3 (Easiest) Ways On How To Power Wireless Security Cameras

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A wireless security camera does not require cables to transmit video. The footages are transmitted directly via a recording or viewing device.

Wireless security cameras have several advantages over wired cameras. It is more secure; thus, it is hard to destroy or alter. It is easier and less complex to install, which means it has less maintenance and installation costs.

The videos can be easily viewed from the device of your choice, which means you can monitor your area from your smartphone.

Benefits of Using Wireless Security Cameras

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There are lots of benefits you can enjoy from wireless security cameras. Below are some of the key advantages of investing in wireless security cameras:


1. No Wires

The number advantage of a wireless security camera provides is the fact that it does not include cables. Criminals can easily cut the wires that connect the telephone lines and power cables. While if you use a wireless camera, it does not have wires for intruders to attack.

Wired security cameras may require drilling of holes in the wall and have some mounting kit during the installation. Although it is not a difficult task, if you put them together, it is time-consuming.

Installing wireless cameras is easy, needs less time, and enables you to angle the cameras.


2. Flexibility

Wireless cameras are very flexible as it does not include wires to place the cameras in any location. Also, you don’t have to worry if there is no outlet around.

Aside from the fact that you can place them anywhere, you can program them to a range of settings, and move them to various locations.

There is no restriction on the location. You can install the camera anywhere you want to. Also, since it does not have wire, you can easily hide the cameras much easier, and it would come in handy.


3. Secured Footage

Aside from the fact that a wireless camera comes with alarm monitoring services, you can save data directly to the cloud, to keep the recordings safe. People will be prevented from intruding, and then damage or take the footage for good measure. It uses top-rate encryption techniques for digital data, making the video feed safe for cybercriminals.


4. Easy to Access

You will be able to situate the receiver 700 feet up to ten miles from the main camera. The distance will depend on the type of camera. The signal can penetrate up to 8 walls, which is made of hard objects like wood, glass, metal, and plastic.

You can feed anytime because of its advanced access control system feature.

How Do Wireless Security Cameras Get Power?

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Wireless security cameras get their power from three sources – to be plugged in, battery and solar-powered.


1. Wireless Security Cameras That Need to be Plugged In

When you say wireless, it means that the data transmission doesn’t need a wire from the camera to a receiver. However, you need a cable for power, and it should be plugged into an electric outlet. That is how a wireless security camera gets power.

So, if your wireless or WiFi security camera is used outdoor, you should consider how far the wireless security camera from the power source is.


2. Wireless Security Cameras Powered by Battery

The battery operated wireless security cameras obtain their power without the need for wires at all. It is a wire-free security system solution. You don’t need a cable to transmit the data and power supply. The batteries are their source of power, and thus it does not require an electrical power source.

How your wireless security cameras function will depend on battery life. It’s because of this why some people are hesitant to buy a camera powered by batteries. This issue is easy to resolve.

The battery-powered cameras turn on when motion is detected, which saves the battery life. You don’t have to worry about the security cameras’ power outage since it gives you a signal on how much power the security camera uses via the software.

There are ways to extend the battery life of your camera. Because it is a battery-powered feature, this camera is a helpful outdoor and indoor smart home device. Place it anywhere you want it in the table, backyard, bookshelf, driveway, and front door. You can replace it whenever you want without worrying about cables.

The battery-powered camera can take not just a wide viewing angle, but also the best way in monitoring place.


3. Solar Powered Wireless Security Cameras

These solar-powered security cameras are one of the best options for wireless security cameras that do not require a cable. The only thing you need to get the power that you need for your wireless security cameras is a solar panel. You will use it to collect energy from the sun.

Have solar-powered security cameras and at the same time can be used with rechargeable batteries to store the energy from the sun. Most of the time, they are sold separately. But, you can also get a set from the same manufacturer.

Another good thing about solar cameras is that they function on 4G/3G cellular data making video close watch possible for remote areas with weak or no wifi connection like construction sites, vacation homes, farms, and others.

Choosing a solar-powered security camera is a good option because it provides a lot of benefits like:

  • It does not need long wires
  • Free from the power grid
  • It is installed in remote sites or in challenging environments.
  • Reduces environmental impact

Final Thoughts

Some people prefer the battery-powered model while others choose the traditional plugged-in security camera. There are also solar-powered security cameras that are as reliable as the others.

It does not matter, whichever you choose, they all provide good quality images. Installing a wireless security camera can watch over your home and family and monitor your home or business from an app on your phone. If you have some questions or ideas you want to share, feel free to comment below.

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