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A Display Of T Shirt

There are T shirts for all occasions out there. From a crew neck to a scoop neck, there are so many types that this garment is probably the most versatile option out there. You can wear T shirts on funerals, formal meetings, casual dinners or work. There are a bunch of general types for men or women, as well as specific models for every person.

You might find it surprising, but T shirts are often classified based on the events they are actually for. You can find T shirts for all aspects and opportunities, not to mention one for each body type. A brief search over the Internet will give you some handy answers. All in all, this t shirt guide will introduce you to all types of T shirt to help you make more informed decisions when choosing your next outfit.


Types of T shirt at a glance

A Collection Of T Shirts

There are dozens of types of T shirt out there – some of them more popular in particular parts of the world. At the same time, most T shirts go by more names – many different places have different classifications for them. There are at least 10 different styles out there – think about casual, button up, formal and polo shirts, as well as long T shirts or garments for men or women.

Then, you have the V neck T shirt, crew neck, scoop neck, Y neck and so on. Some of them come with a hood, while others do not. Furthermore, you might as well come up with your own type based on a few particularities and chances are someone else is already using it. But with all these, there are a few general categories of t shirt styles that tend to stand out because everyone uses them.


Crew neck

Crew neck

The crew neckline was extremely popular in the 1920s and probably the only neck T shirt out there. The name was given based on its purpose.

Such T shirts had no collars, so they were suitable for ship crews. They used to have a round neckline, which was sewn separately. The primary role of this neckline was to absorb the sweat.

These days, a crew neck T shirt has different purposes. It is casual and neat, but it is also more functional and can go under jackets or cardigans – not to mention its purpose as a pajama top or a household garment.


V neck

V neck

V neck style represents an extremely popular neck style. In fact, it is so popular that fashion designers have implemented it into other garments as well – such as vests or sweaters.

The V neckline came to life in the 1960s and it revealed a bit more, so it was considered a rebellious option. These days, it is among the leading T shirts styles out there, along with the crew neck.

The V neck is said to help the face look longer – ideal for those who want to slim their faces. Based on its depth, you could also show off a powerful chest. It could be a successful addition to your outfit, but there is a fine line between success and failure, so be careful.




Henley is a unique neck style that mixes crew and V neck. Just like the crew neck, its origins are related to uniforms. In fact, it was made famous by the rowing team of Henley-on-Thames, a small British town.

You can find these different types of T shirt with both short and long sleeves.

Identifying these shirts is fairly simple – they are collarless and a round necklines. There are a few buttons going down in a row under the neckline at the front. If you open them, you have a slight V neck. Close them and you will be back to the crew neck.




Polo shirts come with a collar – basically, they take henley types of T shirts and put collars on them. They often come with small pockets and they are usually short sleeved.

They are a bit formal due to the collar, but they can still be casual – you will most commonly find them in golf.

Polo T shirts are a bit more versatile when it comes to their fabrics. They can be based on knitted cotton, silk or polyester. They may also feature a more professional blend designed to provide performance.


Scoop neck

Scoop Neck

The scoop neckline is urban and modern. It is not the most common option in men because there are a few requirements. It must be matched with a few chains – perhaps a dog tag or a necklace.

At that point, it could look quite rebellious and attractive. The neck shape is round and extremely wide. Sometimes, it might be designed like a semicircle.

This type of neckline requires a top notch fabric, so go for quality. Otherwise, a few washes will ruin everything and your T shirt will look sloppy.


Raglan sleeve

Raglan sleeve

The raglan sleeve came to life when designers run out of ideas for the necklines. This style brings in a different type of stitching – one piece running from the collar to the underarm. In other words, the underarm area is a bit larger and wider, so moving around is easier.

The look is sporty and comfortable too.

These types of T shirt give designers a bit of creativity because there are numerous variations, including the saddle sleeve or the epaulet. It is all about the stitch and direction. This shirt is more suitable for women because it features a natural curve.


Cap sleeve

Cap sleeve

The cap sleeve is suitable for both men and women. When it comes to men, the hem tends to curve a bit upward. The style goes around the shoulder, so it accentuates the shape of the arms and forearms – men who go to the gym will most likely prefer this type of T shirt.

You can get a loose fit or a fit design – it is all about balance.

In terms of fashion, the T shirt is casual and chic – it tends to focus on a man’s shoulders and chest, so you cannot go wrong with it.

