Turret vs. Dome Camera: In Search of the Best Security Lens

Turret vs. Dome Camera

“What is the difference between the turret vs. dome camera?” A lot of people are asking this question online. Most of them want to know the respective pros and cons of installing these security cameras.

Installing the most advanced security systems in your home, office, or establishment is an edge. You must employ all possible means to guard your valued property, or else, suffer the consequences.

Turret and dome cameras are only two of the high-end and revolutionized breeds of battery powered wireless security cameras. Each of these surveillance systems has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is very important to know the differences between the turret and the dome so that you can select the suited model for your needs.

Knowing how to install these battery-operated outdoor wireless security cameras also vital. Aside from saving time and money, you can also assure of a quality installation once you personally handled the job.

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Turret vs. Dome Camera: Tracing the Origin, Specs, and Strengths

Turrets Vs Domes

Turret camera (also known as an eyeball, mini dome, or flat-faced dome camera) is a high-end camera with a ball-and-socket design.

A lot of people prefer this camera since it is equipped with an easy spun mechanism. The socket of this sphere-like camera is considered as one-of-a-kind.

You can find turret cameras installed in outdoor and indoor properties. And much of the current models are all POE-powered.

The POE or the Power Over Ethernet is the technology allowing network patch cables to carry electricity. The POE is very important since adding extension antennas or wires to this camera is difficult due to the complexity of structure.

Another edge of using the best security camera system for small business is that some of its models are equipped with EXIR Technology. EXIR permits the camera to emit light in a rectangular spectrum that is suited to the camera’s standard screen size. Remember “Keeping your business safe and friendly is Important”

EXIR Turret cameras also provide a higher and longer illuminant value. It is also known to give a greater night vision capability.

Based on reviews, the turret camera is usually installed in outdoor spots. These include backyards, doorways, driveways, eaves, or soffits. People prefer this camera mainly because of its clean layout and ease of installation. And compared to the bullet cameras, this camera is also less invasive and aggressive.

Meanwhile, the dome camera got its name due to its dome-like shape. This type of camera is commonly used as a surveillance camera in homes, retail stores, casinos, and restaurants.

turret camera view
a glance of turret view

The dome camera is known to be more fashionable and can easily blend with the surroundings.

Due to its dome-like shape, it is difficult to determine the actual angle of focus of this camera.

Depending on the target view and the difficulty of the angle, you can install this camera either on walls or the ceiling. The lens of the dome camera is placed inside a transparent or tinted dome-like housing.

There are different types of dome cameras, like the IP or analog, PTZ (capable of rotation), mobile or fixed, tilt or inclined.

You can use this camera even at nighttime since it is equipped with night vision and infrared illumination functions.

Dome cameras are also known for its vandal and weather resistance properties. You can also install this camera in dangerous places or even sites with high explosives.

If you want a discreet approach to monitoring your house, you can install a micro version dome camera. And if you have enough budget, you can try the latest model the of IP dome camera reinforced with real-time video analytics. [/wpsm_titlebox][wpsm_titlebox title=”” style=”3″]

What to Procure Before Installing a Turret Security Camera

Installing a Turret Security Camera
we really love Reolink


  • Reliable Turret Camera from a Trusted Manufacturer
  • Electric Drill
  • Screw Drivers (Philips head and flat)


How to Install a Turret Camera That Even a Novice Can Perform

If you want to know the DIY means of installing a turret camera, refer to the information here.

  • Remove the Trim. The first thing that you must do is to rotate the trim in a counterclockwise direction to extract it from the camera.
  • Fix and Route. Once the trim is removed, immediately drill the ceilings where the camera will be installed. Remember that there are two outlet methods: routing the cables across the cable hole or driving the cables across the side outlet.
  • Configure the Lens. After connecting the appropriate network and power cables and fixing the expansion screws, you can now adjust the lens of the turret camera.

To adjust the pan angle, you need to rotate the enclosure. You can also adjust the tilt degree by turning the body of the camera.

  • Reattach the Trim. You just need to rotate the ring of the trim to reattach the rim and complete the installation.

Note: Before you proceed with the actual installation, make sure that the power supply adapter is compatible with the camera.

Now, if you also would like to install a dome camera, you can also check the following tutorials.

What Are Must-Haves Before Installing a Dome Camera?

  • Reliable Dome Camera from a Trusted Manufacturer
  • Electric Drill
  • Hexagonal Screwdriver

What Are Must-Haves Before Installing a Dome Camera

3 Easy Steps of Installing a Dome Security Camera

  • Fix the Bottom. Use the screws to attach the camera’s bottom on the ceiling. Twist the camera counterclockwise to fix the plate, and use the provided lock screw to position the entire camera securely.

Using a hexagonal screwdriver, loosen the screws of the camera to remove the case.

  • Adjust the View. While checking the video resolution and the live feed on the computer, manually adjust the camera’s angle based on your preference.
  • Finishing Installation. Once the appropriate angle has been set, reattach the cover of the camera and tighten the lock screws.

Indeed, these cameras have different strengths and weaknesses. For you to know specific pros and cons, continue reading this article.

5 Reasons Why You Must Install a Dome Security Camera

Why You Must Install a Dome Security Camera

  • Diversity and Variety. One compelling reason why you must use a dome camera is that it comes in different sizes and shapes. Depending on your needs, you can avail an IP IR night vision, thermal sensors, motion sensors, and pan-tilt-zoom models of the dome camera.
  • Wide Scope. Unlike other surveillance cameras that target a specific spot, dome camera is capable of covering a wider place.
  • Vandal Proof. Most of the establishments have cameras to guard the exit points; hence, their spy cameras are prone to damages, such as vandalism. Good thing, the dome camera is capable of resisting this type of onslaught.
  • Low Profile and Subtle. If you are searching for a camera that is very hard to notice, install a dome camera. This camera is also known to have a design that is capable of masking from its external surroundings.
  • Artistic Impact. Another reason why a lot of users prefer this type of camera is that it has a subtle design. Dome cameras are known in their less intrusive and minimalist external perspective.

Now, if you want to know the pros of the turret camera, refer to the information below.


4 Compelling Reasons Why the Turret Camera Is the Best Option

  • Enhanced IR Capability
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation Capability
  • No IR Recoiling During Night Mode
Enhanced IR Capability
Credits: gminsights

Did you enjoy the tutorials? What do you prefer, the turret or the dome camera?

The steps presented in this article are crucial if we want to have a reliable security spy. We just need to strictly follow the steps and enjoy a safer sleep at night.

If you have some comments, recommendations, or suggestions, just leave it on the comment section. And if you found this article helpful, please SHARE this also to help other people.

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