Reolink C2 Pro Review — Reolink’s Ultimate Solution

Reolink C2 Pro Review

Whether we had experience with other Reolink cameras or not, Reolink C2 Pro will probably leave us in awe. It enhances everything that Reolink has created so far, incorporates some new state-of-the-art features, and delivers ultimate performance.

It seems as though Reolink really tries to emphasize that C2 is an indoor security camera only. Therefore, we can’t be really sure about its performance in the outdoor setting. However, it incorporates an optical zoom, which makes it perfect for capturing distant objects and people.

Reolink C2 Pro also kept the rotating feature which we saw in Reolink C1 Pro. When combined with the optical zoom I just mentioned, it really makes this camera perfect for monitoring kids and pets when we’re not around.

Dual audio is also present, and it offers a sound that is clearer than ever. However, there were no changes to the overall design, except that C2 now comes in white. That’s why I can’t really say that this is a completely new model. It looks more like an upgraded C1 Pro. However, there are still huge differences between this camera and the Argus series.

In this Reolink C2 Pro review I’ll discuss all the features in detail. But before we go into that, let’s see what differentiates C2 from the rest and how to choose good places to install it.


Best Places to Put Reolink C2 Pro

Reolink C2 Pro Mounted at the Wall

After I did some research on the subject, I realized that choosing a perfect spot for a battery powered security systems is just as important as choosing a camera itself. Choosing the right place is especially important for indoor surveillance because interiors have more blind spots due to furniture, walls, and stairs. As a result, it might be hard to find the right angle from which the camera will be able to capture and even deter a possible intruder.

However, placing it near blind spots or in inaccessible corners of our house might prevent the camera from capturing points of entry. Furthermore, we would also have a hard time reaching the camera when we need to empty the local storage. Therefore, a camera should be placed somewhere where we could easily access it. But it also has to be a place where possible intruders won’t be able to deactivate it.

So what are the best places to install Reolink C2 Pro? I found out that there are common spots that we should consider first if we’ve never set up home surveillance before.

Facing the Front Door

I would probably never choose the front door as a point of entry during a burglary. Some of us probably think that nobody else would because the door is usually close to the street. Thanks to that, the intruders would be exposed to possible witnesses. But the truth is that most burglars usually try to enter through the front door first. Why? They are actually counting on the fact that we would never think they’d try it.

For example, some doors have mail slots. Burglars can insert a wire contraption and unlock the door from the inside. The same goes for pet doors. If it’s not far enough from the lock, the intruders can easily reach for it and unlock the door from the inside. Some of them may even coerce a child to crawl through it and do the job instead.

As a result, placing an indoor camera so that it faces the front door would be a perfect thing to do. However, we shouldn’t leave it out in the open. Hiding it at the top of the staircase (if there is one), or placing it adjacent to a hallway plant would be optimal. In other words, we should consider hiding it near the objects that will draw attention away from it. Why? Because Reolink C2 Pro comes in white only, and it will be hard to make it blend into the surroundings.

Backdoor and Off-street Windows

Reolink C2 Pro on top of the tableOther points of entry that burglars usually choose when breaking in are the backdoors and off-street windows. The reason for that is quite obvious. They are usually secluded from the attention of passengers and even neighbors. Furthermore, backdoors are sometimes of lower quality than the front doors, especially when it comes to the locks.

So, if we have a backdoor located in our kitchen, it would be ideal to put Reolink C2 Pro on top of the kitchen cabinets and tilt it downwards. We can even search for a spot where it will look like it’s a fire alarm. However, we shouldn’t place it near the stove because the steam might damage the lens.

Also, placing Reolink C2 Pro in the kitchen is also great if we leave our kids alone at home. That way we could monitor them and make sure that they’re not touching something they shouldn’t. And thanks to the addition of dual audio support, we could even talk them out of such things.

Off-street windows shouldn’t be disregarded either. However, maybe it’s not the best idea to put the camera right across from them if there’s direct sunlight. It’s only important to capture the space in front of such a window. So we could install Reolink C2 Pro in some corner on the same wall where the window is located. This spot is also beneficial because the intruders may forget to look for the camera once they enter. The reason is that they have such a limited time before someone notices the burglary.


Stairs are also important because they allow access to other floors. It’s interesting that some burglars even break in on the first floor and find their way out of the house on the ground level. As a result, placing Reolink C2 Pro near the stairs will surely provide us with a clear recording of anyone who’s approaching them. Furthermore, thanks to the camera’s rotating feature, we could monitor the entire hallway.

This feature can also be great if we don’t allow our pets to go upstairs or into the bedroom. Or, we can also monitor our elderly who have a hard time climbing the stairs. In other words, stairs are the only place in our home which everyone will use, including potential intruders. Therefore, it would be a  good idea to monitor them too.

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Why Is Reolink C2 Pro So Special?

Reolink C2 ProWhen I’ve compared Reolink C2 Pro with other products in its price range, it was clear that it had some unique qualities. Unlike other Reolink’s cameras, this one stands out from competing products thanks to the image quality. With 5MP and 2560×1920 resolution, C2 Pro easily surpasses others. The image is vivid and provides an exceptional amount of detail.

