What Is PTZ Control? – Employing The Protective PTZ Camera To Optimize

PTZ Camera Control

Have you ever been inconvenienced by inconsiderate neighbors committing illegal dumping in your backyard?

Or are you a security-minded person who just does not want to be troubled by any suspicious event that could happen even in broad daylight?

Worry no more because the PTZ camera is here to help you. It is not just your ordinary surveillance and a rechargeable security camera.

It can possess advanced features that could help you bring transgressors to justice. Hence, you could live with peace of mind wherever you may go.

Robotic Cameras: Your Modern Security Assistant

Robotic CamerasPTZ cameras, with the abbreviation PTZ referring to their common pan, tilt, and zoom movement selections, are technological devices employed as specialized security gadgets.

Their basic properties include the capability for zooming in and out and remote directional controls.

They can change directions and can be controlled remotely through automated mechanisms. Hence, they are also known as robotic cameras, or “robos” for short.

In our digital age today, PTZ cameras have been developed into high-resolution gadgets. Referred to as virtual pan-tilt-zoom (VPTZ) or e-PTZ cameras, these devices can digitally pan and zoom into sections of footage.

They can perform these actions even without the movement of a physical camera. VPTZ cameras are used in streaming user-defined locations in higher quality.

They are employed by ultra-low bandwidth surveillance streaming technologies. Furthermore, VPTZ cameras operate even without increasing the use of overall bandwidth.

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Digital Video Recorder as the Adjunct Device of Robo Cameras

Using different protocols, PTZ cameras can perform various tasks, helping you feel secure in your property.

PTZ camera and the DVRYou will find these types of surveillance equipment linked to another device which is the digital video recorder (DVR). The DVR captures the full field view in optimal quality.

As important components of modern surveillance systems, PTZ cameras can inform you that there is a suspicious occurrence outside your home.

Through the advanced PTZ camera and the DVR, you can acquire footage of illegal dumping and other unwelcome intrusions in your home or other property.

Large homes or mansions and facilities built with high-security mechanisms use master cameras together with a PTZ camera.

The former would monitor the highly secured property that gives details so the PTZ camera can pan and tilt to the necessary angle.

Then, the PTZ camera would follow and look closely at the targeted movements. The DVR is where the command to zoom in or out usually comes from.

Some DVRs support the PTZ cameras’ remote control. Through the internet using a computer or a digital device like an iPad, the DVR enables you to control the movements of the camera anywhere you are in the world.

Think of the multimillion-dollar Chateau Louis XIV in France, the majestic mega-property owned by the super-rich Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud of Saudi Arabia.

Together with a high-tech alarm system, this vast, ultra-secure French country house was built with 40 state-of-the-art surveillance cameras.

It includes PTZ cameras that can be monitored from around the world. Hence, if the Prince is on an official trip abroad, he could still monitor the happenings in his mega-home which is located in the outskirts of Paris.

PTZ cameras can, indeed, be employed to monitor much larger areas. This makes them more advanced than stationary cameras.

Through a full spectrum of vertical and horizontal movements, or the pan, tilt, and zoom features, you can capture clear and fine information in a scene.

With their adjustable field of view, PTZ cameras can help you recognize faces of unknown people approaching your home or the license plate of a PTZ Camera Standalonesuspicious van that just parked right in front of your property.

Besides their use for monitoring unwanted events that could occur anytime, PTZ cameras are also used in live lectures, video conferencing, distance learning, and live studio productions.

You may find PTZ cameras employed in TV production studios. They are used by cameramen together with professional video cameras. In addition, these technologies are employed in major sports happenings.

When purchasing PTZ cameras, you can buy them individually. However, there are also stores which sell them as a set.


Simple Procedure in Connecting the Robotic Camera to the DVR

Logitech PTZ Camera

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PTZ cameras and DVR are a common team. They work together to ensure that no trespassers or shady characters would remain uncaught in your home.

Connecting the robotic camera to the DVR is not rocket science. You can actually perform it by yourself.  

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts will relish this task because it is simple, and you do not have to hire a technician and shell out exorbitant fees for their service.

You may follow this easy-to-follow procedure for linking a PTZ camera with an RS485 connection to a DVR.

Step 1. Make sure that you have the following components for this process:

  1. PTZ camera
  2. DVR
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Screws
  5. RS485 wires
  6. RS485 connection block
  7. BNC cable
  8. Power adapter
  9. Power connector

Ensure that you are using the PTZ Control Wires with RS485 connections.

Step 2. Using a screwdriver in your toolbox, loosen the two screws on the RS485 connection block which is attached to the PTZ camera.

Step 3. Make the two screws on the RS485 connector lose. You can find these screws across from the pre-connected cables.

Step 4. From the extension cable, insert the RS485 wires into the RS485 connection block.

PTZ Control Wires with RS485Make sure that the cables originating from the PTZ camera match, such as black to black and red to red.

Step 5. Securing the RS485 wires in place, you may now tighten the screws on the RS485 connection block.

Step 6. Put the PTZ control wires into the RS485 connector.

Step 7. From the extension cable, link the RS485 wires to the RS485 connectors on the DVR.

Guarantee that the polarity of the wires coming from the PTZ camera match. The black wire connects to the negative (-) port. On the other hand, the red wire links to the positive (+) port.

Step 8. Link the BNC cable on the DVR’s Video Input port. Take note of the port number when you connect the PTZ camera.

This numerical figure will be employed when configuring the DVR to interact with the camera.

Step 9. To make the PTZ camera starts moving, connect the included power adapter to the power connector.

Step 10. Plug the power adapter in a nearby power outlet. You will have to enter some details about the PTZ camera into the DVR Menu.

In this manner, it will recognize and interact with the camera. The following are the information that you will have to configure when setting up your PTZ camera:

  1. Channel
  2. Protocol
  3. Baud Rate
  4. Data Bit
  5. Stop Bit
  6. Parity
  7. Cruise
  8. Address

Complete installation diagram for a single PTZ camera installation

This initial set-up control is necessary which transpires once you have connected your camera to the DVR.

You have to read the instruction manual provided with your camera. This will help you get the right protocol and baud rate detail.

After you complete this step, you will be able to control the camera’s movements, configure pre-set positions, and utilize other advanced controls.

When the power adapter is connected, the PTZ camera will start moving. Make sure that the camera does not block movement to protect it from damage.

Keep in mind that all analog PTZ cameras and some network-based types of these devices contain the RS485 connection.

This connection sends serial data control to the camera from the PTZ joystick or the DVR recorder.

It is also significant to set up important configuration parameters for the RS485 commands in order for them to work.

As the hardware physical connection is also important, you should bear in mind that if the PTZ camera is connected the right way, then it will be able to receive the commands straight from the DVR.

You should always consult the instruction manual that is available together with your security product for full information.

Following these ten simplified steps facilitated me to easily connect my PTZ camera to the DVR. I am sure you would also enjoy this simple tutorial.

You can share this information if it helped you and if you would also like to help others secure their homes with the protective PTZ camera.

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