My House Got Robbed Will They Come Back? (Know The Truth)


That’s the answer we would love to give you to your question: “My house got robbed, will they come back?” And it would be the right answer, provided that you have learned from your ordeal and have now taken measures to protect your house against robbery and other crimes. If you haven’t, the chances of you being robbed again aren’t in your favor.

It’s easy to see why this question arises, though. If you have never been the victim of a property or a violent crime, it’s easy to live in your safe little bubble. Even when someone close to you gets robbed, you feel bad, but the empathy isn’t usually strong enough to push you to safeguard your own house. But only when people find out that their home has been broken into, or they are unfortunate enough to be present during the robbery, do they understand the physical and emotional toll it takes.

Hopefully, insurance will be able to cover all the financial losses you suffer in a house robbery, but it won’t be able to help you emotionally get over it. Or curb your growing fear of it happening again. It is something you will have to do yourself, and it’s what we will try to help you with today.

My House Got Robbed, Will They Come Back?

House Robbery
A masked individual entering a house

First things first, you have to understand why your house got robbed or burglarized in the first place. Understanding this will go a long way to ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again. The intent of this is not to blame the victims. Instead, we want to put them on their guard and help them secure their houses. You would be surprised to find out how much protection some small and simple security measures can provide.

Also, you might find it educational that robbery and burglary are very different terms. They are often used interchangeably, but robbery is something that happens to a person. If someone takes your wallet at gunpoint, it would be considered a robbery. Similarly, if someone broke into your house while you are in it, and used force to subvert you and took something, it would be classified as a robbery. Burglary is your home getting robbed without your knowledge. Even if you are in your house, sleeping, and someone breaks in and takes something, it would be classified as a burglary.

Vulnerable House

Breaking in

You might live in a good neighborhood where robberies are rare, if not unheard of.  You may think that it’s enough to have a safe and secure house. But even homes in the safest neighborhoods can get robbed if they seem like easy targets.

So what makes a house ripe for a robbery?

An empty house is the prime target of burglars and robbers, especially if it’s a single person who is planning to rob your house. It’s tough to keep someone under control, even with a gun, and rob the place at the same time. This is one of the reasons why the bulk of the burglaries take place in the late morning and afternoon – Between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Since this is the time that people are at work and kids are at school. This is also why it’s a good idea to prevent your mail from piling up when you are away. It’s like a welcome sign for robbers who are looking for an empty house.

An open house is easy pickings. Most robbers usually case a house (surveil and observe) before robbing it. They tend to keep an eye on the homeowner’s habits like forgetting to lock the door, putting the spare key under the mat, or keeping the windows open. Even an unlocked garage door or an easy to access backyard are vulnerable entry points. An easy way into a house makes the burglar’s job very simple.

And the most prominent reason, of course, is the lack of security cameras and alarms. Many people make the mistake of thinking that the best outdoor security cameras are only used to “catch” the criminals. The truth is that the mere presence of security cameras and alarms systems is enough to keep your house protected. Empty or not, most burglars will refrain from trying their luck at homes with security cameras.

Will the Robbers Come Back?

A Burglar Trying To Break A WindowMy house got robbed, will they come back? It’s regrettable to hear that question from people who have already been through a terrifying ordeal and are afraid that it will happen again. But the honest answer to this is neither a yes, nor a no. A case can be made for either, and it also depends a lot on what you have done to make your house more secure, after the robbery.

According to an estimate, one out of every three homes that are burglarized is a repeat victim. A successful robbery reflects that the house is easy to break into. It might even be the same robbers from before since they know the property from their first break-in.

Your house might not be robbed again if it has been robbed once, simply because robbers might know that you have become more careful. The factors that made the first robbery easy might not be present anymore. So basically, preventing a repeated robbery is mostly up to you.

How Can I Protect My House from Being Robbed Again

If you have already been a victim, you know that it’s something you never want to go through or see your family go through, ever again. So what can you do?

Security Cameras

Bullet Security CameraSecurity cameras are your best bet against another robbery. The presence of security cameras (If you have chosen to display them openly) will discourage most robbers from attempting a break-in. On the off chance that the robber is stupid enough or daring enough to attempt robbery in a house covered by cameras, the chances of them being caught are very high.

And it’s not a very costly undertaking to cover a house with security cameras. You may find a decent four-camera system for about $170. If you live in a large house, or you simply want to be extra cautious, 8-camera sets are available for as low as $230. Or you can just have one or two individual cameras relaying feed directly to your phone for under $75. Which security cameras you opt for depends upon your needs and your budget.

