What is Drone Photography? 8 Tips That Will Help You Be Better This 2023

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Have been mesmerized by the breathtaking images captured by camera drones and would also like to engage in drone photography?

For instance, have you seen the splendor of the night in New York City through the eye of a UAV camera?

Have you ever asked yourself “What is drone photography?”

If you answer “yes” to these three questions, then, it is about time that you get yourself immersed in this innovative and interesting endeavor!

Aside from being a fascinating leisure activity, drone photography can also be transformed into a lucrative business which you can certainly derive myriads of financial benefits from.

Engaging in professional drone photography helps advance and disseminate culture, art, and natural beauty worldwide.

You will be able to share stunning images not only of mainstream themes and locations, but also spots which may be unfamiliar to most of us.

Plus, you can also join aerial photography competitions and earn recognition for taking part in this state-of-the-art and flourishing industry!


Definition and Nature of Aerial or Drone Photography

Engineer Setting Camera On UAV Helicopter

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Before you get completely engaged in aerial or drone photography, it is essential first to understand the concept.

What is drone photography? This is the art or practice of capturing and processing images and videos taken with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone camera.

This equipment can be autonomous or remotely operated. Drone photography facilitates the acquisition of photos and videos that may not be possible for typical professional photographers and videographers to obtain.

Camera drones are tiny, compact devices that are used for cinematography and aerial photography. They are designed to capture the best aerial shots.

Moreover, UAV cameras include a wide-angle camera on its center, three to eight arms, and propellers. New designs of these devices are becoming increasingly portable and lightweight.

Through recent developments in engineering, camera drones operate on electricity and possess tremendously incredible shooting ranges.

Amateur and professional drone photographers abound. They relish in the UAV cameras’ flight capabilities, small dimension, and the ability to tolerate unfriendly weather conditions and environments.

Drone photographers can capture images that most helicopters and airplanes are not permitted to which is below 300 feet.

Drone for industrial works flying above cloudsWhen viewed from above, what makes drone photography exciting are the amazing patterns which you can discover from the landscape.

As you can see, drone photography is a milestone in the landscape photography sector, making it possible for the audiences to get a sweeping, first-person aerial view of scenes that are normally unlikely to be achieved.

Drone Photography can be deduced as the modern offshoot of traditional landscape photography.

Legendary landscape photographer and environmentalist Ansel Adams would certainly delight in camera drones if he were to exist in our present time.

It is because of these devices’ better capabilities to capture diverse landscape scenes like nature, urban and bucolic settings, industrial locations, outdoor lifestyle, and various landforms.


8 Tips on How to Become a Drone Photographer

A personal drone flying over beautiful lavender fieldNow that we have answered the starter inquiry, “What is drone photography?” we now move on to the recommendations on how you can become a drone photographer.

Drone photography is undoubtedly an exciting endeavor because you become a part of modernity.  Aerial photography is now more convenient and accessible to anyone who is interested.

Furthermore, the employment of helicopters to capture breathtaking landscape scenes is now a thing of the past.

With drone photography, you would get to produce impressive, artistic images and share it with the world through the help of image-sharing social media websites like Facebook and Instagram.

To become a drone photographer, you have to be mindful of these eight tips for you to achieve your aim in a smooth-sailing manner:

Tip # 1: You Should Learn How to Fly a Drone.

two people who are practicing on how to fly a drone for photographyYou can join drone photography study sessions and groups. Through the online tutorials that are teeming online, you can polish your knowledge about flying drones and operating camera drones.

Through interacting with experienced drone photographers, you will be able to expand your knowledge as you embark in aerial photography.

In addition, you can alleviate damages and possible crashes on your device.

Tip # 2: You Should Get Your Drone-Flying License.

To fly UAVs professionally, you have to get a permit to operate these devices. Drone retailers usually help in training and facilitating FAA-accredited test facilities for licensing UAV flyers.

Possessing a license to use drones will also allow you to join other professional drone photographers.

Tip # 3: You Should Avail Yourself Drone Insurance.

Your UAV camera is likely to encounter unfavorable situations such as hitting a piece of architecture or getting involved in an accident.

Getting your drone insured will help you against these adverse situations, securing the device. In addition, you will get prioritized over other drone flyers who use their devices without insurance.

This tip is certainly among the positive measures when engaging in professional aerial photography.

Tip # 4: You Should Know and Follow Federal Laws and Regulations.

Drone photography is not as simple as merely possessing a camera and engaging in a photography spree, capturing an image that you may like.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has imposed some rules regarding the use of UAVs.

Be sure that you have read and understood these laws to prevent yourself from getting in trouble and enjoy your drone photography journey.

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Tip # 5: You Should Understand the Shooting Area Well.

Drone flying through the mountainsWhen engaging in drone photography, you should ensure that you are very much aware of the place that you are going to capture images of.

You should prevent yourself from flying your camera drone near helipads, airports, seaports, and other sensitive places.

Moreover, you should avoid overstepping in private locations. Otherwise, be sure to ask for permission from the landowners by initially contacting them before your photoshoot.

Tip # 6: Be Mindful of the Maximum Flight Hours.

Drones may not operate continuously.  Hence, you should keep in mind that flight times have a significant effect on your drone photography sessions.

Before engaging in serious drone photography missions, it is ideal to conduct a few quick test runs on your camera drone to determine the length of time it can operate.

You should know the duration that your drone can fly for. Keep extra batteries and follow your backup plans to guarantee that any problems will not thwart your amazing shots.

Tip # 7: Learn How to Use Photography Processing Software.

Engaging in drone photography involves the final step of post-processing. Fundamental knowledge of motion blur adding, color correction, lighting adjustment, contrast, and bracketing will help you polish your aerial photography skills.

You need to learn how to use image organization and processing software necessary for creating professional and competitive images, too. Among the examples of these software are Adobe LightRoom and Adobe Photoshop.

Tip # 8: You Should Create Your Drone Photography Portfolio.

Drone PhotographyAs a neophyte, you will first need to begin at the bottom with your basic camera drone. Collect and organize the images that you have captured into a photography portfolio.

You should design your own photography website. This will exhibit details about your business, your featured aerial shots, and how you can be contacted for engagements.

As we live in the age of Facebook, you should create a page for your drone photography works. Get social by sharing your photos on social media.

You can use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other social media websites as your personal gallery to share your drone photography portfolio.

The more viewers see your works, the more you will get more customers to engage with.

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