8 (Ways) On How To Tell If A Security Camera Is Recording

Security Camera is Recording

I have installed a good few battery powered security cameras in my home and in my office with the best business security cameras. They check in on everything from who is around my property to when the delivery boy is coming.

However, while security cameras do have its charm helping increase safety, I always had to ensure that I have turned on before I go out. And believe me, I had had it a few times when I saw that I forgot to turn it on before I went to that all-important vacation.

Although security cameras are meant to keep surveillance, a question often posed by most buyers is ‘How can you tell a security camera is recording?’. As puzzling as it sounds, security cameras are equally easy to operate.

Security cameras offer you more safety. However, you need to have it turned on. Did you see a security camera in your neighborhood and wondering if it’s turned on?

Why is Buying the Right Security Camera Important?

Well, a camera would never be on or moving if it is fake, in spite of trying to make the switches work. Neither would any image or video be saved. Unfortunately, some of the Camera Recording In Processsecurity cameras that you do see out there aren’t real and is solely designed to fool you.

You wouldn’t want to buy a similar one for your property, I am sure.

To ensure that you buy a properly working security camera, always check on Google for the brand you opt for. What another say would be, go for a manual zoom lens. Here, you can personally handle the camera as and when you want to and can always be aware of the camera recording.

The Top 8 Ways to Tell if a Security Camera is Recording

Here are eight ways to tell that a security camera is on and recording.

1. Is the Camera Lens Moving?

Make sure you check the camera lens is moving to assure your self that it is on. If you have installed a camera that rotates horizontally and vertically (also known as a pan tilt-type security camera), then it would always be moving while it is on. So, you can control it with the pan or tour option.


2. Is there an External Memory Card?

While the camera records, each image, and video are saved either in the internal storage or with the help of an external memory card. There is also cloud storage, but it is essential to ensure that the recorded videotapes are safely stored as often hacked security cameras lose their recordings.


3. Can You See Tiny Red Lights?

It is always advisable to check the LEDs in the IP security cameras. You will be able to see tiny red lights around the lens of the camera when it is dark if it is an infrared lens security camera. And this implies that the camera is on and it is recording.

It also helps in discerning whether your camera has night vision or not. Plus, it is easier to detect during the night whether the security camera is working.


4. Can You See Any lights from the Security Camera?

If there are lights all around the security camera, you could use any object to block the lights and check if the camera is recording. The red lights on the lens will be visible once

camera is recording

you block the light thereby making it clear that the security cameras are recording.


5. Log in to See if It’s Recording

You can log in to your security camera software to get live streaming which lets you confirm that the recording is on.

When your monitor is on, and the footage is visible to you, this means that the camera is recording. If the streaming does not take place or if the footage cannot be viewed, there might be some issue with the connected cables or the camera itself.


6. Use an Electronic Bug Detector

With the help of an electronic bug detector, you will receive something called a ‘balanced signal’ from the security camera if it is working or recording. This balanced signal is a video signal that is converted to transmit it through any medium other than a coax cable.

Security cameras radiate high energy within their specified range. If you are suspicious about a particular place, the electronic bug detector can detect those hidden cameras around you.


7. Use your WiFi

It’s a little known but effective way to check whether any security camera is working.

If the security camera that you buy may have Wi-Fi, then, by looking for nearby Wi-Fi devices, you can effortlessly get to know that your security camera is on by finding your Wi-Fi device on the neighboring found list.

With the help of Wi-Fi, the camera could be switched on from the device itself used to put on Wi-Fi.


8. Use Your Android Phone

security camera is recording now

An Android phone also helps you detect whether the security camera is recording. Many camera detecting apps let you know that any camera around you is on and in working status.

By keeping a battery back– up, security cameras keep working even when there is a power cut and at the same time, keep your recording and images, harmlessly saved. But without back – up, you are sure to lose on the record without power.

If the security camera (wireless) works on a lithium battery, it gets next to impossible to know when the cameras stop working unless your Android or iOS device is connected to the camera.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a security camera in your house or one in your neighborhood mall or store, you would want each of them to be working. With these simple tips, you can check if any of them aren’t, and inform the authorities.

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