Reolink C1 Pro Review – The All-Seeing Eye of Our Home

Reolink C1 Pro Review

When I started writing this reolink c1 pro, I was amazed by the fact that the manufacturer advertises this camera as an indoor surveillance product. The reason is that Reolink C1 Pro is highly versatile and can serve under different circumstances even if we install it on our front porch.

Unlike its Argus series, Reolink’s C series focuses more on indoor security. Some even dare to call it a baby-monitor which is ridiculous since this camera is so much more. In fact, once we install it, we’ll probably feel like we’ve invested in some high-tech surveillance that we see in movies. Unlike Argus cameras, this one has a wide rotating angle. So, we’ll be able to monitor a wider scope of things and have more control thanks to a single device.

As a result, this product is probably a good choice for all those who have some nasty corners and blind spots around their house. Moreover, the addition of clear dual audio allows for impeccable communication with our loved ones when we’re not around.

But that’s not all. In this reolink c1 pro, we’ll see all the amazing features in more detail. I’ll also share why this product may be better than some competing ones on the market. But first, let’s see why we should always think twice before we choose between a cloud or local storage.

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What Sets Reolink C1 Pro Apart From Others?

Reolink C1 ProIf we look at the security cameras in a certain price range, they all look pretty much the same. Yet, they have nuances by which we can differentiate between them. Aside from the design, some nuances are actually pretty important.

For me, those nuances are often the main reason why I decide to write about a certain product as I did with this c1 pro reolink.

First of all, Reolink C1 Pro has a wide rotating angle. It offers a 355-degree pan and 105-degree tilt. This feature gives us a much larger field of view, which is not the case with some other counterparts.

Second, it utilizes a dual-band Wi-Fi for stronger network signals. Many other competing products fail to incorporate this. However, where this product really shines is the 4MP 2560×1440 resolution. It’s really hard to match such a clear image in this price range.[/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”” style=”3″]

Cloud vs. Local Storage

Reolink NVR

When I talked about the Argus series, it was pretty clear that cameras in that range have either a cloud-based or local storage. The situation is no different when it comes to indoor security cameras like C1. For first time buyers like I once was, that can cause a lot of confusion.

Yes, most of us know the basic differences between the two. However, the problem arises when we start thinking about where our footage will be safer. Both of these options have their disadvantages that made me think twice before making a decision. Local storage can be a hassle since we’ll need to empty the SD card regularly. On the other hand, with the rise of hacker attacks and cloud storage leakings, it really concerned me whether cloud storage was safe enough.

In the end, the decision we make will always be in accordance with our preferences. This reolink review exists only to help us decide. Now we’ll take a closer look at both of these options in order to better differentiate between them.

Cloud-based Storage

If we choose cloud-based storage, all footage will probably be stored at a cloud owned by the product’s manufacturer. This option may have some potential dangers that we should be aware of.

For example, a manufacturer may have excellent and reliable products. However, in order to save money, they invest in a cloud system which is not reliable at all. It’s prone to frequent crashes and has low security. As a result, we might lose our footage. Or even worse, it might get stolen by the perpetrators who want to take a closer look at our home in order to break in more easily.

Now, this might seem a bit far-fetched, but these things actually happen. Burglars will probably first try to steal the footage if our possessions are more valuable than the service of a hacker.

Moreover, if we lose our footage, we lose evidence in case of a burglary. As a result, the police will have a hard time tracking down the culprits and returning our belongings.

The Limits

Another disadvantage of cloud-based storage is the limit. Most security camera manufacturers who offer it tend to place limits. For example, some of them might offer a free package of 1GB. Once we use all of that free space, we have to delete our old footage in order to keep the new.

The principle is pretty much the same as if we went with local storage. But that’s not all. On some occasions, the manufacturer will allow us free access to their own cloud only for the first week or so. After that, we’ll have to pay monthly or weekly subscriptions.

For me, there isn’t much sense in all of that. The reason is that I can buy a product that has an SD card which will allow me to have full control of everything that is recorded on camera.

Local Storage

With local storage, the footage is kept on a device which is either a part of the security camera or comes separately. Most of the manufacturers allow us to choose whether we want everything recorded 24/7 or only when the motion sensor is activated. The first option is more common with devices that have a storage space of up to 1TB. The other one is usually a standard among cameras that utilize 16-64GB SD cards.

The downside of this option is that we need to empty the storage from time to time. However, we can always transfer our footage to our computers or choose to keep only those videos which we consider important. For me, this was never a hassle. The reason is that no one else but me can get their hands on the footage. As a result, there’s no risk of it being stolen or lost. Furthermore, there are no monthly storage fees, which makes this option cheaper than the other.

What I would like to emphasize in this reolink c1 pro poe is that we can pair some local storage cameras with an NVR. An NVR or a Network Video Recorder is a device that records video in a digital format to local storage. As a result, we can keep much more footage. This feature is especially useful if we have more security cameras around our house.

For example, Reolink C1 Pro can be connected to an NVR. Furthermore, Reolink offers its own version of such a recorder. However, since this is a reolink baby monitor, I must note that this recorder is optional and sold separately.


