5 Tech Security Ideas for Creating a Safe Home Office

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You may assume that working remotely means you are exempt from the usual safety risks arising during a working day. But, it would help if you were still as vigilant as ever in ensuring your office space, internet connection and cyber security are at their peak to prevent any security and safety risks. 

Here we will take you through how you can leverage your home office security measures to keep your household and work credentials safe. 

1. Ensure that your home has proper cloud-based camera systems

Your home should have cloud-based camera systems that enable you to see who has entered your home or any unauthorized visitors who may have tried to make an entry. You can put this facing outward to show outside visitors or implement the system within your home to specifically keep your office space safe. 

Your office space should also have a fob entry system that coincides with your cloud-based security, allowing you to track who has access to your office space and who has entered it within a given time. 

2. Make sure there are no blindspots

When setting up cameras for your home office, you need to ensure they are placed in optimal positions with a great view of your workspace. So, making sure there aren’t any blindspots in your office is the best idea and will give you a better range of vision so that you can accurately see all areas of your office. 

3. Use VPNs with your work and personal computer

Using a virtual private network will ensure your virtual information and search history are hidden from any sites you need to access when working. This is particularly important when working with business credentials that are classified that should only be handled by trusted staff members.

Your VPN will reduce the risk of hackers or untrustworthy sources accessing your data resulting in cyber threats. Another reason it is good to have a VPN is that you can accurately keep your work life and personal life separate. At the same time, you can be assured that your leisurely internet searches aren’t being shared with the company network you may operate on. 

4.Ensure you’re not using a shared login password between your work and personal computer

We’ve all been there, receiving an automated message telling us our password has been used for a previous website, and we chose to ignore it. But, regarding work login details, these really should be unique and different from your personal login credentials. 

The more accounts you use with the same password, the more vulnerable you are to website hackers, as they can quickly attack each site you have login details for, using your password to hack each account successfully.

So, it is essential both in your private life and work life to make unique passwords for each website you use. In addition, it would be best to keep your login password for work databases separate from any other passwords. This will ensure friends and family members that have access to your different passwords can’t get into your work computer or accounts.  

5. Implement window and door sensors

This extra step would reinforce all of the above points and give you peace of mind that you know when someone is entering your office. In addition, installing window and door sensors puts you in the best position regarding physical security, allowing you to be alerted when an unauthorized visitor is trying to enter your office. 

You sensor systems with a magnetic door lock system to strengthen this measure, which would withstand use in a small home office well. 

Final thoughts

Cyber security practices such as having unique passwords and a VPN will protect you from hackers and anyone trying to track your company or personal web activity. In addition, physical security measures such as door sensors and well-set-up security camera systems will ensure you have implemented strategies to overcome any physical risks to any work or company data. 

But, the best way to be covered from all bases is to integrate your cyber security with physical security measures to create the safest home working environment. You can do this by having cloud-based access control and security cameras and keeping both efforts consistent and well reviewed.

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