So you see, the cost isn’t a significant hurdle in protecting your home, especially if it prevents your home from getting robbed again. How and where you install, the cameras might be crucial to the proper protection of your home. If you are not sure you can do an excellent job of it, you might want to consult a professional agency for this. But in most cases, you can do a great job of it yourself with a little bit of research.

Some of the tips that can help install security cameras in your house are:

  1. Choose a dome camera for the entrance if you are working with a low height. Dome cameras are relatively more secure against vandalism.
  2. A bullet camera might help you cover a more extended range than a dome camera in the same price range. You may want to install one in your backyard, ideally with a motion detector. It will alert you if a robber jumps in your backyard, and it will allow you to sound an alarm or call the authorities immediately. This isn’t possible with the front entrance because there are always people coming to the front porch.
  3. Most security cameras nowadays come with an IR feature that allows for night vision. This will allow you to sleep easy, knowing that you have eyes in the dark as well.
  4. Wired cameras are safest if you are running the wire from the inside. When installing the camera, make sure the power and signal cables are not easily accessible. Otherwise, a robber might simply crouch in from a blind spot and cut the wires.
  5. If you are using wire-free cameras, make sure to change the batteries in time.
  6. Use cameras on the entrances, as well as the vulnerable entry points of the house. Like a second-floor window that can be accessed through the tree in the yard.
  7. The outside cameras should be focused on your home only. Your neighbors might not take it too kindly if they think that your cameras are an invasion of their privacy.
  8. Ensure a good, safe internet connection, if you want to monitor your security cameras remotely. For remote monitoring, a security camera network is only as good as the internet connection it’s attached to.
  9. If you have a garage, make sure to install a security camera there. If it’s detached, a camera inside the garage can also help you stay connected.
  10. The optimal height for cameras is eight to ten feet. If your camera quality is high enough and your home design allows it, installing a camera as high as you can not only protect it against vandals but also help you cover more ground.

Alarms and Security Systems

Keypad Based Burglar AlarmNowadays, the battery operated wireless ip cam is smart enough to have a bunch of amazing features. Features like recording after they detect motion (motion-activated cameras), sending intruder alarms to your phone, or contacting the home automation system (like Alexa) in case of an emergency. But if you still feel like that the cameras alone aren’t going to cut it, you might want to browse through some security systems.

These systems consist of more than just a camera. They bunch together gadgets like smart doorbells, keypad entry, intruder alarms, and environmental sensors. You may find security systems that are a one-time buy and install package. Or you may go for systems that are connected to a third-party security company. They are costly, but they do provide excellent security.

Simple door and window alarms are also a fantastic way to keep your house safe. They are a much cheaper option and can provide a great combination with a good security camera network. Some alarms come with a lot of cool features and very inventive designs. Like the ones that are basically door wedges, and when activated, they keep the door closed while simultaneously ringing a loud alarm.

Simple Safety Tricks

Monochromatic Picture Of A Barred WindowLastly, nothing beats picking up some good security habits. Install deadbolts on all your main doors. Always lock the windows when no one is in the house. Or better yet, install bars in all the windows. It’s a one-time expense that will save you the hassle of locking down your windows every time you leave the house.

Learn to stay vigilant. If you spot any shady characters repeatedly around your house, make a note of that. If you think that your doors and windows might not offer enough resistance to an intruder, reinforce them.

It’s also prudent, as well as classy, not to be flashy about your valuables. If you have expensive gadgets or jewelry, don’t flaunt them around needlessly.

Make sure there aren’t any places in your house’s immediate vicinity where someone can hide. A large bush or an overgrown hedge can easily conceal a robber. If possible, make sure that your street is well lit. If it isn’t an option, install lights around your own house. Motion detector lights at the entrance, or in your backyard, are also a good idea.


Fearing for the security for your house once it’s robbed, is natural. But the smart thing to do is to secure your home before anything wrong happens. As you might have gathered, it doesn’t take a lot of money or very elaborate steps to burglar-proof your house. So install some cameras, alarms, deadbolts, and a few lights around the house, before it gets robbed. Then you won’t have to worry robbers or burglars coming there in the first place, much less coming back.

And if your house has been robbed once, make sure you secure it as best as you can. Going through one house robbery is painful enough. No one has to go through such an experience twice. Pay special attention to how the robbers entered your house. This will help you prepare a better security plan.

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