When it comes to women, cap sleeves are bit more limited. They are way smaller than designs for men and they stick to their actual profiles. They only cap off the shoulders and they will never extend or they will look funny. Sleeves look good, but they must match your body type. You need a long fit when wearing cap sleeves or your waist will look short.



The pocketed T shirt can target more types of clothing – it is especially popular in those who want a bit of extra style or some functionality.

The pocket is featured on the front side, usually on the left hand side of your chest. It is usually small, but it could be larger too.

Pockets are stitched on the garment. Some of them are stylistic, meaning they have no functionality. They are closed and cannot be opened.







Hooded types of T shirt copy hooded sweatshirts. As a result, these garments are more suitable for those who like sports or workout a lot. They come with some drawstrings by the neckline too.

Some of them feature half sleeves, while others are sleeveless. You can also find long sleeve shirts. All in all, they are comfortable and built with performance in mind.



Boat neck

Boat neck

The boat neck is specifically designed for women’s T shirts. This T shirt type is similar to the scoop neck. However, it is both wider and slimmer at the same time. Practically, the neckline is shown in a long horizontal line – collarbones are barely skimmed.

Whether you look at this T shirt from the front of the back, it looks like the hull in a boat.

The primary role of this style is to put a bit of accent on the shoulders. They look more elegant and your posture will look more attractive.



One shoulder

One shoulder

The one shoulder T shirt is a cheeky design made for women. It can go in more directions. It is suitable for those who want to adopt a playful casual style, but it is just as handy with sporty purposes – not the most practical option out there though.

One shoulder style T shirts are excellent during hot summer days. When used in a gym, they can go over performance tank tops.






The halter is another type of T shirt designed for women. It is feminine and it shows a bit of skin – it is most commonly designed sleeveless. The neckline makes the difference, as it tends to curve slightly inward. It ties at the back of the neck.

The primary goal of this T shirt is to put some accent on the shoulders and back. Obviously, it allows a bit of customization, so you may also find it referred to as the racerback top – it is only a variation though.



Plunging neck

Plunging neck

The plunging neck is designed to be sexy – it is mostly recommended to ladies with nicely shaped busts. It is a variation of the V neck – or better said, the scoop neck. However, it extends down towards the middle part of the chest. It goes beyond the ribs and chest and can almost reach the bellybutton.

These shirts are not restricted to busty ladies only. In fact, they can be worn by anyone – sometimes, they work better with a classic V neck T shirt underneath.



Scoop, V and crew neck types of T shirts for women

Just like men, women can also wear scoop, V and crew neck T shirts, only they come with a few unique specifications and variations. Generally speaking, these shirts are smaller when designed for women. At the same time, when it comes to a V neck, the design aims to run way deeper.

Over the past decades, these shirts have come a very long way from the basic undergarments they used to be about a century ago, whether you could the fabric, lines or embellishments.


Choosing the right T shirt for you

Apart from the style and color, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind when not sure what types of T shirt to look for.

  • Fit – The fit of a T shirt has nothing to do with the fitted design. In fact, a T shirt is supposed to match your natural body type and lines. It should not restrict you or cause any discomfort whatsoever.
  • Occasion – Knowing where you plan to wear a T shirt will help you choose the right option. For instance, a casual T shirt will not work for a business meeting or a work function.
  • Body type – Put some accent on your features. A cap sleeve is great if your biceps are well toned. A raglan sleeve is more suitable to emphasize forearms.
  • Fabric – The fabric will keep the T shirt in one piece and prevent it from going too baggy or loose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling confused about the various types of T shirt out there?


How many types of T shirts are there?

Generally speaking, there are a few dozen types of T shirts out there. However, T shirts can be categorized by so many things that each occasion could be a category – casual T shirts, formal T shirts and so on.


What are the types of shirts?

As a general rule of thumb, T shirts should be defined by the fit, collar or neckline, occasion of fabric. Each of these little details can be a category. The above mentioned options are more general though.


What brand of T shirts is best?

There are multiple fashion brands out there that design quality T shirts. While quality does matter in the process, make sure a particular T shirt also fits your body shape and style – otherwise, going for the trends only will turn your outfit into a failure.


What are the long T shirts called?

A longline is a general term given to any type of clothing that is longer than a regular cut. It could be an oversized trend, for instance.


In the end, these types of T shirt explained will give you some good hints about what your style is and what kind of searches you have to perform in order to find the ideal garments. Lots of people shop online looking at the T shirt category only, but without going into small details. Not only is it a waste of time, but you also risk getting the wrong type of T shirt for your style and body.

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