Speaking of details, I also need to mention the optical zoom. Some counterparts don’t offer this feature at all, even though the optical zoom can be very important. For example, we could zoom in on our dog and see exactly what it’s chewing.

Aside from the optical zoom, pan and tilt are also present. Yes, Reolink’s C1 Pro incorporates these. But, believe it or not, some cameras which are in the range of C2 do not offer this feature. C2 Pro can rotate itself 355 degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically. Moreover, I’ve noticed that it rotates more quietly than C1 Pro.

And since it operates on dual-band WiFi, there will be no chance for signal loss. However, unlike with C1 Pro, the manufacturer specifies that this is true for interiors. Their website never mentions anything about outdoor performance. Therefore, I can’t confirm whether this product will experience network loss if we install it outside.

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Reolink C2 Pro Review

Reolink C2 Pro

I’ve almost invested in Reolink C1 Pro before I started writing this review. Now, I’m reconsidering my decision. I would really benefit from such detailed image and optical zoom which C2 Pro offers.

The reason is that I own a Labrador. I would really like to be able to check up on him while I’m away. One time he hid my spare keys. If I had invested in an indoor security camera with an optical zoom before, I wouldn’t have spent hours looking for them. I could’ve just easily see where they were on the recorded footage.

Now I’m seriously thinking about buying C2 Pro because it offers more features and because it seems to me like it’s been enhanced to perfection.

Reolink C2 Pro

Reolink C2 Pro is a 5MP indoor security camera. It’s highly versatile, and we can place it in many different spots in our home thanks to its pan and tilt feature. C2 Pro is probably the most advanced product offered by Reolink so far. If we consider everything that they offer, C2 Pro surely far surpasses its predecessor.

The manufacturer advertises C2 Pro as a 5MP Smart PTZ Wireless Camera. It states that with it we’ll be able to see near and far without image impairment. That is somewhat true. The product does offer a pretty clear image even when we zoom in to the maximum.

Furthermore, the manufacturer takes pride in the system’s dual-band Wi-Fi, stating that users won’t experience signal loss. Also, Reolink mentions that we’ll be able to act in time because we’ll get instant alerts. This benefit is true for all of Reolink’s products because they incorporate a highly-responsive motion detector.

All in all, we can see a certain improvement if we compare the C2 Pro with C1 Pro. The difference is pretty clear when it comes to the overall image quality. C2 Pro features 5MP while C1 has only 4MP. However, during the night or in low-light conditions the IR LED range stays the same and equals 12 meters. On the other hand, the optical zoom is a welcome addition that isn’t included in any other camera from C and Argus series.

What We’ll Find Inside The Package

If we look into the box, we’ll find all standard components inside. Aside from the camera and the USB power adapter, this product is accompanied by a Micro USB charging cable and a 1-meter-long network cable. There is also a camera bracket, reset needle, mounting hole template, surveillance sign, a pack of screws, and a quick start guide.

Reolink C2 Pro will serve well for all those who wish to monitor their children, pets, and elderly while they’re away. The reason is that this camera provides so much detail thanks to the optical zoom. Furthermore, the pan and tilt feature will allow keeping an eye on the whole room. Yet, it will also serve perfectly as a security camera thanks to its smart motion detector.

Inside Reolink C2 Pro


5MP and 3x Optical Zoom

C2 Pro offers an outstanding 2560×1920 resolution for a camera in its price range. With 5MP, it will capture footage 1.3x clearer than cameras that have 4MP. Furthermore, it also includes a 3x optical zoom.This option is great if we want to see what our pet has in its mouth or if our children are doing something they’re not supposed to.

Versatile Pan and Tilt

Like C1 Pro, Reolink C2 Pro can rotate 355 degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically. It does so with smooth motions and almost without any noise. This feature will allow us to see the whole room. That can be very helpful if we know that the children are playing in it and they disappear from sight.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi

Because C2 Pro connects to a dual-band Wi-Fi, we won’t experience signal loss. Furthermore, we’ll also avoid those messy cables which some surveillance systems have.

Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts feature sends us push notifications via a corresponding app or e-mail alerts as soon as the motion sensor detects suspicious movement. The e-mail alerts will include snapshots which will help us decide whether it was a false alarm or not.

Live Stream

With the Live Stream feature, we can monitor our home and communicate with our loved ones in real time. All those who have disabled elderly family members will find this feature valuable because they’ll be able to check up on them any time.

Motion Recording and 24/7 Recording

Reolink C2 Pro allows us to choose whether it will record 24/7 or only instances of suspicious motion. The motion events footage is kept either on a micro SD card or an FTP server. However, if we want to have 24/7 surveillance, the manufacturer suggests that we invest in its NVR and connect the camera to it.

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In Conclusion

Reolink C2 Pro is probably the most well-rounded indoor security camera that Reolink has to offer at the moment. It encompasses all the useful features that we saw in Reolink C1 Pro and adds more.

However, all of that won’t do any good if we don’t install it in the right spot. In other words, we should always inspect our home for the most vulnerable points and place our camera there. Moreover, we should also make sure that it is far from the reach of the potential intruders.

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