RLN8-410 is Reolink’s first Network Video Recorder. The downside is that we can connect Reolink cameras only to this NVR. However, Reolink’s NVR allows us to connect up to eight cameras, which is more than enough to cover a medium-sized home.

RLN8-410 allows 24/7 recording with pre-installed 2TB of HDD. Yet, we can also install an external hard disk drive via eSATA for up to 4TB of storage space.

The manufacturer further claims that this product is easy to install and use and that it supports all 4MP and 5MP Reolink security cameras. Personally, I would recommend this NVR to all Reolink users who have multiple devices installed on their property.

Unboxing Reolink C1 Pro

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What We Have Discovered – Reolink C1 Pro Review

Reolink C1 Pro


Getting an indoor security camera has never crossed my mind until I’ve adopted a Labrador. One day, I couldn’t, for the life of me, find my car keys. After hours of search and eventually running late for work, I found them tucked in one of my slippers. Now, if I had Reolink C1 Pro, I could’ve easily replayed the footage and see where I’ve left them. In this case, the dog was to blame. But you get my point.

Now, I’m a slow learner, so I didn’t get an indoor security camera right after that incident. However, after writing this c1 pro camera, I’m seriously thinking about getting one.

Reolink C1 Pro

Reolink C1 Pro is a 4MP PT security camera. Even though it’s sometimes advertised as an indoor camera, this product is actually quite versatile and can work under different circumstances. The reason why it’s so adaptable is that it has pan and tilt options which allow us to rotate the camera and thus avoid blind spots.

Reolink advertises this product as state-of-the-art home surveillance. It takes special pride in the overall super-HD image quality. I can do nothing but agree on that. 4MP and 2560×1440 resolution are more than enough to provide great detail both indoors and outdoors and under different lighting and weather conditions. Moreover, the IR LED range of 12 meters in the dark is more than enough to cover a standard driveway during the night.

However, I must compare this product to the Argus series. I would say that the Argus cameras are more robust and meant for straightforward outdoor surveillance even under heavy weather conditions. On the other hand, the C series is more delicate in nature and focused on providing great detail and state-of-the-art performance.

When it comes to the Reolink C1 Pro’s package, it contains only the bare necessities. As a result, there is no unnecessary clutter. Aside from the camera and the USB power adapter, there is a micro USB charging cable and 1-meter-long network cable. Moreover, the box contains a camera bracket, reset needle, mounting hole template, surveillance sign, quick start guide, and a pack of screws.

Reolink C1 Pro is a perfect choice for all those who have a lot of blind spots on their property. Yet, this product will also prove to be worthy in outdoor settings, especially if we live in an area with a pleasant climate during the year.


1440p HD Day/Night Videos

Reolink C1 Pro offers superb-quality videos in HD. The resolution is 2560×1440 with a 105-degree-wide viewing angle and more than satisfying night vision. As a result, we can have footage with great detail. That can be really important when it comes to recognizing the facial features of an intruder.

High-Quality Infrared Nightvision Technology

Night Vision of C1 ProNightvision feature is also one of the pinpoints of this product. It’s possible thanks to the 8pcs LED lights which allow us to see up to 12 meters in the dark. This feature is one of the main reasons why I consider this camera to be great for outdoors, especially the front and back of our homes.

Two-way Audio Support

This security camera, like others from Reolink, incorporates a built-in speaker and microphone. It’s a great feature because it allows us to talk to someone unknown at the front door before we decide to (not) let them in.

Dual Band Wi-Fi

Reolink C1 Pro utilizes 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi. This characteristic is not so common among other wireless security cameras. It will give us a world-class connection without signal loss and interference.

Flexible Pan and Tilt

Reolink C1 Pro Video SamplesOne of the main features that I really like is the pan and tilt. It offers an extremely wide rotating angle of 355 degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically. This option can be beneficial if we need to place the camera near blind spots.

Smart Motion Detection for Alerts

This feature will send us push notifications and alerts via e-mail as soon as the motion sensor detects danger. It also gives us multiple customizable options, like choosing motion detecting zones and motion detection sensitivity. These can help us switch between monitored areas and reduce false alarms.

Remote Viewing

Reolink allows us multiple ways to monitor our home from afar. We can choose between using Reolink App for smartphones or Reolink Client for desktop devices, or accessing their platform via all major browsers. Thanks to that, we can always be sure of what’s going on in our home when we’re not around.

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In Conclusion

I was on the fence about writing this reolink c1 pro camera simply because the company offers a more advanced Reolink C2 Pro counterpart. However, that camera might be a bit too much for people who don’t live on large properties.

Reolink C1 Pro serves its purpose both as an indoor monitor and an outdoor security camera. When compared with other cameras in its price range, it offers so much more than them. Above all, the image quality is outstanding and the inclusion of pan and tilt feature really helps to minimize the number of cameras we’ll need.

Finally, the ability to connect to a Reolink’s NVR is something that really made me consider to invest in both products. As a result, I would recommend both the camera and the NVR to all who, like myself, are in dire need of a reliable 24/7 surveillance system.

Editor Sidenotes: If you are looking to protect your backyard at night, here is a guide on the best outdoor wireless ip camera as we like to share our expertise on what is the right product to keep those burgler away[/wpsm_titlebox]

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