Water Heater Noise: Why Does My Heater Sound like Water is Running?

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A noisy electric water heater is a common problem for homeowners. Its sound is very annoying and distracting, especially when we are trying to focus on our work. When I heard a disturbing sound inside my heater, I already knew that something is not correctly working inside that machine. Therefore, I took my time to have profound research on the internet regarding possible problems.

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Some people asked, “water heater sounds like water running?” I found out that many homeowners struggle with this sound, as well. Some people also said that they hear popping, rumbling, and crackling noise inside their tanks. I researched further and found many possible causes of this issue.

According to the manufacturers, diagnosing the electric water heater is the perfect procedure to find out the real problem of the machine. With diagnosing, I can also prevent any further damage that might harm my water heater. I am here today to tell you about everything that we all need to know once we hear a running water sound on our water heater tank. Please take time to read this article to know the possible causes or reasons why we are experiencing these disturbing sounds.

Although all water heater tank look the same, these machines have different procedures in heating our water. The manufacturers also used various equipment in turning energy to burn. Therefore, it is also crucial to take a step back and ask for advice and assistance from the experts before doing anything.

According to the experts, the common cause of heater noises came from the metal parts or drips inside the machine. This problem can cause the heater to become less efficient and more likely to fail. Sometimes, cold water running noises also came from sediments that heated and exploded up inside the tank. However, we can try to flush all the cold water running out from the tank and completely drain the machine to see any sediment chunks that might damage it.

To fix the water noise, we will be needing:

  • A professional plumber
  • Water hose

There was a time when I heard a boiling sound inside my heater. According to the internet, this situation indicates overheating or a dangerous pressure build-up inside my heater. When I found out about this, I immediately called a professional that can fix my heater.  Before he started checking my heater, he drained and flushed my tank first. I took the time to record everything in my notebook. I want to share little details on how to properly remove a electric water heater regardless if it is a gas or the best electric water heater.

Step 1: Turn off the power.

He turned off my water heater’s electrical power (but if you have a gas-fueled heater, you can turn off the gas valve). Afterward, he double-checked each power button if it’s off.

Step 2: Turn off the water valve.

He turned off the water inlet valve. This switch controls all the running water supply inside my heater’s tank.

Step 3: Attach a water hose.

He attached a water hose to my heater’s drain valve to remove my tank’s water and released it outdoor. However, you may also use a large bucket if you want to save water for cleaning.

Step 4: Open the faucets.

He opened one of my faucets that connects to my water heater to let the air come inside my tank to make the draining procedure easier. The professionals said that we should always be careful in opening faucets that are connected to a water heater since the water that will come out will be extremely hot. He also wants everyone to be safe, which is why we waited for an hour before proceeding to his next step.

Step 5: Open the drain valve.

He also opened my heater’s drain valve to flush any sediment inside my machine. According to him, it can take him three to four gallons before the drain valve becomes clear. He reminded us again that we should be careful with this step since hot water may come out from the pipe while draining.

You can visit this link for more water heater noises and how to troubleshoot them.

Gas boiler servicing or repearing concept. Toolbox with tools on the kitchen. 3d illustrationBased on my research, experts said that we should make sure that our heater tanks are full before operating it again. Half-full amount of running water might destroy my machine’s equipment. I learned that with proper care and maintenance, I could also cure and repair any sounds associated with my water heater from this day forward. Fixing my heater’s noise problem is one of the most significant achievement I have done. With these actions, I can prevent any further damage that can harm my water heater.

We should always remember that a running water sound inside our heaters needs an immediate fix.  Running water noise may also come from too much pressure. During this situation, we need a professional plumber to finish the work.

Leakage was also a possible problem when a running water noise occurred. There might be a small amount of water that leaks through the pipe that causes it to release pressure. This pressure might cause a running water sound inside the machine.

Additionally, our water pipes might be expanding or contracting that brings pressure to the water. The best way to prevent this issue is to make sure that all valves are open (not halfway open, but wide open). There are a lot of professional plumbers in our community. They can offer us free estimates on hot water heater repairs or replacement. When we hire a licensed plumber, we can be assured that our water heaters will be back in their proper working order as soon as possible.

To extend the life of our water heater tank, we should follow the proper maintenance recommendation from our manufacturers. We can find the best advice and assistance on their website. Moreover, it is essential to follow their directions safely so we can use our water heaters for the next upcoming years. Most manufacturers suggest flushing every four to twelve months for proper maintenance.

All water heaters come with a piece of safety equipment called pressure relief valve. This valve helps our water heaters to maintain the right pressure inside the machine. It releases too much pressure to avoid explosion and any running water noise. I am delighted that the internet helped me in figuring out my hot water heater problem. However, I still chose to hire a professional plumber to fix it since they have more experience in issues like this that I am.

So, have you set your water heater’s noise issue? Tell us about the noises that your hot water heater makes and how you’ve set it, in the comment section below.

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