Top 16 Most Popular Different Types Of Pants Everyone Should Own

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Whether it comes to a special event, a casual day out with your friends or a formal meeting, pants can match pretty much any fashion style out there. On the same note, wearing the wrong type of pants may also turn you into a clown. There are a few considerations when choosing the right pants then. Make sure they fit you right, the color complements your style and the overall style is suitable for your body shape and age.

Now, on another hand, a little education on the most common type of pants will help you make more informed decision. The lack of education will have you try out the same couple of styles every single time. There are other options out there and each of them is suitable for certain occasions. Here is everything you need to know in order to make sure you come up with a solid fashion statement whenever you wear pants.

Different types of pants – Jeans dominate the market

Jeans are extremely popular all over the world. They come in numerous sizes and styles, as well as colors and washes. They work with pretty much everything out there, hence their popularity. Also, they are suitable for men, women and children.

Styles for women tend to be more diversified though. You can get high or low rise jeans, as well as styles specifically designed for various types of bodies. No matter what shape you got, chances are a bit of research will help you find the right style in no time.

Pleated pants

Pleated pants

Pleated pants may not seem for everyone. They are classic and may feel a bit sophisticated. They are more common in men – ideal for casual outfits or office wear. Pleats are more obvious at the top – you can get single pleats or even more than three pleats.

Pleats are also different in styles. Forward pleats open inwards, while reverse pleats open outwards. The second variety is more common in Italian fashion. All in all, these straight pants are great for those with some extra weight – they can make you appear smaller and they are super comfortable.


Chinos pants

Chinos are suitable for both men and women, yet there are massive differences in design between styles for different genders. They are usually based on cotton and polyester – or other synthetic materials. They are comfortable and look stylish.

While initially designed for more formal wear, they are great for casual outfits too. Their stitches are hidden in order to look more formal. Usually, they have slim cuts and feel extremely lightweight due to their fabrics.


Trousers pants

Classic trousers are ideal for formal office wear. They are comfortable and look great. If you are facing long days away from home, trousers make the ideal choice – usually based on cotton, wool, and polyester. In terms of formal wear, they work great with blouses, shirts and elegant coats.

Most people use palazzo pants and trousers interchangeably. However, trousers are referred to as wool pants that go down to the ankles. There are lots of trouser styles out there, whether it comes to the color, design, or fabric. Simply put, figuring out the ideal style is a matter of searching.


Leggings Pants

When it comes to wearing them as track pants, leggings are most common in women. These are some of the most comfortable pant leg types out there. Made of Lycra or cotton, they usually stretch and ensure a comfortable experience. They make the great gym or casual wear/men’s casual pants. Most women seem to prefer black designs because they make them look slimmer and they work with shirts and blouses in different colors.

As a general rule of thumb, suit pants that fit close to the skin can all classify as leggings. As for men, leggings are not that common as casual wear. Instead, they might be used under larger pants – usually during the cold wintertime or in cold working environments.


Palazzos pants

There are more options in terms of pants styles for women and palazzos make the perfect example. These pants are suitable for women. In terms of fashion style, they are great for lean ladies – they are wide and loose, so they add a bit of shape to those who feel too skinny like skinny jean or skinny pants. They work with tops and blouses, so they are great for casual wear.

The palazzos are extremely diversified in designs, prints, and fabrics. There are no rules when shopping for the perfect styles. Simply find something that matches your style and body shape.

Sailor pants

Sailor pants

Sailor pants are a classic fit. They are often referred to as fisherman pants – even as palazzos, yet there are obvious differences between the two styles. Just like palazzos, sailor pants are most commonly designed for women.

These pants tend to be tight at the waist. They flare out towards the bottom. They come in numerous materials. You can also find them in different styles – some of them go all the way to the ankle, while others stop below the knee. They are great for skinny ladies.

Harem pants

Harem pants

Harem pants are not new at all – they came to life hundreds of years ago and they were most commonly associated with Middle Eastern cultures. However, their comfort and reliability brought them into the western world as well. They come in a wide variety of styles, wide leg pants and designs – they are usually available in neutral colors or crazy prints.

A high-quality pair of pants will be based on silk, but other materials are also accepted – most commonly, natural materials like cotton. The pants are loose-fitting, but they feature elastic by the waist and ankles for a good fit.

Khaki pants

Khaki pants

Khaki pants – or khakis – were originally named after their color. These days, you can find them in numerous types of designs though. They are usually based on cotton for a more comfortable approach. They look excellent with all kinds of shirts and they are both stylish and casual – you can wear them in an office just like work pants or for a lunch with your friends. Small differences – like the seams – can make khakis more suitable for one style or another.

