5 (Easy) Ways On How To Secure Windows From Burglars

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No matter how safe our homes may seem, there will always be that one part that is easy to break into and those are our ground floor windows. Being made of glass, any prepared intruder could have something up their sleeve to silently breakthrough this weak point in many houses, and burglarize all of your important valuables. It is just scary to ever think of this situation. How can we ever feel safe in our homes(home safety) if this is possible!

Not to fear though, as we have listed the five things you will ever need on burglar deterrents forever. Never will you have to worry about those window sensors being broken into ever again!

Why Do Burglars Target Windows?

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Windows are very accessible, and you can find them nearly everywhere around your house, offering access points to all the important areas of your houses where valuables are laying around for them to take. Burglars often target these areas as they are often blind spots for home security system and weak points for entry because the window glass is often not shown much attention to as any other place in the house. This is why it is all the more important to make sure that we burglar-proof our windows to keep those baddies away!

What Can You Do Right Now?

There are many simple ways that can make these windows a lot stronger than they are right now. As it stands, most windows around the world do not have any protective means installed, making them very prone to break-ins. These five methods are sure enough ways on how to secure pretty smiling little girl on balcony, look from windowwindows from burglars.

1. Getting a Window Upgrade

  • The obvious answer to making your window sensors(motion sensor) secure from burglars is making them too tough to even think of breaking through. Glass is very fragile, and all it takes is to hit a weak point, and the whole thing will come crashing down. However, if you decide to invest in something better than your traditional window glass, you will indeed be a hundred times safer.
  • One of your choices is to upgrade to the reinforced window security screens. While these may still break, repeatedly hitting on one spot will cause a lot of noise, enough to send you and your neighborhood watch to check what’s happening and be alerted of the situation.
  • Another, more expensive option is to invest in some plexiglass. This type of glass is a hundred times stronger than the reinforced glass and will surely have to take quite the beating before it’s going down.


2. Installing Window Film

  • Despite the obvious purpose of keeping UV light out of your furniture and keeping everyone inside safe from the heat. Some window film rolls actually offer quite the protective layer against anything that hits with an impact. While not the strongest, it will offer even more protection for your window, and give you more time to react when you hair a loud bang instead of the instant breaking of your window.

3. Window Bars

  • If those two weren’t enough, you could also go the extra mile by installing some window security bars onto your windows(window security locks), making it nearly impossible for a person to fit through. This will likely be the surest method of keeping the burglars out, but installing will take quite some time and money in order for it to work. However, it is very effective as no burglar will try to fit through spaces between window security bars that are too small for even a leg to go in!

4. Window Locks

  • This is another inexpensive and very affordable way of securing your window from burglars to ever dare to come to your house. While they may be able to break through the glass, sure enough, the window frame will hold, and wedge locks will keep them that way. The extra noise and ruckus caused by the extra stress having to deal with the lock will give you enough time to react and find out what’s happening downstairs. Surely enough time for you to call the cops on this crazy burglar attack!

5. Installing Window Alarms

  • One of the best ways to keep them out is to equip your windows with alarms that will help fight off against any burglar attack in our modern-day. This security camera (security cameras) will sense whether a window is opened or broken and will set off a security alarm that will warn not only you and your family safety but surely the immediate neighbors as well of a burglary. Hearing the security alarms will immediately inform you of the situation and can directly call the police for assistance immediately.
  • On the plus side, despite the hefty price they may come at, they are very easy to install and are sure to work their magic if the need or situation ever arises.

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Whether you choose to use one, combine two, or utilize all five of these methods – you are sure never to need to search on burglar deterrents.


Friendly Reminder to Your Window Blacksmith

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When you do start to equip your window with the necessary things to keep you and your family safe, in the event of a break-in ever happening, we advise you to always stay calm and think with a level head. Just because you are aware someone is down there does not mean that you should be charging in blindly with just that information. For this type of thinking could lead to very serious problems after and render your search on burglar deterrents.

The culprit could have any weapon and is a real threat to everyone in the vicinity. This is why it is important that you keep your distance and immediately call the cops. Do not be too hasty into taking matters into your own hands as you might be the one locked up behind bars if you aren’t too careful with your actions.

However, with that said, as long as you use and follow these five methods on burglar deterrents – you will never have to worry about a break-in ever again!

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