What to Do and Where to Dispose of Water Heater

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The first time I bought the best tankless electric water heater, I couldn’t decide which to pick out numerous brands and types in the market. I pay close attention to its features more than how it looks on the outside because I don’t want to spend more money on buying another one. However, it’s inevitable to keep one heater for life.

Hot water heaters will undoubtedly wear out when the time comes, which is why I make sure I’m maximizing every use to get the worth of what I paid. Another thing I assure when it comes to my heater at home is that I maintain it in good condition. Excellent maintenance will keep it functioning further until it stops working for good.

Ways on How to Make a Hot Water Heaters Long-Lasting

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Since hot water is a part of my necessity, I frequently use my heater every morning and evening during baths. I’d buy a new one to keep the coldness away from my body. However, if I can prevent expenditure, the only way is to keep it well-maintained.

Water heaters are pricey, and buying a new one will undoubtedly ruin my budget. Therefore, I follow some ways on how to keep it long-lasting before it’s time to dispose of it adequately:

  1. I stopped turning my water heater off, even if I go on vacation. I often leave the house for vacation and business trips, so I tend to turn my heater off every time I leave the house. Here are some downsides I noticed after occasionally shutting my heater off:
  • The component was having difficulty in reheating the water after its idle time, which makes it longer to produce hot water. It adds hassle, especially when I’m in a hurry because I don’t have a readily available one to use during baths.
  • Frequent shut-offs of my heater led to repairs and replacements. Both consequences will undoubtedly lead to another unplanned expenditure, which I want to avoid.
  1. I always set my heater on vacation mode when I’m out of the house. Turning my heater off gives me the idea of saving energy, so I save money, yet shutting it off worsen its performance. Therefore, I looked for a heater with a vacation mode feature to lessen energy consumption without turning it off. Moreover, this advantage didn’t meddle with the performance of my radiator. The best thing about it is that reheating is more comfortable.
    • Some water heater disposal may not have a vacation mode feature, like the first heater I had. The trick is to adjust the temperature of the heater from 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s the best alternative way for vacation mode.
  2. I drain the water in my heater’s tank occasionally. Aside from leaving the heater on, I check and clean the tank every six months for any clogged residue. These residues stay in the opening of the spigot or the valve. Through this routine, I can determine whether there’s a need to use a vacuum to remove the sediment or not.

Steps on How to Dispose of a Broken Water Heater

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No matter how well I maintain my water heater disposal at home, it will eventually wear out in time.  It will reach its point where you’ll have to dispose of it. Disposing of a heater is not as easy as leaving it outside your house because of its size. Moreover, there are some ways on how to properly dispose of it. These were the steps I considered in answering the question; “where to dispose of old water heater?”

  1. Donate the water heater. Donating my heater was one of my options before when I was planning to make an upgrade. I checked who among my family members, friends, or neighborhood needs a one. However, before I can donate and replace my old heater with an upgraded one, it doesn’t function anymore.
  2. Check for the nearest recycling center. Hot Water heaters are one of the maximized recyclables because of its quality steel, brass, and copper. Any center will pay cash for it, which makes it an excellent way for disposal. Some centers may even arrange a pick-up for a heater. I tried finding the nearest recycling center, but there’s no luck for me to sell it.
  3. Contact the nearest garbage service. Since I struggled in looking for recycling centers for my broken water heater disposal, I don’t have any option but to contact the garbage service. It’s a good thing that they offer a pick-up service for big appliances. Even though I have to pay extra, disposing of it was more comfortable instead of looking for a place where I can dump it.
  4. Look for the local landfill. My friend, who also owns a heater, couldn’t find the nearest recycling center in his area, so he gave his heater to his local landfill. He didn’t have to pay anything such as disposal fee. Moreover, the landfill he found offers a recycling program as well.
  5. Contact a junk removal service when necessary. Contacting a junk removal service was not required on my end since I have the nearest garbage service. Nonetheless, this center can also schedule a pick-up for water heaters for disposal. They can collect the radiator within the day, and they can also provide extra services, such as cleaning the area up.
  6. Scrap it by yourself.  The last option when it comes to disposing of water heater disposal is by scrapping it. It takes a lot of effort and time to do it, which is why I’d stick with the most comfortable way if I want to dump my heater. However, when there are no other choices to consider, scraping it is the best thing to do. The upside of scrapping it alone is that the non-ferrous metals are still saleable.

Buying water heater disposal isn’t stress-free as disposing them. It’s even harder when there are no garbage services, recycling centers, or junk removal services in the area that can lend a hand. Therefore, it is best to consider donating heaters before deciding to dump it on centers.

It’s essential to check the heater regularly, from the tank to its drain valve, to avoid expenditures. It’s also crucial to know its proper preservation to make it last longer. Through these modest yet adequate ways, I can guarantee a sturdy heater at home.

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