Troubleshooting Drones: What Causes Drone Fly-aways

Drone Flying for Aerial Photography or Video Shooting

As technology progresses these days, there are just so many things being offered to people. People have always been hooked on different devices such as smartphones and laptops, but mostly, everyone couldn’t get enough of cameras. Whether you’re using this device for professional or personal use, you always want to have the most updated models as much as possible.

Speaking of cameras, we used to have film cameras that were eventually upgraded to digital ones. These cameras are used to take photos and videos to cover something worth remembering. Now, digital cameras seem to upgrade more wherein aside from the usual ones we already have, action cameras are also dominating the market.

Nippy Overview About the Wonders of Action Cameras

Multicopter with camera onboard

Action camera is considered to be a type of digital camera, but the edge of this device is exceptional. This device is used for recording activities, mainly sports. It’s very light, and it’s very handy since it has a size that’s way smaller than the size of usual cameras. Moreover, what makes it more interesting is that it’s even built for underwater activities.

Action cameras are versatile because you can certainly use it on any kind of activities, whether it’s underwater or on areas with snow. People are investing their money to get action cameras.

These devices also come with different accessories such as mounts wherein you can even put it in your head, chest, and wrists. The cameras also have a remote control, a built-in one or through smartphones.

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Aside from underwater and physical outdoor activities, action cameras are also using an aerial device called drones. Some people who are into video-making use a drone to get an aerial view of a certain place. But, what are drones in the first place? Here are some things you need to know about this aerial device.

Understanding Further What a Drone Is and Its Usage

Drones are referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. These aircraft devices are being used for different purposes, with no passengers or pilots onboard. It’s basically being controlled by a remote or sometimes; it works autonomously. If you happen to see a puny-helicopter-like device, flying around your vicinity, you bet it’s a drone.

Mostly, small cameras are attached to drones, and people use it for either commercial or government purposes.

Different commercial companies use drones for their day-to-day operations. It’s mostly used by filmmakers because it does capture a very wide view of a place, which adds beauty to films. Moreover, people are also using it for personal purposes such as vlogging and events coverage.

On the government side, drones are also being used often. Local or state governments or police and military forces find drones useful especially in monitoring territories. Furthermore, drones for government usage is somehow advance because there’s more to their drones than just attaching cameras.

Regardless of what purposes drones are to be used, it’s crucial for users to know its basic troubleshooting procedures. Drones are expensive items hence buying a new one is not always the solution. One of the problems that drone owners experience is the drone fly-away.

Determining Different Causes of a Drone Fly-Away

Quadrocopter, copter, drone in actionGiven that it’s used for aerial activities, one worst thing that may happen to your drone is the possibility that it may fly-away. If it gets hit by a flying object, it’s not a big deal because you can still control it back.

However, in a drone fly-away, you may lose control of your drone until it crashes on to something, a tree, a building or the ground. It’s even harder if your device got lost out of sight.

As technology improves devices to make a better one, you still can’t guarantee that it can work 100% all the time. If you’re searching for “What causes drone fly-aways,” here are some of the reasons I would like to share with you:

  • Flying farther beyond your visual line. People are eager to explore further hence this is one of the reasons why your drone flies away. As you insist on flying far than the suggested distance as per device, there’s a tendency that you’ll lose the signal, making it harder for your drone to find its way back.
  • Electromagnetic meddling. You may experience a drone fly-away if you let your device fly near cellular phone towers or power lines. This is because of electromagnetic interference. It will definitely hinder your connection, compromising your control.
  • Being completely out of focus. Yes, it’s remote-controlled, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay attention to your device as you control it. You must pay attention because once your drone hits something, then you’ll surely struggle in controlling it back. It’s one of the most common reasons why there are drone fly-aways.
  • Unskillful enough to fly a drone. Practice takes time, as they say. When I got my drone, I wasn’t skillful enough to fly it. Hence I’ve experienced having a drone fly-away at first. You can start practicing in safe surroundings, and as you master control, you will no longer struggle in losing control as you fly your drone.

Things to Do to Prevent a Drone Fly-Away

Small drone above the fieldThere’s no easy way to fly a drone, and when you get the chance to fly your own drone, you have to be really careful because drones and cameras are not cheap devices.

At first, it bothered me because I had to invest extra in getting a drone after I purchased an action camera. I couldn’t afford to have a drone fly-away because I’d be losing two devices in one crash. To help you out further, here are a few things to consider to avoid a drone fly-away.

If you own a drone, it’s always advisable to do a pre-flight check. Just like what pilots do before they board an airplane or what captains do before they board a ship, they always check everything. As for drones, a pre-flight check is one of the best things to do to prevent a drone fly-away and here’s a quick checklist for you:

  • You need to check if the batteries are wholly charged in order for you to control your drone properly. Of course, with dead batteries, expect a dead drone, lying crashed on the ground or maybe sinking in the water. It is definitely the last thing you’d want your drone to have.
  • You need to check if the controller is accurately linked to your drone. Do some few tests outside before going farther. A full battery is no use if the controller itself is malfunctioning.
  • You need to check as well if the other components are working. If there’s a camera attached, make sure it’s turned on, so if you lost control of your drone, your camera could be controlled remotely via your smartphone. You can see where your drone would’ve landed.
  • You need to fly within your line of sight. Surely you want to explore, but there are rules that you have to keep your device within sight always. This is to prevent losing it and also to prevent harming others.

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It’s important to get a tracker for your drone. In cases that your drone crashed after struggling to keep control, this drone tracker will certainly help you retrieve your device, giving you the location where it might have crashed.

It’s very useful because I once lost my drone in the woods while practicing and I was able to retrieve my device because of the tracker. You’ll never know, whether you can prevent a drone fly-away or not. It’s best to be prepared.

If you’re thinking of getting yourself a drone, it’s best to prepare yourself on what lies after purchasing it, including some troubleshooting stuff. Drones are convenient, but you’ll have pay attention as you use it, especially if you need it to cover a very wide range of view. There’s always a possibility of experiencing a drone fly-away, even if you’re a professional, but you can certainly do something to prevent and fix it.

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