the latest version of your favorite device.

It’s not a cheap hobby, but when it comes to technology, I believe investments are never wasted, especially if you’re maximizing the use your devices.

I’ve been investing on the best laptop and smartphone to get better output. Moreover, aside from these two devices, I also make sure I’m up-to-date on cameras.

Most people nowadays can’t get enough of cameras. Regardless if it’s for personal use or work, cameras are also considered as one of the most bought devices. Almost everyone has their own cameras at home.

Moreover, people are also getting into photography and video-making which is why there are numerous cameras and video recorders being offered in the market.

Just imagine, we started from heavy film cameras. It’s not easy getting a printed copy of your photo. But now the market is dominated by compact and advanced digital cameras. As technology progresses, the market is now offering action cameras.

Action cameras are becoming a trend because these devices are way handy, light and very versatile. There’s no hassle in bringing obvious and heavy cameras to document anything with action cameras as these also come with different accessories.

Moreover, action cameras can also be attached to drones.

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with drones, but here are more details about drones and why these flying devices are trending today.

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Quick Overview About Drones and Where These Are Being Used

Unmanned Aircraft System (UAV) Quadcopter Drone In The Air Over Construction Site.If you see a small helicopter-like device with a camera on it that’s just flying around your area; you bet it’s a drone.

Known as an unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, drones are aerial devices that are operated remotely or autonomously. This device doesn’t need the help of any on-boarded pilots for controlling. All it needs is a system, a connection and a controller to operate.

Some drones come with built-in cameras while some have none. Whether it’s built-in with cameras or not, these devices are mostly used for commercial, military and civil applications. Drones are being used mainly for monitoring areas in a wider view, each purpose having different applications as below:

  • When it comes to civil use, drones are helpful in monitoring crime, terrorism, law enforcement, archeology, disaster relief, and conservation efforts such as anti-poaching and pollution monitoring.
  • As for commercial use, drones have applications on scientific research, agriculture, journalism, aerial observation, cargo transport and the very popular application of filmmaking.
  • Military applications, on the other hand, include target practice, attack, demining and reconnaissance.

Drones are very useful especially when it comes to safety and protection. People are really investing these days just to get their own drones for different purposes, and now, the number of drones being offered in the market is increasing.

You may stumble on numerous types of drones as you search the market. If you’re looking for the right drone for you, you might want to consider the quadcopter.

Crucial Things You Need to Know About Quadcopters

Coming from the name, a quadcopter greatly resembles a helicopter. If you’re getting confused between drones and this device, what you need to Quadrocopter drone with the camerakeep in mind is that a quadcopter is a type of drone. What makes it distinct among other types of drones is that it has four rotors, and this is why it’s also referred to as quadrotor.

One thing you need to know about quadcopters is that it’s remotely controlled by an onboard pre-programmed computer. This device has exceptional balance through the blades’ movements and not through tail rotor usage. In addition, it also uses two matching fixed pitch propellers with two moving counterclockwise and the other two clockwise.

Quadcopters are recognized drones because of their useful applications and great balance. Hence, this type is the most used drones by people these days. Aside from photography, here are other helpful applications for quadcopters:

  • Quadcopters are used for law enforcement and military activities. This device is used for reconnaissance and surveillance. Moreover, this device can be very useful in search and rescue operations in urban locations.
  • Quadcopters are applicable to journalism tasks. Some newspapers and other media outlets are using this kind of drone to get a better view of celebrities and other subjects. News coverage has become easier with the convenience provided by quadcopters.
  • Quadcopters have many applications in sports. Action cameras are useful for physical activities’ coverage. With the help of drones, expect an exceptional result. Moreover, aside from coverage, quadcopters are used for racing since these devices are built for agility and speed.
  • Quadcopters are applicable for humanitarian efforts. This device is useful in animal conservation and disaster relief. Quadcopters are helpful as well to first responders, giving the team a heads-up on what’s going on in an area before proceeding to launch operations.
  • Quadcopters are applicable in deliveries. Not all drones are built-in for use in delivery, but for quadcopters, you can surely count on these devices. Pharmacies were the first to use these devices to deliver medical products.

Quadcopters are definitely worth the investment. You’ll never know when these can be very handy. You can certainly trust its versatility.

I bought a quadcopter because I was hooked on how it’s able to deliver small and light packages to close locations. I find it very handy when I have to give something to certain friends or family members in my neighborhood. It saves time and effort, especially if I can’t leave my house.

Drones provide exceptional advantages, but some drone owners are concerned about a few things. Aside from troubleshooting basic malfunctions, drone owners are concerned about their drones’ noise. Drones are useful, but you wouldn’t want it to be noticeable, especially its noise.

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Few Tips to Consider on How to Keep a Quadcopter Quiet

Policedrone noisyIt’s really a bummer having a noisy drone. It’s like hearing a bumble bee buzzing over and over again.

I’ve always wanted a quiet a drone because hearing a buzzing sound really gets into my nerve.

It’s like my drone is about to explode or it has poor quality when I purchased it. But good thing there are hacks on how to keep a quadcopter quiet.

As I’ve been discussing this concern with my fellow friends who also own drones, here are some useful points on how you can keep your device quiet as much as possible:

  • What makes a drone noisy are the propellers. As for quadcopters, there are four propellers, which is why you’d think that keeping it discreet is impossible.You’d be surprised to know that you can actually keep your drone quiet by optimizing its design, like putting the propellers inside the shrouds.You just need to use a bigger and slower-spinning propeller on a bigger chassis.
  • If you’re using an electric helicopter, expect the noise to come from the pressure waves of the tail blades. Noise is created by your device’s main rotors. If the noise concerns you a lot, you can build a motor glider around it. It will effectively go silently as long as it doesn’t go fast.

If you’re planning to buy your drone, specifically a quadcopter, you have to consider the fact that these devices may really be noisy. After all, the main concern of using cameras on drones is to simply get a better wide view in monitoring an area.

Noises recorded on videos should not be a big thing for owners but if the noise of the main drone concerns you, there are ways on how to keep your drone quiet.

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