How To Prevent Glare On A Surveillance Camera Looking Through A Window

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text](The infrared surveillance cameras wash out the images and videos at night when they are placed behind a glass window. This happens because of three security camera against finance building with reflectionsglare that does not let you see the things clearly.)

A surveillance camera placed on the window and facing the outside lets you monitor the front door or the backyard. These places may seem smart to fix your wireless security camera, but the problem that most people end up facing is to see that their security camera does not work at all.

Some problems occur when you place the surveillance camera looking through the windowpane or glass. The question that now arises is whether the infrared camera is able to see through the window or through the glass? In addition, does the camera record through glass or window?

The wireless cameras used for surveillance these days use Wi-Fi, which relies on the infrared or the IR for night vision. This IR bounces off from the glass. Thus, if you have placed your surveillance camera behind a window then you may just get a blurry image during the nighttime.

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Problems that arise when the security camera looks through a window at night

The common issue that arises when you use an infrared security camera and install it behind a window is the window glare. This could be because of the infrared LEDs, status light or the ambient light. This glare from the window causes the images to get whiteout and the videos are washed out because of the overexposure of light that happens at night. It causes difficulty to make out the images the surveillance camera has recorded.

The surveillance camera may work just fine during the daytime, but there are issues when the cameras are used to record at night.

Issues when you use an indoor placed surveillance camera to point outside through a widow

The security cameras on a balcony high building. Cleaning exterior glassBefore you place the battery operated wifi cameras inside your house to point outside and look through the window, you need to consider few uses. The camera technology has improved manifolds in the last few years but nothing works absolutely perfectly. In fact, till date, the outdoor security cameras are no match for the indoor security cameras to record the outside.

Recording at night is not possible because of the reelection by the LED light as the surveillance camera uses infrared light. This causes the videos to get overexposed and it gets washed out totally. The problems can, however, be fixed by disabling the infrared lights. You should also disable any status light, which could cause the videos to be blurred. Installing the motion-activated lights on the outside could help the cameras to focus on the outside and see if someone is coming to your house at night.

The window also causes a downgrade in the quality of the video recording. This is because the camera has to focus through an object, which is a window. The window comes between the subject and the camera. To avoid this is not possible but for the best results, you need to place the camera as close to the window as possible. This may let you avoid some of the distortion problems.

However, the best of all is to set up an outdoor security camera.

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Tips on how to use the surveillance camera through the glass window

To install your home surveillance camera on the inside pointing outside, you need to consider these tips of placing the camera, usage and how to mount it. The camera is not able to focus through the glass because of glare at night.

  • Disable the infrared light which reduces the reflection on the infrared security camera
  • You could get separate infrared illuminators and put the infrared illuminators on the outside.
  • The security camera should be window mount when you use it through the glass window
  • Find an alternate spot to install the surveillance cameras. This could be exterior walls, an overhang or a ledge
  • You may keep the window a little open when you are placing the security camera in the window
  • Place the infrared camera as close to the window if you want it to capture images on the outside through the window
  • The room where the camera is installed should be darker than the outside during the night
  • The glass window should be kept clean so that the camera is able to catch the most details through the glass window
  • The home surveillance camera should be placed out of reach else it can be snatched easily


Though not as good as placing the surveillance camera outside, the cameras can also be placed inside to capture images and videos of the outside. It is not impossible to use the camera for this purpose if you take care of some aspects and consider it when installing a surveillance camera at home.

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