Designed pants for both men and women, khakis are suitable for the so-called casual Friday because they are excellent with collared shirts. Furthermore, the materials for such pants are common in jackets and even shirts too, so you could come up with a great match.

Cargo pants

Cargo pants

Cargo pants or hiking pants can be used for any style – just not formal. They are mostly designed for outdoor activities, such as hiking or walking. But then, this style has also been adopted in the casual industry – yet materials are different. A proper pair of cargo pants/cargo pant will be based on durable and sturdy materials. Such pants are normally a bit baggy for comfort – ideal for activities that involve lots of movement. They feature extra pockets to store small things. When used for casual purposes, they might be based on lighter materials and fabrics.

Often referred to as combat pants too, cargo pants are suitable for both men and women. They come in numerous colors and they are also available as shorts – for sunny days with lots of physical activity involved.

Flat fronts

Flat fronts

Pants with flat fronts are self-explanatory. They are relatively new on the market and feature a modern approach – ideal for those with slim silhouettes. The problem with flat front pants is that they require a perfect fit to look good, so it pays off trying them out in person – rather than shopping over the Internet.

They are great for casual outfits and office wear – slightly formal occasions too. How can you identify these pants? Simply look at them – if you cannot see any pleats, they are flat fronts. They are based on all kinds of materials and come in numerous colors – great pants for men and women.

Capri pants

Capri Pants Front View

Capri pants are pretty diversified and they may often be associated with cargo pants in some designs – especially the short length. The main aspect related to these pants is their actual length – middle calf. In other words, they are more suitable for warm weather conditions. Styles and designs are pretty diversified.

In terms of materials, you need to know that capris can come in nylon, polyester, denim or cotton. They are associated with casual outfits, so you are less likely to find any dressy or fancy fabrics. When shopping, you may find capri pants as crop pants, pedal pushers or clam diggers. Available for both men and women, they seem to be more popular in women.

Yoga pants

Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are not necessarily used for yoga only – they are just as handy for other casual activities. They allow stretching and moving, so they are comfortable to wear – hence their popularity. They are usually based on natural fabrics like cotton – not to mention the colors and styles.

These are often confused with leggings, but there is a big difference. These pants are not as tight as leggings. Plus, they tend to be a bit loose close to the ankles, while leggings are tight throughout. While leggings are often worn alone, they are not meant to. These pants, on the other hand, are designed to be worn alone, meaning materials are a bit thicker.



Sweatpants are most commonly recommended for relaxing or intense activities. They are comfortable and they are great for athletic activities – such as the gym. Then, you can also wear sweatpants around the house or while relaxing in the back garden. Sweatpants are a bit baggy and suitable for both men and women.

Jodhpur pants

Jodhpur Pants

Jodhpur pants are more common in women, but this is not a general rule. They come to trends every now and then before disappearing for a long time. These days, they are not among the trendiest types of pants on the market, but you can still find them around. Plus, they are quite comfy.

They are loose down to the knees and they tend to be a bit tighter towards the ankles. They are similar to the pants worn by horse riders.

Dress pants

Dress pants

Dress pants are obviously designed for women only. They feature a simple design. Practically, they are built like pants. When your legs are kept together, the seams are not that visible, so they look like men’s dress pant. They tend to be baggy and large – even larger towards the end.

They come in more sizes – usually just above the ankles.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are by far the most popular flared pant types on the market, but the list can get longer than that. There are pants designed for specific people or body shapes, as well as pants for certain activities. You might as well find pants used in particular parts of the world only.

How many types of pants are there?

There are loads of different types of pants on the market. When it comes to their international recognition in the fashion world, you will find about 20 different options out there – some of them sticking to trends, while others coming on and off.

What are the different types of men’s pants?

Most pants are suitable for both men and women, with a few exceptions. When it comes to pants for men, some of the most common options include chinos, cords, drawstring trousers, slim fit trousers, wool trousers, relaxed leg trousers, joggers, cropped trousers and cargo pants, among others.

What are baggy pants called?

Baggy pants are comfortable and target more types of pants. For instance, harem pants are extremely baggy and comfortable, but dress pants can also be baggy. Some manufacturers simply refer to their pants as baggy pants, yet they can cover multiple styles.

What do you call loose pants?

Just like baggy pants, loose pants come in all kinds of styles and designs. For example, fisherman trousers or sailor pants can be referred to as loose pants, not to mention harem pants. Even pleated trousers can make loose pants.


As a short final conclusion, there are numerous types of pants out there and each of them comes with its own characteristics. They, most of these styles share a few particularities, meaning styles are often used interchangeably.

From this point of view, it pays off to become familiar with more types of pants before hunting the design that you are interested in. Moreover, it is worth investing in more types of pants – even more designs in the same style – to ensure you have good options for various outfits and occasions.

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